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This is the Story Walkthrough for Fossil Roo (Disc 2) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Pinnacle Rock Black Mage Village

Fossil Roo - Objectives

1 Exit Lindblum through the Dragon's Gate and head to Qu's Marsh.
2 Head deeper until you reach Master Quale's hut.
3 Head back to the two Moogles then head right. Go through the rightmost entrance to the thicket.
4 Enter the newly discovered path to enter Fossil Roo.
5 Run away from the Armodullahan then prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Lani
6 Head deeper until you see a Gargant.
7 Pluck the flower near the Gargant tunnel then interact with the tunnel to ride the Gargant.
7 Head deeper until you see a Treasure Hunter. Go north and ride the gargant.
8 Activate Switch No.1 then ride the Gargant.
9 Head north then at the end of the path, activate Switch No.2
10 Return then ride the Gargant back to Switch No.1
11 Flip Switch No.1 then return to the Treasure Hunter by riding the Gargant.
12 Take the path south-west then ride the Gargant.
13 Climb the stairs then flip Switch No.4. Head right then ride the Gargant there.
14 Climb the vine to the upper left most part then activate Switch No.3.
15 Once Switch No.3 is activated, head to the bottom right path and ride the Gargant to exit Fossil Roo.


FF9 Armodullahan
There will be several pendulum blades but they will deal no damage to your party. If the Armodullahan does catch up with your party, just use a single Thundara spell and it will fall temporarily.

Map Guide

Fossil Roo.pngEnlarge

Riding Gargants

To ride Gargants, pluck a flower near the area then interact with the Gargant's path to lift up the flower. This will allow Zidane to ride the Gargant while they eat the flower.

Fossil Roo - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Ore & Ether x2 Received from Quale when you catch 2 or 5 frogs.
Elixir x1 Located in the open cell, at the very beginning of the dungeon.
Fairy Earrings x1 Acquired outside after being dropped off.
Ether x1 Obtained by going through the top path.
Lamia's Tiara x1 Located at the ledge above the mining site.
Select Items Ores and Hi-Potions, or a Madain's Ring Acquired through digging.
Survival Vest x1 Located to the far left side.

Fairy Earrings

Fairy Earrings.jpg
From the second destination where the Gargant dropped you, keep descending the stairs until you pass the Moogles. Pick up the flower to call a Gargant that will bring you to a treasure chest.

Lamia's Tiara


Area 1: From the second destination where the Gargant dropped you, descend the stairs and head right, making your way out onto a balcony.

Area 2: Call a Gargant to drop you in the next destination, take a right, and activate the switch.

Area 3: Go back and call the Gargant again and it will bring you to another area. Circle around and pull the switch here.

After doing so, keep riding the Gargants until you return to Area 1. When you have successfully returned, descend the stairs past the Moogles. Summon the Gargant here to bring you to another destination.

Area 4: You will notice the location has changed and is no longer the area where you got the Fairy Earrings. From there, climb up the stairs and activate the switch. Go out to the balcony and call the Gargant.

Area 5: Once you arrive, head right to get to the treasure chest.

Survival Vest

Survival Vest.jpg

From Area 4 flip the switch again to change the destination of the Gargant. Ride the Gargant to take you to another area.

Area 6: From here, head right and climb the vines until you get to the upper left tunnel. Enter the tunnel to get to the mining site. The treasure chest is located at the lower left side of the screen from the miner's location.

Fossil Roo - Shops

Treasure Hunter's Inventory


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 150 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Remedy 300 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


Weapon Name Price
Ice Brand 3780 Gil
Stardust Rod 760 Gil
Multina Racket 750 Gil
Partisan 1600 Gil


Armor Name Price
Mage's Hat 600 Gil
Bandana 500 Gil
Mythril Helm 1000 Gil
Mythril Armlet 500 Gil
Thunder Gloves 1200 Gil
Mythril Armor 1830 Gil
Mythril Vest 1180 Gil
Chain Plate 810 Gil
Chain Plate 810 Gil
Adaman Vest 1600 Gil

Mogki's and Kuppo's Mogshop


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 150 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


This shop sells no weapons.


This shop sells no armor.

Fossil Roo Boss Fights


FINAL FANTASY IX_20200211090752.jpg

Lani is a hunter hired to claim something Garnet has so she focuses Garnet throughout the fight. For more information about Lani, see the link below.
How to Beat Lani

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