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A Knight’s Tales Walkthrough and Best Choice

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A Knight

This is a guide to the quest titled A Knight’s Tales from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on to learn locations, rewards, best choices, best outcomes, as well as useful tips and strategy for completing this quest.

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
- A Knight’s Tales -

A Knight’s Tales Location and Rewards

Basic Information

Quest Number -
Region Toussaint
Quest Location
Previous Quest -
Next Quest -


Gold Reward 100 or 369
Exp Reward 150
Item Reward None

How to Unlock A Knight’s Tales

You can unlock this quest by picking up the notice Needed: Master Magicker! or by directly talking to Jacob.

Is A Knight’s Tales Missable or Failable?

You cannot miss or fail this quest.

A Knight’s Tales Walkthrough

1 Talk to Jacob near the cursed tree west of Castel Ravello Vineyard.
2 Examine the clues around the cursed tree and talk to Jacob again.
3 Go to Lynx Crag and examine the clues inside the hut.
4 Talk to the Witch of Lynx Crag and decide how to lift the curse.

Lifting the Curse Yourself or with the Witch's Help

5A Enter the cave beneath the Witch's hut and kill the Kikimores then loot Sir Gareth's bone.
NOTE: This objective will not show if you decided to lift the curse by yourself.
6A Go back and talk to Jacob about lifting the curse.
7A Light all the bonfires.
8A Defeat the Beann'shie.
NOTE: This objective will only appear if you did the ritual without Sir Gareth's bone.

Threaten the Witch to Lift the Curse

5B Defeat the Witch and her Panther.
6B Return to the cursed tree and examine the clues using your Witcher Senses.
7B Follow the footprints and kill Morholt.
8B Examine Jacob's body and loot the coins beside him.

A Knight’s Tales Choices and Best Choice

Witch Choice
During your conversation with the Witch, you can decide whether you want lift the curse with or without her help.

Lifting the Curse Yourself or with the Witch's Help

If you decided to go down this path, you will either need to look for Sir Gareth's Bone yourself or with the Witch's help, she will tell you where Sir Gareth's bone is before you return to the cursed tree.

Threaten the Witch to Lift the Curse

If you decided to go down this path, you will battle with the Witch and her Panther. After defeating them, you will find that Morholt was possessed by the spirit in the tree and killed Jacob when you return to the cursed tree.

Best Choice

The best choice is here to tell her that you will Lift the Curse by Yourself. If you choose this and pick up Sir Gareth's Bone before going back to the cursed tree, you will get the best outcome of the quest.

A Knight’s Tales Tips and Strategies

Combat Strategies

Kikimore Worker / Kikimore Warrior

  • Coat your Silver Sword in Insectoid Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • Cast the Igni Sign to burn them and give yourself an opening to attack.
Kikimore Worker Weaknesses and Loot Kikimore Warrior Weaknesses and Loot


  • Coat your Steel Sword with Beast Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • You can cast the Signs; Aard, Igni, and Axii to affect them with statuses and give yourself an opening to attack.
Panther Weaknesses and Loot

Witch of Lynx Crag

  • Coat your Steel Sword with Hanged Man's Venom to deal bonus damage to them.
  • Fighting the Witch is almost like fighting a Succubus, cast Signs or throw bombs to interrupt her spell casting and attack them when they are vulnerable.


  • Coat your Steel Sword with Beast Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • Cast the signs Aard or Igni to knock them down or burn them to give yourself an opening to attack.
Wolf Weaknesses and Loot


  • Coat your Silver Sword with Specter Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • Cast the Yrden Sign to slow them down and have an easier time dodging their fast attacks.
Beann'shie Weaknesses and Loot

Is A Knight’s Tales Worth It?

This section is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

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