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This is the page for Final Fantasy XII Beginner Guides and Tips. Whether you're a veteran player who is looking for a different way to play the game or a beginner looking for help with certain areas, these guides and tips are sure to be of help to you!

Going up in the world

How to level-up fast

Is the game getting you down even in the first few levels? Never worry! As with any Final Fantasy game or any RPG where your character or party needs leveling up, there is a method to the madness. Check out the link below for leveling up at the speed of a button press!
How to Level Up Fast

Changing Gambits

Gambits offer a way for your character to own in Final Fantasy 12 without too much action on your part. Try mixing and matching gambits against enemies to effectively defeat them before they can even gain a significant advantage over your team!
How to Change Gambits

Changing Jobs

In FFXII, you can only have so many job combinations. But what if your favorite weapon or skill gets locked out of the job board? Here's a guide on how to change jobs and re-create the boards to unlocked those hard-to-get abilities and weapon licenses.

How to Change Jobs

To New Beginnings

Bonus - New Game + / -

Don't have anything to do after beating the game the first time? Try the New Game +!

The New Game + is an additional feature which is included in the new edition of the game. In this feature, you'll be able to start a New Game with all your accumulated items and License Points. .

As for the New Game -, it can be accessed after completing the Trial mode. In this version, you'll be given the choice to start a new game where you won't level up, whatever you do. Try it out to challenge yourself!

How to Start New Game Plus

Hunt for a purpose

Getting the Monographs

The in-game Bazaar requires item drops for monsters to be sold in exchange for some goods. Having trouble with hunting down certain monsters for items? Here's a nifty guide on how to locate those monsters’ drops through the use of Monographs.
How to Get Monographs

Live for combat

Understanding Measures

These strange weapons are not for fighting! They are, though, in a way, important to combat. The Measures in FF12 are ‘beneficial’ weapons that help your team get an important advantage in battle. Take a look at the link below to understand them some more!
How to Use Measures

Chaining Quickenings

Quickenings offer huge benefits for your party, especially if you've gotten adept at using them. Find out more about Quickenings and how to use them at the right time, the right moment here!
How to Do Quickenings

The World of Ivalice

Strange weather in Giza Plains

The Giza Plains is famous--or infamous--in FF12 for its unpredictable weather, but worry about that no more: the “Weather Eye”'s got your back! Learn more about this particular guide to Giza Plains and how to find him when you need him the most here.
How to Change Giza Plains Weather

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