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Witcher 3 Quest Bald Mountain

This is a guide to the quest titled Bald Mountain from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on objectives and possible rewards, where to find the magic acorn, as well as useful tips and strategies for completing the quest.

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
Blood on the Battlefield Bald Mountain Final Preparations

Bald Mountain Rewards and Basic Information

Basic Information

Quest Number 43
Region Velen
Quest Location Bald Mountain
Previous Quest Blood on the Battlefield
Next Quest Final Preparations


Gold Reward None
Exp Reward 1000
Item Reward None

Bald Mountain Main Objectives

1 Walk towards the mountain village with Ciri.
2 Cross the village and speak to the godlings and Thecla.
(If you banished Sarah in the main quest Novigrad Dreaming, you will get to speak with Johnny and Sarah; otherwise, it will just be Johnny.)
3 Dive down and retrieve the coin for Thecla.
4 Defeat the Fiend and return the coin to Thecla.
5 Follow Marica to the gate of the peak of Bald Mountain.
6 Enter the gate and defeat the gatekeeper Sylvan.
7 As Ciri, navigate to the heart of the tree and kill the three Crones.
8 Climb the summit of the Bald Mountain and defeat Imlerith.
9 Travel back to Novigrad.

Where to Find the Magic Acorn?

Loot Imlerith's Corpse for the Magic Acorn

Right after defeating Imlerith, tell Ciri that you don't want to rejoin the sorceresses just yet. After the dialogue, go back to the peak and loot Imlerith's body for the Magic Acorn.

After getting the Magic Acorn, you can either give it to the villagers you encounter when returning to Novigrad, or consume it and gain 2 Skill Points.

Bald Mountain Tips and Strategies

Exploration Tips

Quen Place of Power

Before battling with Imlerith, you will encounter a Quen Place of Power. You can meditate here to gain an additional skill point and enhance the Sign Intensity of your Quen Sign.

Combat Strategies


  • You can use your crossbow while swimming underwater. Using the crossbow is the only method of combat available underwater, and it kills most enemies in one hit.
Drowner Weaknesses and Loot


  • Throw a Devil's Puffball bomb to poison them, a Samum Bomb to blind them, or cast the Igni Sign to give yourself an opening to attack.
  • Coat your Silver Sword in Relict Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • In this fight, you can leave most of the work to Ciri. Ciri can mostly handle the fight alone, and you can play defensively.
Sylvan Weaknesses and Loot


Witcher 3 Boss Crones

  • When dealing with them, it is best to split them up, since they heavily rely on their abilities that compliment each other when you are caught in a tight space between them.
  • Brewess has the ability to make a mobile glowing puddle that deals a lot of damage over time while you are standing on it. Eliminate Brewess first to gain more space to move in the fight.
  • Weavess has the ability to constantly teleport around the room; you can kill her last because she poses the least threat. While doing this, she will transform into a flock of crows that hurt you when she teleports in and out from each position.
  • Whispess' battle style is heavily reliant on single-target charging attacks. You can eliminate her after killing Brewess, since it is very easy to roll away from her charging attacks.
Brewess Weaknesses and Loot
Weavess Weaknesses and Loot Whispess Weaknesses and Loot


  • Every time he teleports, he will put up a frost shield which increases his defense against you. You can cast the Igni SIgn to remove his frost armor.
Witcher 3 Boss Imlerith Phase 1
  • When he is above 50% HP, you'll have an opening to attack when he pauses after trying to attack you twice. We recommend doing 2 heavy attacks since that opening will only allow 2 attacks, regardless of which kind.
Witcher 3 Boss Imlerith Phase 2
  • When he is below 50% HP, he will start teleporting and throwing random heavy attacks at you. He will teleport a total of 4 times, after which he will get tired. We recommend getting in 4 light attacks during that opening since there will only be room for 1 heavy attack.
Imlerith Weaknesses and Loot

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