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This is the Story Walkthrough for your second visit to Treno (Disc 3) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Alexandria 2nd Alexandria 3rd

Treno 2nd - Objectives

Optional Note There are several items that can only be obtained in Dali during this point in the game.
Optional 1 Exit Treno then head west to reach South Gate.
Optional 2 Pass through the South Gate then make your way to Dali
Optional 3 Head to the Mayor's room to find his son sleeping. Ransack the room until you find the Mayor's Key.
Optional 4 Open the closed door on the upper side part of the windmill area.
Optional 5 Check the treasure chest on the right-most part of the chocobo pen to obtain 30,000 Gil. Check it again to obtain a Burman Coffee.
1 Return to Treno.
Optional Enemy Catoblepas
2 Head to the card stadium by taking the stairs down after exiting Dr. Tot's house.
3 After going down the stairs, head south and talk to the card seller.
4 Participate in the card game three times.
5 After three games, you will encounter a scene.
ATE When Vivi's ATE comes up, you can choose to stay in Treno or go to Vivi's home. Staying in Treno will net you a rare card while going home will allow you to view an additional scene about Vivi.

The Mayor's Son

Head to the Mayor's room to find his son sleeping. Check the desk before checking other areas. When you see zzz above the son's head, you can move to another location.

For example, search the desk until the son starts snoring before searching other places like the stairs and repeat with other areas.


If your gear is up to date, Catoblepas should fall easily. Have earth resistant equipment and the Jelly ability to easily win the fight. For more information about Catoblepas, see the link below.
Catoblepas Stats and Locations

Treno Tournament

The Treno Tournament has three rounds but are not consecutive. You can save your game after each match, making winning all three easier. Winning the tournament will net you a Rebirth Ring. For tips about Tetra Master, see the link below.

Treno 2nd - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Mini-Brahne x1 Check the desk in the Mayor's house in the Village of Dali.
Mayor's Key x1 Found in the Mayor's house the Village of Dali.
Gil x30000 Located behind the chocobo outside the house near the Mayor's residence in the Village of Dali.
Burman Coffee x1 Look for it under the Gil chest.
Cachusa & Elixir x2 Found at the upper level of the house next to the Mayor.
Chimera Armlet x1 Acquired by viewing all ATEs.
Rebirth Ring x1 Obtain by winning three times in Tetra Master.


Mini Brahne.jpg

Note: This the only time when the Mayor is not in his house in Dali. Use this chance to loot his home. Leave Treno and head over to Dali through the South Gate.

Go to the Mayor's house and check the desk to acquire the item.

Mayor's Key


Still inside the Mayor's house, remain at the same location and check three more areas. Wait for the Mayor's son to go back to sleep and go to the heater to obtain the Mayor's Key.

Burman Coffee

Burman Coffee.jpg

Use the Mayor's Key to unlock the door to the house next to the Mayor's. Check the treasure chest behind the Chocobo and inspect under it.



Climb up the stairs in the house next to the Mayor. Open the treasure box to the upper right side of your screen.

Treno 2nd - Shops

Doug's Item Shop (Disc 3/4)


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 50 Gil
Hi-Potion 200 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Remedy 50 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


This shop sells no weapons.


This shop sells no armor.

Weapon & Armor Shop (Disc 3/4)


This shop sells no items.


Weapon Name Price
Cat's Claws 4000 Gil
Mythril Dagger 950 Gil
Mage Masher 500 Gil
Gladius 2300 Gil
Dagger 320 Gil
Oak Staff 2400 Gil
Ice Brand 3780 Gil
Coral Sword 4000 Gil
Stardust Rod 760 Gil
Multina Racket 750 Gil
Healing Rod 1770 Gil
Partisan 1600 Gil
Ice Lance 2430 Gil
Lamia's Flute 3800 Gil
Poison Knuckles 5000 Gil


Armor Name Price
Twist Headband 1200 Gil
Ritual Hat 1000 Gil
Lamia's Tiara 800 Gil
Mythril Helm 1000 Gil
Gold Helm 1800 Gil
Magic Armlet 1000 Gil
Thunder Gloves 1200 Gil
Mythril Gloves 980 Gil
Plate Mail 2320 Gil
Mythril Armor 1830 Gil
Linen Cuirass 800 Gil
Survival Vest 2900 Gil
Magician Cloak 1850 Gil
Brigandine 4300 Gil

Treno Synthesis Shop (Disc 3/4)


This shop has no synthesizable items.


Weapon Name Synthesis Price Synthesis Item 1 Synthesis Item 2
The Ogre 700 Gil Mage Masher Mage Masher
Rune Tooth 2000 Gil Mythril Dagger Mythril Dagger
Exploda 1000 Gil Mage Masher Mythril Dagger
Angel Bless 9000 Gil Mythril Dagger Gladius


Armor Name Synthesis Price Synthesis Item 1 Synthesis Item 2
Silk Robe 2000 Gil Silk Shirt Bandanna
Magician Robe 3000 Gil Mage Staff Magician Cloak
Cotton Robe 1000 Gil Wrist Steepled Hat
Yellow Scarf 400 Gil Feather Hat Steepled Hat
Reflect Ring 7000 Gil Anklet Madain's Ring
Power Belt 2000 Gil Glass Buckle Chain Mail
Pearl Rouge 5000 Gil Moonstone Elixir
Magician Shoes 1500 Gil Germinas Boots Bone Wrist
Madain's Ring 3000 Gil Bone Wrist Stardust Rod
Gold Choker 1300 Gil Linen Cuirass Soft
Glass Buckle 500 Gil Glass Armlet Leather Wrist
Germinas Boots 900 Gil Desert Boots Fork
Feather Boots 4000 Gil Magician Shoes Phoenix Pinion
Fairy Earrings 3200 Gil Magic Armlet Soft
Extension 3500 Gil Lamia's Tiara Multina Racket
Desert Boots 300 Gil Leather Hat Leather Shirt
Coral Ring 1200 Gil Lightning Staff Rod
Cachusha 1000 Gil Magus Hat Rubber Helm
Black Belt 4000 Gil Twist Headband Survival Vest
Barette 1800 Gil Needle Fork Barbut
Anklet 4000 Gil Gold Choker Peridot

Treno 2nd Boss Fights

There are no bosses in this area.

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