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This is a list of Beginner's Guides for new players of Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Whether you are new to the Final Fantasy series, or coming back to Final Fantasy IX after a long break, there is something for everyone.

Final Fantasy IX Beginner's Guides

How to View Additional Hints How to use the New HD Rerelease Features How to Learn Abilities
How to Get Gil How to Gain AP What Are The Front and Back Rows?
How to Cure Status Ailments How to Steal How to View ATEs
How to Save Your Game How to Change Party Members How to use Vivi's Focus Skill
What is Trance? Basic Controls
Tips and Tricks
Choosing the Winner of the Lindblum Festival Steiner Leveling Trick How to do the Cotton Robe Gil Trick
What Level Should I Be? How to Get 99 Dead Peppers How to get Ethers
How to Level Quickly Best Blue Magic for Quina Chocobo Hot and Cold Trick
Best Eidolons for Garnet and Eiko

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