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FF9 Necron

This is a walkthrough for the boss fight Necron from the game Final Fantasy IX (FF9, FF IX). Read on for tips and strategy about how to beat Necron, including Necron's stats and other useful information.

Necron Stats and Weaknesses


Necron ImageNecron
69 54100
Exp AP Gil
0 - 0
Fire Ice Thunder
100% 100% 100%
Water Wind Earth
100% 150% 0%
Holy Shadow Healing
150% 100% -100%
Grand Cross, Blue, Shockwave, Neutron, Ring, Flare

【Numeric Value】= Weakness Ratio,【x】Ineffective,【-】Absorbs

Other Information

Other Information
Locations Hill of Despair
Enemy Type Aerial, Heavy
Card None
Eat This enemy cannot be eaten.

Items Dropped By Necron


This enemy does not drop any items.


Item Stolen Steal Rate
Elixir 100%

Necron Boss Battle Guide


A final boss that has all the movesets worthy of a final boss, capable of taking multiple moves per turn and inflicting several status ailments on the party. Fortunately, Necron only has a measly 50,000 HP, allowing the party to quickly defeat him.


Necron has access to the buffs Shell and Protect as well as Curaga to heal himself. He also has access to tier 3 Black Magic spells, Flare, and Holy.

Neutron Ring massively damages the whole party while Blue Shockwave reduces the target's HP to 1. The most devastating move in Necron's arsenal is Grand Cross which attempts to inflict all status ailments on the entire party.


FF9 Necron Strategy
Body Temp, Jelly, Loudmouth (Magic Users), Bright Eyes (Physical Attackers), Antibody, Insomniac, Locomotion, and Clear Headed, as well as Bird Killer and MP Attack are necessary for this fight. Auto-Regen can also aid greatly in surviving Necron's assault while trying to recover from Grand Cross. Do not apply reflect on the party as this will stop Necron from using his weaker Black Magic and focus on using his deadlier moves on the party instead.

Having a White Mage and a character that can apply Auto-Life is recommended for the fight. Have Amarant or Quina apply Aura or Auto-Life to your healer while the 2 other characters deal damage.

Grand Cross

FF9 Grand Cross
If all the status immunity abilities have been equipped, the only negative ailments you would need watch out for are Berserk, Zombie, Instant Death, and Doom. Below will be your flowchart on what to do for each status ailments:


If your White Mage is afflicted by Zombie, immediately cure it with a Magic Tag. If your attackers are afflicted, check if your other characters need healing. If they do, heal those characters first before removing the Zombie from the afflicted party member.

Let the character die if needed then have two characters use Magic Tag and Revive, Life, or a Phoenix Down on the fallen character.


If the White Mage is afflicted by Berserk, immediately kill her and use a Phoenix Down or Revive on her. If the attackers are affliced and no other allies need healing, cure it. Else, heal your other party members first.


Everytime Grand Cross is used, try not to issue a command immediately for anyone. Wait if someone gets afflicted by Death to be able to issue an immediate Phoenix Down or Life on the character.


Use an Auto-Life ability on the doomed character. Prepare an Elixir or Curaga for the character once the timer hits 0.

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