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Negative status effects getting you down? These are a common occurrence in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age (FFXII, FF12). What's more, enemies are fond of using them to get an advantage over your party! Read on and find out how to deal with the most common diseases in the game.

Status Effects

Sleep and Silence status FF12 Beginners Guide
In Final Fantasy XII, status effects play a huge part in affecting gameplay. A wayward Disease or a timely Bravery can spell the difference between becoming successful in battle or tasting the bitter sting of defeat. There are a few other status effects that can be surprisingly beneficial too; it all depends on how you understand their effects, and when to use them!

Status effects can be divided into two sets of effects, that is, Positive status effects and Negative status effects.

Positive Status Effects

Haste status FF12 Beginners Guide
Positive status effects refer to statuses that affect your party in a positive way. These are status effects like Bravery and Faith, which alters your party's damage and magick damage, respectively. Most of these spells are cast by your spellcasters, particularly White Mages.

Status Effects List

Refer to the status effects below to know various positive status effects and what causes them.

Status Effect Description How to counter
Reverse the effects of healing and attacking the target are Reversed. use Dispel/ga
Decoy makes target the focus of all attacks. use Dispel/ga
Reflect makes Magicks bounce off the target for a set period of time. use Opal Ring
Protect strengthens the target's defense against physical attacks. gradually wears out
Shell strengthens the target;s defense against magickal attacks. gradually wears out
Haste speeds up the actions of the target. gradually wears out
Bravery increases the target's physical attack. gradually wears out
Faith increases the target's magickal attack. gradually wears out
Invisible renders the target hidden from the view of enemies. gradually wears out
Regen target's HP is restored gradually over a set period of time. gradually wears out
Float makes the target Float above ground. A good deterrent for Traps. gradually wears out
Berserk makes the target give into their anger, causing heightened physical attack damage. use Dispel/ga
Bubble doubles the target's max HP over a set period of time. gradually wears out
Libra target has access to detailed information of enemies. also makes the target able to sense Traps. gradually wears out

Negative Status Effects

Disease KO and Confuse status FF12 Beginners Guide
These status effects are the polar opposite of Positive status effects. When you are cast with a negative status effect, such as Sap or the particularly nasty Disease, you better have a counter-effect ready; Sap can be cured by Regen or by the item Remedy, while Disease can be sorted out by the items Remedy and Serum or the magick Cleanse.

Status Effects List

Know which of these status effects are heavily detrimental to your party and how you can sort them out whether by Magick or by Item.

Status Effect Description How to counter
X-Zone casts an enemy into an alternate dimension, considering them KO'ed. leave the Area of Effect (AoE)
Petrify turns a character into living Stone, which renders them unable to do anything. use Gold Needle / Stona
Stop renders an enemy's whole body immobile. use Chronos Tear / Esuna
Doom KOs the character after a set time. Timer is displayed on the top of their heads. use Remedy
Sleep makes the targest fall asleep, rendering them unable to attack or defend. use Prince's Kiss / cast Esuna
Disease inflicts target with a grievous wound that cannot be healed by conventional means. use Serum / Remedy
Slow slows down the actions of the target. use Chronos Tear / Remedy
Disable removes the use of limbs (hands) of the target, rendering them unable to attack. use Remedy
Immobilize renders the target unable to walk or move around. use Remedy
Silence removes voice from the target, rendering them unable to cast Magicks. use Echo Herbs / Vox
Blind blinds the target, greatly affecting chance to hit. use Eye Drops / Blindna
Poison poisons the target, causing them to gradually lose HP. use Antidote / Poisona
Oil covers the target in Oil, augmenting the power of Fire. use Handkerchief
Sap causes the target to lose HP at a swift rate. use Regen
Confuse causes target to lose control of their actions, attacking anyone and everyone nearby. use Nu Khai Sand
HP Critical target is in danger of being KO'ed. use Potions / Cure/ra/ga/ja

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How to Remove Status Effects

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