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Final Fantasy X Simurgh stats and location

An article containing information about the fiend Simurgh in the game Final Fantasy X (FF X, FF 10). This page details all the stats, location, drops, steals, and more!

Simurgh Precise Location

Near the Signpost Leading to Moonflow

Simurgh is a rare encounter that can only be found near the signpost with splitting path towards Djose temple and the Moonflow. There is a circular white soil in that specific area where Simurgh appears more often.

Simurgh Information

Basic Information

Simurgh is a fiend in Final Fantasy X.Simurgh is found in Djose Road as a random enemy counter.

HP (Overkill) MP
200 (300) 27
AP (Overkill) Gil
48 (96) 73
Drop (7/8) Drop (1/8)
Speed Sphere 1 (2) Speed Sphere 1 (2)
Steal (3/4) Steal (1/4)
Smoke Bomb 1 Smoke Bomb 2
Smoke Bomb X 5
Normal Attacks Only

Simurgh Stats

Strength 13 Agility 17
Defense 1 Luck 15
Magic 1 Evasion 0
Magic Defense 1 Accuracy 0

Simurgh Elemental Resistances

Elemental Resistance

Simurgh Status Resistances

Sleep Silence Darkness
20 20 20
Poison Petrify Slow
0 0 0
Zombie Power Break Magic Break
0 0 0
Armor Break Mental Break Threaten
0 0 0
Death Provoke Doom
0 0 0
Distill Sensor Scan
0 0 0
Gravity Delay Eject
0 0 0
Zanmato Lv.

Simurgh Weapon Ability Drops

Simurgh drops weapons with the following Weapon Auto-Abilities

Sensor Piercing
Distill Speed

Simurgh Armor Ability Drops

Simurgh drops Armors with the following Armor Auto-Abilities

Dark Ward Magic Defense + 3%

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