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This is the Story Walkthrough for Cleyra (Disc 2) from Final Fantasy IX (FFIX, FF9). Read on for more information about objectives and bosses within this section.

Treno Alexandria 2

Cleyra - Objectives

1 From Burmecia, head left until you see a raging sandstorm.
2 Head inside until you see a closed door. Head right then activate the lever to open it.
3 Follow the path and dont climb the vine. Take the path upwards.
4 Examine the hole in the lower right part of the area then put your hand inside the hole.
5 Head back then climb up the vine. The path is linear from here.
6 After reaching the area that splits into three paths, head left and follow the path.
Optional To open the path leading to an Elixir, instead of heading to the left, take the central path and activate the lever. This will stop the flow of sand allowing you to climb up.
7 Cross the quicksands then head inwards. After seeing a ladder heading up, climb it to reach Cleyra.
8 Head to the upper most part of Cleyra and talk to the two guards.
9 Head back to the inn. Prepare for a boss fight.
10 Head back to the entrance of Cleyra.
Boss Antlion
11 Head back to the entrance of Cleyra's tree trunk.
12 After getting interrupted on your way, make your way back to Cleyra.
13 Giving Choices
14 When the scene at the cathedral ends, save your game and prepare for a boss fight.
Boss Beatrix (2nd)

Giving Choices

During the invasion of Cleyra, you will be able to guide citizens to safety. Below are the choices to give to the citizens you will encounter.

  1. Head right
  2. Go left
  3. Cross the bridge to the right
  4. No more enemies.

Cleyra - Items and Equipment

Item Quantity Location
Phoenix Down x1 Acquire it by entering Gargan Roo and heading right.
Magican's Shoes x1 Obtained from a treasure chest in Gargan Roo located at the bottom.
Ice Staff x1 Get it from a treasure chest located between two raging sandfalls on your way to Cleyra.
Ether x1 Found inside the sandstorm going to Cleyra and entering the next cave going right.
Needle Fork x1 Found inside the sandstorm going to Cleyra and opening a chest on the left, upon entering a trunk.
Tent x1 Found inside the sandstorm going to Cleyra and ascending the tree and going right way passed a Moogle's location.
Flame Staff x1 Found inside the sandstorm going to Cleyra, specifically taking it from the tree fork, going left.
Desert Boots x1 Located at the middle of three different paths inside the sandstorm going to Cleyra.
Remedy x1 Head right from the Desert Boots' location to get the item.
Mythril Gloves x1 Acquired from a hidden passage from the Remedy treasure chest.
Mythril Vest x1 Obtained in another hidden area to the left inside a sandstorm going to Cleyra.
Potion x1 Pick it up from the area at far left side opening inside a sandstorm going to Cleyra.
Elixir x1 Head right from the Potion treasure chest location.
Hi-Potion x1 Acquired from a chest near the whirlpools inside a sandstorm going to Cleyra..
Gil x900 Acquired from a chest near the whirlpools inside a sandstorm going to Cleyra.
Gysahl Greens x1 Pick it up from a treasure behind a ladder heading to Cleyra entrance.
Phoenix Pinion x1 Found at the first step of the Cleyra entrance while on the tour.
Ore x1 Obtained near the inn in Cleyra by searching the flowers to your right.
Echo Screen x1 Found on the floor to your left inside the Inn.
Gil x1250 Found on the floor to your right inside the Inn.
Ether x1 Found at the dresser at the second floor of the Inn.
Remedy x1 Pick it up on the stairs to your right oustide the Inn.
Gysahl Greens & Echo Screen x2 Pick it up before entering the Cathedral.
Yellow Scarf x1 Acquired by inspecting the Cathedral floor to your left.
Thunder Gloves x1 Located at the right side of the water wheel on your way to the Cathedral.
Emerald x1 Obtained by talking to the priest.
Ore x1 Found on the throne inside the Cathedral.
Ether x1 Located behind the pillar inside the Cathedral.
Phoenix Pinion x1 Located behind the harp inside the Cathedral.
Zuu Card, Nymph Card, Remedy, Phoenix Down x4 Items receive from the soldiers and children before leaving for the battle against Beatrix.

Magican's Shoes

Magician Shoes.jpg

Enter the tunnel opening to your left. Check the left side of your screen and you will find a chest containing Magician's Shoes.

Ice Staff

Ice Staff.jpg

Get it from a treasure chest located between two raging sandfalls.

Needle Fork

Needle Fork.jpg

After climbing the vine, you will find an open space. Enter the tunnel-like opening to your left. Keep going left to find a treasure chest.

Flame Staff

Flame Staff.jpg

Ascend the stairs, way past the Moogle. Go another left to reach a treasure chest.

Desert Boots

Desert Boots.jpg

From the Moogle's location, head right. Keep going straight until you see three different paths. Check the center and pick up the equipment.

Mythril Gloves

Mythril Gloves (1).jpg

Open another path by ringing the bell. Head for the big bell in the middle to acquire the equipment.

Mythril Vest

Mythril Vest.jpg

This item is not easy to find. From the Desert Boots location, search the upper right area of the screen. There is a secret path here.

Thunder Gloves

Thunder Gloves.jpg

Head to the middle part of the area, going to the Catheral. Look for the equipment at the right side, near the fountain.

Yellow Scarf

Yellow Scarf.jpg

Enter the Cathedral and inspect the lower left area of your screen.

Cleyra - Shops

Nina's Item Shop


Item Name Price
Phoenix Down 150 Gil
Annoyntment 150 Gil
Tent 800 Gil
Echo Screen 50 Gil
Eye Drops 50 Gil
Soft 100 Gil
Antidote 50 Gil
Potion 50 Gil


This shop sells no weapons.


This shop sells no armor.

Soldier Dan's Shop


This shop sells no items.


Weapon Name Price
Ice Staff 980 Gil
Flame Staff 1100 Gil
Mythril Rod 560 Gil
Multina Racket 750 Gil
Needle Fork 3100 Gil
Partisan 1600 Gil


Armor Name Price
Magus Hat 400 Gil
Mage's Hat 600 Gil
Bandana 500 Gil
Mythril Helm 1000 Gil
Mythril Armlet 500 Gil
Bone Wrist 330 Gil
Thunder Gloves 1200 Gil
Mythril Gloves 980 Gil
Mythril Armor 1830 Gil
Chain Mail 1200 Gil

Cleyra Boss Fights


FF9 Antlion
The Antlion is nasty. The Antlion has several annoying moves, including one where it can reduce everyone's HP to single digits. For information on how to beat the Antlion, see the link below.
How to Beat the Antlion

Beatrix (2nd Batle)

FF9 Beatrix
Beatrix is here again and the situation of this fight is the same as last time. Prepare your defenses and ready that Steal command. For more information about Beatrix (2nd Battle), see the link below.
How to Beat Beatrix (2nd)

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