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How to Beat Stone Talus: Locations and Spoils

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This is a guide to Stone Talus, an enemy in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BotW). Learn where they can be found in Hyrule, what items they drop, as well as the tips and strategies on how to beat them.

Stone Talus Base Info

Stone Talus
HP 300
Species Talus
This enormous monster is naturally camouflaged as a rock formation. Neither sword nor arrow can pierce its stony form, but a cunning adventurer knows to scale its body and attack the ore sprouting from its peak.

Where to Find Stone Talus

Stone Talus Locations

Location Name Region
Illumeni Plateau Central Hyrule
Hopper Pond Central Hyrule
Martha's Landing Faron
Floria Falls Faron
Deya Lake Faron
Gama Cove Faron
South Nabi Lake Necluda
Ovli Plain Necluda
Mable Ridge Necluda
Lake Siela Necluda
Ginner Woods Necluda
Cliffs of Quince Necluda
Dueling Peaks (North) Necluda
Dueling Peaks (South) Necluda

The locations shown here are the closest ones that are labelled on the map. The enemy's precise location may be slightly different, so it is best to go to the location named above, then turn on your sensor to try and find the enemy.

Stone Talus Spoils

Amber IconAmber Flint IconFlint Opal IconOpal Topaz IconTopaz

Stone Talus Tips and Strategies

Aim for the Ore!

Aim For the Ore (BotW)
Exploit the Stone Talus's weak point, which is the ore deposit on top of its body. Use a Bow and target its ore to stun it for 2-3 seconds. Take that chance to climb its body and attack the ore.

Use Hammer Weapon (BotW)
We recommend using a Hammer weapon and then use a charged attack on the ore to deal more damage against it. If you already have Urbosa's Fury, it can be charged to instantly kill the Stone Talus.

Hammer Weapons
Lynel Crusher IconLynel Crusher Savage Lynel Crusher IconSavage Lynel Crusher Stone Smasher IconStone Smasher
Mighty Lynel Crusher IconMighty Lynel Crusher Cobble Crusher IconCobble Crusher Boulder Breaker IconBoulder Breaker
Iron Sledgehammer IconIron Sledgehammer

Beware of the Stone it Throws

Stone Talus Attack (BotW)
Stone Talus has only one attack: to throw its stone arms on Link. This attack covers a very wide range, so be sure to sprint to your left or right to evade the attack.

Clim from the Back (BotW)
After losing its arms, it will stop and recover them. It will give you a small window to climb its body and wither down its HP. Make sure to climb from its back to prevent yourself from getting hurt as he gets a new pair of arms.

Remote Bombs

Use Remote Bombs (BotW)
Alternatively, you can use Remote Bombs to destroy its arms. These are especially useful if you want to save your arrows for an easy stun.

Parrying is not an Option

Parrying is not an Option (BotW)
It is not recommended to parry the stones as they can still hurt Link. Even if the parry is perfect, the debris from the stone can still hit and damage Link. We highly suggest that you evade the attack and wait for an opportunity to attack back.

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