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This is a walkthrough for the boss fight with Ozma from the game Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FF IX). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Ozma, including Ozma's stats and other useful information.

Ozma Stats and Weaknesses


Ozma ImageOzma
99 55535
Exp AP Gil
65535 100 18312
Fire Ice Thunder
100% 100% 100%
Water Wind Earth
100% 150% 0%
Holy Shadow Healing
150% -100 or 150% -100%
Doomsday, Flare, Meteor, Holy, Flare Star, Curse

【Numeric Value】= Weakness Ratio,【x】Ineffective,【-】Absorbs

Other Information

Other Information
Locations Chocobo's Air Garden
Enemy Type Aerial, Heavy
Card Ozma
Eat This enemy cannot be eaten.

Items Dropped From Ozma


Item Dropped Drop Rate
Pumice 100%
Dark Matter 37.5%


Item Stolen Steal Rate
Elixir 100%
Robe of Lords 25%
Dark Matter 6.25%
Pumice Piece 0.39%

Ozma Boss Battle Guide


FF9 Ozma
Ozma is the super boss of Final Fantasy IX, unrivaled by any other enemy in the game. Ozma cannot be attacked by melee characters unless the sidequest Friendly Monsters has been completed. Clearing this sidequest will also make Ozma weak to dark elemental-based magic.

Ozma's ATB

FF9 Ozma
The difference between Ozma and other bosses is a hidden mechanic with its ATB gauge. If a command is input while Ozma is not taking a turn, its ATB gauge will fill instantly, allowing it to attack again before you can get an attack off.

To prevent this, make sure to only input commands during Ozma's turn to avoid having it act first and wipe your party. This can be done more easily you have the cursor option set to memory, decreasing the time taken searching through menus.


Ozma alternates between heavy damaging abilities, status inflicting abilities, and situational abilities. It can also counter attacks with Berserk, effectively stealing a turn from you. It won't use certain commands like Lv 5 Death, LV4 Holy, or elemental attacks if those attacks won't hit anyone or if they will be absorbed by all of its target.


Necessary Abilities :

Recommended Abilities :

  • Auto-Life - For party member whose lvl is divisible by 5 once that character's first Auto-Life has been expended)
  • Auto-Reflect - For party members that rely on magic.
  • Bird Killer and MP Attack - For party members that rely on physical attacks.

Recommended Characters:

  • Quina - Frog Drop for a fixed high damage, Angel Snack to counter Curse, and Auto-Life for character whose lvl is divisible by 5.
  • Steiner - Can hit the 9999 damage cap with ease by using Shock, has High HP, and can survive most of Ozma's attacks.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Egoist Armlets - These will negate dark elemental damage, however you want at least one party member without one to keep Ozma casting Doomsday.
  • Pumice Piece - Equip this to characters with lower HP to drain the damage from Doomsday (much more effective if Vivi is in the party and repeatedly casting Doomsday himself).


FF9 Ozma
Follow this method of input to counter Ozma's ATB. Below are the commands you should issue for each party member. We will also note below the characters that shouldn't be in the team together to avoid a conflict of roles.

  • Zidane - Use Thievery if it can deal max damage, otherwise attack normally.
  • Quina - Apply Auto-Life to characters whose level is divisible by 5 whenever they don't have Auto-Life on them. Otherwise, keep attacking with Frog Drop. Try to quickly switch to Angel Snack if possible when Ozma uses Curse.
  • Amarant - The least recommended character. Amarant only truly becomes useful if he goes into Trance, allowing him to apply Auto-Life to everyone. He can also throw the highest damage dealing equipment at Ozma. Amarant becomes redundant if Quina is at the party, so it is best not to bring them together.
  • Steiner - Start Shocking and never stop.
  • Freya - Spam Dragon Crest if you have taken the time to max out its damage. Otherwise use Jump on Ozma's odd-numbered turns to avoid nasty status ailments.
  • Vivi - Doomsday is your best bet if you completed the Friendly Monsters sidequest.
  • Eiko - If possible, leave Eiko on standby to be prepared to revive the party with Phoenix. Can also use Holy to deal with massive damage.
  • Garnet - Use Eidolons. If Garnet is in the party, Auto-Potion is no longer necessary, as the summon animations to provide your team with more than enough time to heal up with Auto-Regen.

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