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This is a Story Walkthrough for Pandemonium (Disc 3) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Terra / Bran Bal Memoria

Pandemonium Walkthrough

1 Keep following Garland.
2 There will be a series of battles so prepare your equipment.
3 After the series of emotional battles, head right.
4 After the scene, keep moving until you see a grid-like room.
5 Press the button near you then head through the room. Avoid the shining nodes or else there will be an enemy encounter.
6 You will encounter a bright red orb with a floating platform above it. Interact with it and change its elevation to 4.
6 Head left. The path might seem confusing but it's pretty linear. Ride the platform when available until you reach the topmost area.
7 Follow the path then use the blue orbs to navigate the area. Once you encounter two blue platforms, use the one on the upper right.
8 Once you reach the Moogle, prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Silver Dragon, Garland, and Kuja
9 Keep going straight until a cut scene occurs.


FF9 Amdusias

Amdusias will be fought alone initially. It uses strong physical attacks and Bio magic. Freya and Amarant will join soon making the battle easier. Nothing note worthy to steal so just focus on defeating the enemy.
Amdusias Stats and Locations


FF9 Abadon
Initially fought by Steiner and Quina. Zidane joins later and, again, there are no noteworthy item to steal so just defeat it as soon as possible.
Abadon Stats and Locations

Shell Dragon

FF9 Shell Dragon
The last forced enemy encounter in this scene. Garnet joins in once Zidane's HP reaches a critical level and will restore it to full health. It is the last enemy but is also the easiest and will fall quickly from Zidane's attacks and Garnet's summons.
Shell Dragon Stats and Locations

Pandemonium - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Holy Miter x1 Acquired by inspecting the control chair.
Gil x20007 Obtained by using the platform twice and proceeding to the area.
Carabini Mail x1 Located in the left-most blue warp path.
Elixir x1 Located in the right-most blue warp path.
Battle Boots x1 Found at the bottom warp.

Holy Miter

Holy Miter.jpg
From the Moogle's location, head straight going north until you find a chair. Inspect the chair to acquire the Holy Miter.

Carabini Mail

Carabini Mail.jpg
Keep following the path until you reach a circular area. From the center, head for the upper right elevator and use it. Then interact with the teleporter to your left. It will bring you to the lower left corner of the room. From there follow the path going right to find the Carabini Mail.

Battle Boots

Battle Boots.jpg
Keep following the path until you reach a circular area. From the center, go at the lower left elevator and use it. Follow the path then interact with the blue light at the lower right. Then, follow another path. Interact with the next teleporter. You will appear next to a treasure chest with the Battle Boots.

Pandemonium - Shops

Moorock's Mogshop


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 150 Gil
Hi-Potion 200 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Remedy 300 Gil
Vaccine 100 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Rising Sun 500 Gil


Weapon Name Price
Zorlin Shape 6000 Gil
Orihalcon 17000 Gil
Mythril Dagger 950 Gil
Mage Masher 500 Gil
Gladius 2300 Gil
Dagger 320 Gil
Defender 9340 Gil
Mythril Racket 2250 Gil
Bistro Fork 10300 Gil
Holy Lance 11000 Gil
Avenger 16000 Gil


Armor Name Price
Flash Hat 5200 Gil
Coronet 4400 Gil
Adaman Hat 6100 Gil
Platinum Helm 4600 Gil
Dragon Wrist 4800 Gil
Defence Gloves 6000 Gil
Platina Armor 10500 Gil
Minerva's Plate 12200 Gil
Demon's Vest 10250 Gil

Pandemonium Boss Fights

Silver Dragon

FF9 Silver Dragon
Silver Dragon the first boss you must fight in 2 consecutive boss fights. Ready some wind resistant equipment before engaging this battle. For more information about the Silver Dragon, see the link below.
How to Beat Silver Dragon


FF 9 Garland
Garland may seemingly appear as a Dark Knight but his moveset actually consists of magic attacks. Prepare equipments with high magic resistance for an easier battle. For more information about Garland, see the link below.
How to Beat Garland


FF9 Kuja
Kuja is the last boss of this set of fights. Kuja relies heavily on magic but using reflect actually works against you. For more information about Kuja, see the link below.
How to Beat Kuja

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