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This is a guide to getting the Desert Voe Spaulder, a type of Armor found in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Read on to see where to get this outfit, as well as other set pieces, and dyed color variations of the Desert Voe Spaulder.

Desert Voe Spaulder Overview

Desert Voe Spaulder Basic Information

Desert Voe Spaulder
Desert Voe Spaulder Set
Armor for males sold on rare occasions by Gerudo retailers. It contains sapphire, which harnesses the power of ice to dampen the effects of extreme heat.

Desert Voe Set Pieces

Desert Voe Set
Headgear (Cap) Armor (Tunic) Greaves (Boots)
Desert Voe Headband IconDesert Voe Headband Desert Voe Spaulder IconDesert Voe Spaulder Desert Voe Trousers IconDesert Voe Trousers

How to Get the Desert Voe Spaulder

How to Get the Desert Voe Spaulder

Unlock Condition
Unlocked by completing the battle: Urbosa, the Gerudo Chief

Story Walkthrough

Desert Voe Spaulder Color Variations

The following 15 alternate color variants for the Desert Voe Spaulder can be obtained after unlocking all colors at the Kochi Dye Shop.

Alternate Colors

Blue Red Yellow
Desert Voe Spaulder BlueEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder RedEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder YellowEnlarge
White Black Purple
Desert Voe Spaulder WhiteEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder BlackEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder PurpleEnlarge
Green Light Blue Navy
Desert Voe Spaulder GreenEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder Light BlueEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder NavyEnlarge
Orange Peach Crimson
Desert Voe Spaulder OrangeEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder PeachEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder CrimsonEnlarge
Light Yellow Brown Gray
Desert Voe Spaulder Light YellowEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder BrownEnlarge Desert Voe Spaulder GrayEnlarge

How to Unlock Kochi Dye Shop and Change Costume Colors

Age of Calamity Attire

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity - Armor
List of All Armor (Tunic)


All Armor and Tunics
HW - ChampionChampion's Tunic HW - Hylian Tunic.pngHylian Tunic HW - SoldierSoldier's Armor
HW - Warm Doublet.pngWarm Doublet HW - Snowquill Tunic.pngSnowquill Tunic HW - Desert Voe Spaulder icon.pngDesert Voe Spaulder
HW - Gerudo Top.pngGerudo Top HW - Rubber Armor.pngRubber Armor HW - Flamebreaker Armor.pngFlamebreaker Armor
HW - Zora Armor.pngZora Armor HW - Dark Tunic.pngDark Tunic HW - Stealth Chest Guard.pngStealth Chest Guard
HW - Climbing Gear.pngClimbing Gear HW - Barbarian Armor.pngBarbarian Armor HW - Radiant Shirt.pngRadiant Shirt
HW - Tunic of the Wild.pngTunic of the Wild HW - Hyrule WarriorHyrule Warrior's Tunic HW - Royal Guard Uniform.pngRoyal Guard Uniform


HW - ZeldaZelda's Ceremonial Robes HW - ZeldaZelda's Winter Clothes


HW - MiphaMipha's Champion Garb HW - DarukDaruk's Champion Garb
HW - RevaliRevali's Champion Garb HW - ZeldaUrbosa's Champion Garb

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