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This is a guide to the DLC Side Quest: EX Treasure: Teleportation Rumors, in the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Read on to learn how to start the quest and where to find Travel Medallion.

How to Start EX Treasure: Teleportation Rumors

Map Journal Location

Location and Quest Giver

Quest Giver Super Rumor Mill V2
Location South Akkala Stable

To start the quest, head to the South Sakkala Stable near Ze Kasho Shrine. The journal is sitting on one of the left side tables.

EX Treasure: Teleportation Rumors Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Look for the Travel Medallion in Lomei Labyrinth Island

Objectives Guide
Head to Lomei Labyrinth Island
Make your way to Lomei Labyrinth Island north of Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.
Nearest Shrine:
Tu Ka'loh Shrine

Head Down the Hidden Area
After traversing through the Labyrinth and reaching the shrine, look for hole where an updraft is coming from. Drop down to reach a hidden area of the Labyrinth.

Look for the EX Chest
Look for the EX Chest in the southern part (south according to the map) of the room near the wall.

Open the Chest
Open the chest to receive the Travel Medallion.

EX Treasure: Teleportation Rumors Rewards

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The Travel Medallion allows Link to set a warp point in any location in the overworld, essentially functioning as a moveable teleportation rune.
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This can come in handy if you find a good spot to farm certain materials, or in certain quests like Under a Red Moon where you need to head back to an area that lacks a nearby shrine or tower.

Adventure Log Entries

Entry Entry Text
Quest Start Rumor has it there's a tool that allows you to instantly travel to wherever you've placed it.
Apparently South Akkala Stable has a copy of Super Rumor Mill EX, which details some rumors about this rare item...
1st Update You read Super Rumor Mill EX: Volume 2! According to this special issue, there are rumors of an item that lets you instantly travel to a location of your choosing.
The treasure chest containing this item is supposedly located in northeast Akkala, hidden beneath a labyrinth.
If you believe the rumors, try to find the labyrinth and locate the treasure chest!
Quest Clear You managed to reach Lomei Labyrinth Island and found the Travel Medallion in a secret underground room!
Just as the rumors said, the Travel Medallion lets you travel instantly to whatever location you've placed it at.
It seems believing those rumors paid off!

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