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Witcher 3 Quest Through Time and Space

This is a guide to the quest titled Through Time and Space from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on objectives and possible rewards, how to get through the gas world, as well as useful tips and strategies for completing the quest.

Previous Quest Current Quest Next Quest
Payback Through Time and Space Battle Preparations

Through Time and Space Rewards and Basic Information

Basic Information

Quest Number 48
Region Novigrad
Quest Location Novigrad
Previous Quest Payback
Next Quest Battle Preparations


Gold Reward None
Exp Reward 1000
Item Reward None

Through Time and Space Main Objectives

1 Speak with Avallac'h at the top of the Rosemary and Thyme.
2 Follow Avallac'h to the bottom of the Haunted House.
3 Navigate through the different worlds with or without Avallac'h.
4 Follow Avallac'h into the world of the Aen Elle and speak with Ge'els.
5 Negotiate with Ge'els at the Rosemary and Thyme.

How to Get Through the Poison Gas World

Follow these directions to get past the second world's poison gas valley:

  1. Follow the cliff to the left after teleporting into the world and then climb up the ledge.
  2. You will then need to jump down into the gas and run southeast through the gas onto the next ledge.
  3. After reaching the ledge and taking time for Geralt to breathe, jump down and run south.
  4. Take the right path, you know you are going in the right direction if you pass a Place of Power.
  5. Continue down the path, sloping down into the valley.
  6. You will need to jump down into the gas and reach the ledge to the west.
  7. Get ready to jump down into the gas again, but this time run towards the ledge to the southwest.
  8. Again run through the gas to the ledge south of you.
  9. Climb up the ledges. You will see the portal and more gas in between. You will also see more ledges opposite of you and some giant bones in between.
  10. Run through the gas onto the ramp made of bone and jump onto the ledge.
  11. Head east to the direction of the portal, you will need to jump down into the gas and run straight to the portal.

Through Time and Space Tips and Strategies

Exploration Tips

Missable Loot

In Ddiddiwedht Desert, the first world, there are hollowed out tree stumps the player can loot for Ashes and Elemental Essence.

Poison Gas Valley Place of Power

NOTE: You can only encounter this Place of Power during this quest. If you miss this, you no longer be able to get the free skill point anymore.

To find the Place of Power in the Poison Gas Valley, follow the main path until you reach the double ledge shown in the first image. Climb up this ledge and immediately turn right when the path splits in two. (You should be turning right almost immediately after climbing up the ledge.)

After turning right you should be able to see the Place of Power as shown in the second image. After meditating at the Place of Power and gaining the free skill point, you can turn right again and head back to the main path towards the very base of the Red World.

World Destoryed by the White Frost

When you reach the world destroyed by the White Frost, Cast the Quen Sign to give yourself a little protection against the cold.

You can light torches, candles, or ficeplaces indoors to regenerate your health after losing some from the cold. Also, when you get near the lighthouse, you can stand near the lit cauldrons to become immune to the cold of the White Frost.

Combat Strategies


  • Sandcrabs are an unknown monster from another world. It is not shown anywhere what their vulnerabilities are but, they are very similiar to Endrega Drones.
  • You do not gain any exp from killing the Sandcrabs. We recommend going into the portal right after it appears.
Endrega Drone Weaknesses and Loot

Hounds of the Wild Hunt

  • Coat your Silver Sword in Elementa Oil to deal bonus damage to them.
  • Cast the Igni Sign to make them burn and give yourself an opening to attack.
  • Stand near the lit cauldrons while fighting them to become immune to the White Frost's cold and have an easier time maneuvering.
Hounds of the Wild Hunt Weaknesses and Loot

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