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This is the Story Walkthrough for the Desert Palace (Disc 3) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Oeilvert Esto Gaza / Mount Gulug

Desert Palace - Objectives

1 As Cid, head down the platform then take a right turn.
2 Red Light, Green Light Mini-Game.
3 Place the Iron, Clay, and Stone weightss on the scale then climb the scale.
4 After gaining control of the party, head to the opposite path.
Optional Light the candle to the left then interact with the orb to the right to obtain a Promist Ring.
5 Check the three statues then head right. Once a new path is revealed, take that path.
6 Light the candle at the end of the path then return to the three statues. Take a left turn.
7 Light the three cauldrons after climbing the stairs.
8 Enter the unlocked door. At the end of the path, light the lower left cauldron then return to the first three cauldron's area.
9 Light the two cauldrons in the central area then light the two that were not lit earlier.
10 Light the cauldron south of the central area then inspect the bloodstone.
11 After reaching the library, light the left most candle then climb the lower right stairs. Light the candle at the topmost left area.
12 Enter then inspect the bloodstone.
13 Head down then light the candle on the second row of shelves. Head down then light the candle near the entrance of the library.
14 Enter the newly revealed path on the first row of shelves then light the candle. Exit then light the candle here to open the path to the second row's path again.
15 Head left through the glass and light the candle to the right of the statue.
16 Enter the path in the front. Follow the path until you reach the opposite area, light the candle to the right of the statue to reveal a new path.
17 Climb the new path then then prepare for a boss fight. Unequip everything obtained from the bloodstones.
Boss Valia Pira
18 Light the candle to exit the area.
19 As Zidane, return to the Desert Palace by using the platform at the end of the path.
20 Follow the directions and head upwards alone.
21 Exit the room then use the platform on the lower left part of the area.
22 Head to the area where the Hilde Garde 1 is parked. Kick the switch to descend and exit the Desert Palace.

Red Light, Green Light

Rapidly press X while the monster is not looking to slowly approach the key. Pressing X while the monster is looking at you will reset your progress to 0.

Desert Palace - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Promist Ring x1 Acquired by examining the purple light following the path in the castle.
Fairy Earrings x1 Found at the right side of the hallway under the revealed light blue secret path.
Anklet x1 Collect it from the bloodstone located at the middle of the fire chamber.
Shield Armor x1 Collect it from the third bloodstone located at the hallway behind the fire chamber.
N-Kai Armlet x1 Get it from a bloodstone in the balcony behind the library.
Black Hood x1 Acquired by lighting all candles in the room by going through the stained glass.
Venetia Shield x1 Acquired by lighting all candles in another room, next to the Black Hood.
Namingway Card x1 Examine the books at the bottom left in the library.

Promist Ring

Promist Ring.jpg

From the save room, head left. Then examine the purple light on your left.

Fairy Earrings

Fairy Earrings 2.jpg

From the Promist Ring location, keep going straight then head left. Light the three candles in the room. Then return to the hallway.

Ascend the blue path of light that appears beind the statue. Return to the hallway again and open the treasure chest to your right.



Light all the candles in the Fire Chamber. Acquire the equipment from the bloodstone, located in the middle of the room.

Shield Armor

Shield Armor (2).jpg

Go behind the Fire Chamber and inspect the bloodstone in the upper right corner.

Black Hood

Black Hood.jpg

Light all of the candles in the library. Then move across the colored glass room. Take another left from there and light the two candles in the room.

Venetia Shield

Venetia Shield.jpg

From the Black Hood location, go to the other room. Light each candle in the room and examine the bloodstone to acquire the Venetia Shield.

Desert Palace - Shops

Mojito's Mogshop


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 150 Gil
Hi-Potion 200 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Remedy 300 Gil
Magic Tag 100 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil
Rising Sun 500 Gil
Pinwheel 200 Gil


Weapon Name Price
Cypress Pile 3200 Gil
Diamond Sword 4700 Gil
Magic Racket 1350 Gil
Healing Rod 1770 Gil
Silver Fork 7400 Gil
Trident 3580 Gil
Fairy Flute 4500 Gil
Mythril Claws 6500 Gil


Armor Name Price
Mantra Band 1500 Gil
Green Beret 2180 Gil
Dark Hat 1800 Gil
Egoist's Armlet 2000 Gil
Chimera Armlet 1200 Gil
Diamond Gloves 2000 Gil
Gold Armor 2950 Gil
Judo Uniform 5000 Gil
Brigandine 4300 Gil

Desert Palace Boss Fights

Valia Pira

FF9 Valia Pira

A boss that can be made easier depending on the actions taken during your stay at the Desert Palace. Valia Pira also focuses on magic attacks so prepare for that. For more information about Valia Pira, see the link below.
How to Beat Valia Pira

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