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This is a list of enemies form the game Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FFIX). Find an ff9 enemy from the list below and click it to learn stats, weaknesses, immunities, obtainable items, abilities, and more!

List of Enemies

List of Enemies
Abadon Abomination Adamantoise
Agares Amarant Amdusias
Anemone Antlion Armstrong
Ash Axe Beak Axolotl
Bandersnatch Basilisk Behemoth
Blazer Beetle Bomb Cactuar
Carrion Worm Carve Spider Catoblepas
Cave Imp Cerberus Chimera
Clipper Core Crawler
Dagger Dendrobium Dracozombie
Dragonfly Drakan Eiko
Epitaph Fang Fang
Feather Circle Flan Freya
Gargoyle Garuda Ghost
Gigan Octopus Gigan Toad Gimme Cat
Gnoll Goblin Goblin Mage
Grand Dragon Grenade Griffin
Grimlock Hecteyes Hedgehog Pie
Hornet Iron Man Ironite
Jabberwock Ladybird Lamia
Land Worm Lich Lizard Man
Magic Vice Malboro Maliris
Mandragora Mimic Mistodon
Mover (Left) Mover (Middle) Mover (Right)
Mu Myconid Nymph
Ochu Ogre Plant Spider
Python Quina Ragtime Mouse
Ring Leader Sahagin Sand Golem
Sand Scorpion Seeker Bat Serpion
Skeleton Soldier Steiner (Mirror)
Stilva Stroper Tonberry
Torama Trick Sparrow Troll
Type A Type B Type C
Vepal Veteran Vice
Vivi Whale Zombie Worm Hydra
Wraith Wyerd Yan
Yeti Zemzelett Zidane
Zombie Zuu

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