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This page lists all the monsters under the normal category. These are monsters you encounter anywhere on the overworld. This is a list and navigation page leading to individual monsters including their stats, drops, and more!

Monster List

Normal Monsters

Cactoid Cactite
Ichthon Wolf
Alpha Wolf Wild Saurian
Cockatrice Gnoma Entite
Dive Talon Hyena
Alpha Hyena Wooly Gator
Happy Bunny Ozmone Hare
Great Tortoise Sleipnir
Silicon Tortoise Wildsnake
Werewolf Urstrix
Storm Elemental Slaven
Mardu Entite Dire Rat
Lab Rat Baritine Croc
Gigantoad Malboro Overking
Garchimacera Gespenst
Ghost Water Elemental
Water Chaosjet Steeling
Suriander Mimic
Zombie (Male) Zombie (female)
Tiny Mimic Tiny Bug
Skeleton Battery Mimic
Specter Tiny Battery
Mimeo Flan
Skull Defender Bomb
Dead Bones Vampyr
Headless Killer Mantis
Dullahan Bug
Dark Lord Pandora
Gazer Alraune
Danbania Bull Danbania
Axebeak Yensa
Bull Yensa Wyvern
Bell Wyvern Seeker
Lost Soul Lesser Chimera
Zombie Mage Skull Warrior
Lich Ragoh
Tallow Mesmenir
Red Chocobo Black Chocobo
White Chocobo Brown Chocobo
Bule Chocobo Lv.99 Red Chocobo
Wu Zu
Viper Zaghnal
Hybrid Gator Sylphi Entite
Panther Treant
Hellhound Diresaur
Malboro Gargoyle
Great Malboro Thunderbug
Jelly Tyranorox
Hecteyes Gizamaluk
Etém Nightmare
Necrofiend White Wolf
Twintania Lizard
Emperor Aevis Garuda
Garuda-Egi Dark Skelton
Slaven Warer Skull Knight
Yeti Ice Elemental
Ice Chaosjet Wild Onion
Leshach Entite Redmaw
Zombie Warrior Blood Gigas
Nightwalker Reaper Claw
Reaper Mage Dragon Aevis
Ghoul Darkmare
Facer Balloon
Miriam Guardian Oiling
Miriam Facer Ghast
Crystalbug (Red) Crystalbug (Blue)
Crystalbug (Green) Worgen
Alpha Worgen Humbaba
Python Ash Wyrm
Vulture Clay Golem
Slaven Wilder Fire Elemental
Fire Chaosjet Wyrdhare
Pumpkin Head Sprinter
Malboro King Antares
Silver Labo Mandragora
Iguion Archaeosaur
Pyrolisk Piranha
Bagoly Air Elemental
Air Chaosjet Coeurl
Feral Croc Serpent
Earth Elemental Abysteel
Imp Striker
Pit Fiend Wendigo
Zombie Knight Gorgimera
Focalor Cerberus
Deadly Nightshade Mu
Mandragora Prince Basilisk
Alraune King Behemoth
Onion Queen Preying Mantis
Pumpkin Star Golem
Topstalk Mirrorknight
Holy Elemental Tartarus
Ose Shadonir
Giruveganus Skulwyrm
Vivian Forbidden
Gargoyle Baron Reaper
Mom Bomb Mythril Golem
Necrophobe Diakon Entite
Deathclaw Cassie
Abaddon Bull Abaddon
Chimera Brain Bune
Magick Pot Reaver
High Reaver Crusader
Aeronite Dragon Lich
Cataract Aevis Brainpan
Purobolos Deidar
Mistmare Undin Entite
Speartongue Grenade
Scythe Mantis Slime
Archaeoaevis Bogey
Mallicant Shambling Corpse
Buer Adamantitan
Charybterix Bandercoeurl
Shield Wyrm Emeralditan
Urutan Eater Leynir
Banshee Leamonde Entite
Foobar Oversoul
Babil Elvoret
Dark Elemental Zombie Warlock

Hunts and Rare Monsters

Rogue Tomato Atomos
Thextera Roblon
Flowering Cactoid Braegh
Wraith Darksteel
Nidhogg Vyraal
White Mousse Lindwyrm
Ring Wyrm Overlord
Wyverm Lord Goliath
Marilith Deathscythe
Enkelados Deathgaze
Croakadile Diabolos
Ixtab Piscodaemon
Feral Retriever Wild Malboro
Vorpal Bunny Catoblepas
Mindflayer Fafnir
Bloodwing Pylraster
Chickatrice Cluckatrice
Rocktoise Orthros
Gil Snapper Trickster
Antlion Carrot
Gilgamesh Enkidu
Behemoth King Ixion
Pandaemonium Slyt
Fenrir Phoenix
Shadowseer Yiazmat
Belias Exodus
Chaos Cùchulainn
Zalera Shemhazai
Zeromus Adrammelech
Hashmal Famfrit
Ultima Mateus
Zodiark Aspidochelon
Aerieel Thalassinon
Anubys Greeden
Barmuu Bull Croc
Vishno Gavial
Etherian Wary Wolf
Melt Kaiser Wolf
Cubus Lindbur Wolf
Pineapple Dreadguard
Bombshell Crypt Bunny
Megabomb Spee
Matriarch Bomb Rain Dancer
Ripe Rampager Razorfin
Killbug Apsara
Minibug Rageclaw
Ithuno Biding Mantis
Kris Wood Toad
Dheed Tarasque
Aeros Grimalkin
Terror Tyrant Nekhbet
Abelisk Glaring Eye
Dustia Cultsworn Lich
Ishteen Evil Spirit
Vorres Juggernaut
Negalmuur Molen
Larva Eater Tower
Arioch Grey Molter
Fideliant Midgardsormr
Crystal Knight Nazarnir
Grave Lord Victanir
Zombie Lord Gemhorn
Drowned Luxollid
Velelu Vagrant Soul
Disma Imdugud
Ancbolder Bull Chocobo
Wendice Skullash
Anchag Myath
Bluesang Helvinek
Avenger Pallicant
Alteci Phyllo
Urutan Exile

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