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FF XII Abysteel stats and location

This page contains information on the enemy Abysteel in the game Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age (FF12, FF XII). Read on to know more about Abysteel including Abysteel's stats, obtainable items, elemental and status weaknesses, and more!

Abysteel - General Information

Abysteel - Basic Information

Bestiary No. 138
Category -
Type -
Movement flying
Speed normal
Aggression -

Abysteel - Stats by Variance

Abysteel (C) - Sochen Cave Palace
Level HP MP
35-38 6778-7138 600-642
Strength Magic Power Vitality
35-41 22 48-54
Speed Attack Defense
25-34 76-82 28-34
Magic Resist Magic Evasion Experience
32-35 9-18 1924-2437
1 378-639 0

Abysteel (B) - Henne Mines
Level HP MP
64-65 20524-20644 775-789
Strength Magic Power Vitality
45-47 39 59-61
Speed Attack Defense
30-33 96-98 33-35
Magic Resist Magic Evasion Experience
38-39 13-16 9363-9334
1 532-619 0

Abysteel (A) - Lhusu Mines
Level HP MP
57-59 13099-13339 700-728
Strength Magic Power Vitality
44-48 37 57-61
Speed Attack Defense
28-34 93-97 31-35
Magic Resist Magic Evasion Experience
35-37 12-18 2697-3039
1 460-634 0

Abysteel - Obtainable Items

Drops Vampyr Fang [a][c]
Spiral Incisor
Dark Crystal
Soleil Fang
Demon Shield [b]
Steal Vampyr Fang [b]
Teleport Stone
Spiral Incisor
Demon Shield [a][c]
Poach -
Reward -

Abysteel - Elemental Affinities

Fire Thunder Ice Water
100 100 100 100
Wind Earth Dark Holy
100 100 100 200

Abysteel - Status Weaknesses

Petrify Stop Doom Confuse Sleep Disease
Immune *Immune *Immune Immune - Immune
Reverse Slow Disable Immobilize Silence Blind
Immune *Immune - Immune - -
Poison Oil Lure Berserk Sap Faith
- - Immune *Immune - 3

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