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Special Hero Summon (Year 4)

This is a page about the free 5 star summon titled Special Hero Summon (Year 4) from Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you want to know the best units to pull from this banner, please read on.

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The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Special Hero Summon (Year 4) List of Heroes

Special Hero Summon (Year 4)

Conrad - Unmasked Knight Icon Valentine's Conrad
Idunn - Dragonkin Duo Icon Spring Idunn
Caeda - Princess of Talys Icon Young Caeda
Marth - Legacied Hero Icon Young Marth
Oboro - Fierce Bride-to-Be Icon Bridal Oboro
Joshua - Tropical Gambler Icon Summer Joshua
Byleth - Fell StarSummer Byleth (F)
Brigid - Orgahil Pirate Icon Brigid
Sigurd - Destined Duo Icon Masquerade Sigurd
Dheginsea - Harvest Goldoan Icon Dheginsea
Zihark - Ninja Blademaster Icon Ninja Zihark
Altina - Cross-Time Duo Icon Winter Altina
Kaden - Refreshed Kitsune Icon New Year Kaden
Rudolf - Emperor of Rigel Icon Valentine's Rudolf
Est - Springtime Flier Icon Spring Est
Narcian - Vernal General Icon Spring Narcian
Palla - Sisterly Trio Icon Young Palla
Rafiel - Blessed Wings Icon Rafiel
Lute - Summer Prodigy Icon Summer Lute
Ingrid - Solstice Knight Icon Summer Ingrid
Geese - A Life at Sea Icon Geese
Quan - Lightfoot Prince Icon Masquerade Quan
Tiki - Harmonic Hope Icon Halloween Tiki (Young)
Navarre - Scarlet Ninja Icon Ninja Navarre
Hilda - Holiday Layabout Icon Winter Hilda
Velouria - Renewed Wolfpup Icon New Year Velouria
Alm - Lovebird Duo Icon Valentine's Alm
Fir - Student of Spring Icon Spring Fir
Merric - Changing Winds Icon Young Merric
Nailah - Blessed Queen Icon Bridal Nailah
Selena - Sandbar Fluorspar Icon Summer Selena
Sylvain - Hanging with Tens Icon Summer Sylvain
Veronica - Harmonic Pirates Icon Pirate Veronica
Lachesis - Ballroom Bloom Icon Masquerade Lachesis
Robin - Fall Vessel Icon Halloween Robin (F)
Laevatein - Ninja of Múspell Icon Ninja Laevatein
Bernadetta - Frosty Shut-In Icon Winter Bernadetta
Peony - Álfar Dream Duo Icon New Year Peony
Faye - Drawn Heartstring Icon Valentine's Faye
Micaiah - Dawn WindBridal Micaiah
Mia - Harmonic Blades Icon Summer Mia
Dorothea - Solar Songstress Icon Summer Dorothea
Tibarn - Shipless Pirate Icon Pirate Tibarn
Ethlyn - Glimmering Lady Icon Masquerade Ethlyn
Xane - Autumn Trickster Icon Xane
Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo Icon Ninja Lyn
Sephiran - Hoary Sovereign Icon Winter Sephiran
Plumeria - Temptation Anew Icon New Year Plumeria
- -
Dates of Availability 02/02/2021 ~ 03/01/2021

The Best Units From Special Hero Summon (Year 4)

Special Hero Summon 4.pngEnlarge

Pull for a Colorless Unit!

In Special Hero Summon (Year 4), there are many excellent colorless heroes to pull from, such as Ninja Lyn, Pirate Tibarn, Summer Mia, and Bridal Micaiah.

In particular, Ninja Lyn has an amazing weapon which will allow her to hit twice, accelerate her Special trigger, and debuff enemy units, which absolutely devastates enemy teams.

Since there are many other useful colorless units you could end up with as well, this is most likely the safest bet.

Otherwise, pull for Red!

The red side has many good units as well like Masquerade Sigurd, Winter Altina, and Summer Byleth (F).

Masquerade Sigurd is likely the best unit you can pull from red, as he is the only cavalry dancer in the game.

While each pool has some good units to choose from, keep in mind that your free 5 star unit is not guaranteed to be the one you want, so you should look through the units first and see which color has the most units you would be okay with adding to your barracks.

SS Tier!

Name Summary
Idunn - Dragonkin DuoSpring Idunn Red Breath / Armored
Has a special Duo Skill
・Very powerful exclusive skill
・Gains a huge buff when initiated upon
Caeda - Princess of TalysYoung Caeda Sword / Flying
・Weapon skill is effective on 5 types of units
・Inflicts an Atk/Def penalty on foes in combat
・Can counterattack at any distance
Peony - Álfar Dream DuoNew Year Peony Green Tome / Flying
・Her Duo Skill refreshes allies and a buff and a movement perk
・Belongs to a rare unit type of green tome fliers
・Possesses a long range Atk buff for allies
Lyn - Ninja-Friend DuoNinja Lyn Colorless Dagger / Infantry
Has a unique Duo Skill
・Access to an additional action through her duo skill
・Weapon skill allows her to strike twice in one attack
Sigurd - Destined DuoMasquerade Sigurd Red Tome / Cavalry
Has a unique Duo Skill
・Halves magic damage through exclusive weapon
・Has access to a refresher-assist skill and a movement-assist skill through his Duo Skill
Byleth - Fell StarSummer Byleth (F) Red Tome / Flying
Has a unique Duo Skill
・Weapon prevents enemy skills that guarantee follow-up and neutralizes skills that prevent unit from making follow-ups
・Powerful buffs to Atk and Spd

S Tier!

Name Summary
Tibarn - Shipless PiratePirate Tibarn Colorless Beast / Flying
・Guaranteed follow-up attacks when allies are not adjacent
・Can score a follow-up attack before enemy counterattacks
・Galeforce allows for a second action
Alm - Lovebird DuoValentine's Alm Axe / Infantry
A Duo hero with an additional skill
・Gains bonus to Atk equal to 25% of foe's Def
・Very powerful exclusive Special Skill
Faye - Drawn HeartstringValentine's Faye Colorless Bow / Armored
・Prevents enemy follow-up attacks when initiating combat
・Gains a guaranteed follow-up when initiating combat
・Can support mobility of other armored units with Armor March
Micaiah - Dawn WindBridal Micaiah Colorless Tome / Flying
Has a unique Duo Skill
・Disables skills that calculate using lower defense stat and skills that neutralize staff penalty
・Exclusive weapon deals bonus damage to armored and cavalry foes
Robin - Fall VesselHalloween Robin (F) Green Breath / Flying
・Weapon provides Distant Counter and heals if she lands a special attack against an opponent
・A skill Neutralizes effective damage against flying units and inflicts penalties on enemies
・B skill Neutralizes effects that prevent her from landing follow-up attacks and grants guaranteed follow-up attacks in the enemy phase
Tiki - Harmonic HopeHalloween Tiki (Young) Blue Breath / Flying
Harmonized Hero that can use Harmonized Skills
・Huge stat boosts if adjacent to allies at turn start
・Possesses an AoE Spd buff assist skill
Bernadetta - Frosty Shut-InWinter Bernadetta Green Tome / Cavalry
・High-powered green tome cavalry unit
・Can inflict 1 HP damage to allied team—helpful in some situations and in activating Hrist
・Hrist provides Atk/Spd bonus and damage reduction
Altina - Cross-Time DuoWinter Altina Sword / Infantry
Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn Harmonized Hero
・Access to a one-turn Vantage through Harmonized Skill
・Weapon grants Distant Counter and a dual-phase Brave effect・Powerful Special skill
Plumeria - Temptation AnewNew Year Plumeria Colorless Bow / Flying
・A rare combination of possessing a bow and a refresher-assist skill
・Can land counterattacks with Close Ward
・Weapon skill buffs allies and debuffs enemies simultaneously in a modest AoE
Mia - Harmonic BladesSummer Mia Colorless Dagger / Cavalry
Harmonized Hero that can use Harmonized Skills
・Several Atk/Spd buffs to unit
・Many debuffs and buffs for allies to take advantage of
Marth - Legacied HeroYoung Marth Sword / Infantry
・Exclusive weapon is effective on armored and cavalry units
・Can buff himself and allies using special skill
・Special skill increases damages and allied units
Merric - Changing WindsYoung Merric Green Tome / Infantry
・Exclusive weapon that prevents follow-up attacks
・Special skill that heals unit and allies
・Prevents physical enemies from counterattacking
Palla - Sisterly TrioYoung Palla Lance / Flying
Has a unique Duo Skill
・Flying unit that can move 3 squares
・Powerful exclusive weapon for flying units
Veronica - Harmonic PiratesPirate Veronica Axe / Cavalry
Harmonized Hero that can use Harmonized Skills
・Guaranteed follow-up attack if no ally is adjacent
・Strong buff to Atk and Def
Rudolf - Emperor of RigelValentine's Rudolf Lance / Armored
・Weapon skill speeds up special cooldown count
・Prevents a foe's follow-up attack when Atk exceeds their's
・Multiple skills that grant bonuses to Atk/Def
Ingrid - Solstice KnightSummer Ingrid Lance / Flying
・Weapon grants +5 to all stats and restores 10HP after first attack in the player phase
・Powerful player phase attacker
・Reduces 50% of the damage taken from the first attack in the enemy phase
Dheginsea - Harvest GoldoanDheginsea Red Breath / Armored
・Neutralizes foe's bonuses and inflicts debuffs if no allies are adjacent
・Buff to Atk/Def when attacked by foe
・Neutralizes penalties on unit and lands a guaranteed follow-up attack when attacked

A Tier

Name Summary
Nailah - Blessed QueenBridal Nailah Green Beast / Infantry
・Personal weapon that makes special attacks easy to trigger
・ Can buff Atk and Spd
・Can debuff enemies' Spd and Def
Laevatein - Ninja of MúspellNinja Laevatein Axe / Flying
・Weapon skill provides bonuses to Atk depending on the number of bonuses she has on her
・If foe is a magic user, Distant Ward guarantees buffs and counterattacks regardless of foe's range
・AoE debuff to Atk and Def
Xane - Autumn TricksterXane Colorless Tome / Infantry
・Stats equal to the strongest stats of all allies wihin 2 spaces calculated independently!
・Stronger with more allies around
・Grants offensive buffs and adaptive damage to adjacent physical allies
Sephiran - Hoary SovereignWinter Sephiran Staff / Armored
・Delays enemy Specials through Tannenbaton+
・C skill grants allies heals and neutralizes penalties at odd-numbered turns
・Low-cooldown Special grants Def/Res buff to all allies
Velouria - Renewed WolfpupNew Year Velouria Blue Beast / Infantry
・Becomes stronger when with near a support partner
・Distant Counter allows her to land counterattacks on ranged foes
・Can nullify enemy guaranteed follow-ups and skills that prevent her own follow-up attacks
Navarre - Scarlet NinjaNinja Navarre Lance / Infantry
・Weapon skill allows him to strike twice in one attack
・Rapid special activation if he scores an outspeed thanks to Flashing Blade
・Neutralizes Spd/Def bonuses of his enemies
Quan - Lightfoot PrinceMasquerade Quan Blue Bow / Flying
・Refresher-assist support
・Damage reduction against foes who scores follow-up attacks
・Possesses both offensive and defensive skills
Lachesis - Ballroom BloomMasquerade Lachesis Green Dagger / Flying
・Refresher-assist support
・Damage reduction against foes who scores follow-up attacks
・Inflicts debuffs on enemies upon using refresher skill
Ethlyn - Glimmering LadyMasquerade Ethlyn Colorless Dagger / Flying
・Refresher-assist support
・ Atk/Spd buff upon initiating combat through weapon skill
・Windsweep allows for a follow-up attack while disabling counterattacks
Est - Springtime FlierSpring Est Blue Tome / Flying
・Gains a bonus when nearby other allies
・Can cast a penalty on foe's Atk and Res stats
・Has Fury 4 by default
Fir - Student of SpringSpring Fir Axe / Flying
・Exclusive weapon is effective on armor
・Gains a bonus when there are no nearby allies
・Can assist the movement of allied fliers
Brigid - Orgahil PirateBrigid Red Bow / Infantry
・Inflicts debuffs to enemies if allies are not adjacent
・Spd/Def buff upon attacking in the player phase
・Slows down enemy specials
Rafiel - Blessed WingsRafiel Blue Beast / Infantry
・Speeds-up special cooldown count -1 of a partner unit
・When Sing is used on an ally, grants them Atk/Spd buffs
・Buffs Def/Res of allied beast units
Dorothea - Solar SongstressSummer Dorothea Colorless Dagger / Infantry
・Grants +5 Atk/Res after first attack in either player phase or enemy phase and restores 7 HP
・Inflicts debuffs on enemies when using Dance
・Powerful Atk buff to adjacent allies

B Tier

Name Summary
Kaden - Refreshed KitsuneNew Year Kaden Red Beast / Cavalry
・Weapon skill buffs Spd and inflicts a Spd debuff on foe
・Increases damage when Spd is higher than foes
・Inflicts Atk/Def debuffs on foes if a movement-assist skill is used by or used on Kaden
Joshua - Tropical GamblerSummer Joshua Red Bow / Infantry
・Inflicts in-combat Spd/Def debuff on foes
・Atk/Spd buff to unit and ally if movement-assist used by or used by unit
・Possesses a strong Def buff to allies
Zihark - Ninja BlademasterNinja Zihark Sword / Infantry
・Weapon skill allows him to strike twice in one attack
・Provides Spd/Def buffs to allies with high Spd/Def
・Very high base Spd makes quad-attacks very easy to score
Oboro - Fierce Bride-to-BeBridal Oboro Sword / Infantry
・Personal weapon grants Atk, Def and speeds up special cooldown charge when bonuses are active
・Atk and Def buff when allies are near
・Delays enemies special cooldown activation
Lute - Summer ProdigySummer Lute Blue Tome / Flying
・Inflicts in-combat Spd/Res debuff on foes
・Spd/Res debuff on foes after combat
・Huge Spd buff for mixed teams
Narcian - Vernal GeneralSpring Narcian Lance / Flying
・Gains a bonus when nearby other allies
・Can inflict a penalty on the Spd of foes
・Allied lance units will gain double experience points
Geese - A Life at SeaGeese Lance / Infantry
・Inflicts debuffs to enemies if allies are not adjacent
・Dual-phase Atk boost if HP is greater than enemy's
・Speeds up the special cooldown count of allied infantry units
Sylvain - Hanging with TensSummer Sylvain Green Tome / Cavalry
・Grants +5 Atk/Res after first attack in either player phase or enemy phase and restores 7 HP
・Inflicts a Res debuff every start of the turn
・Atk/Def buff when solo
Conrad - Unmasked KnightValentine's Conrad Sword / Cavalry
・Prevents enemy follow-up attacks when initiating combat
・Gains a bonus when initiating combat
Gains a Def/Res bonus when HP gets low

What color are you pulling for?

Special Hero Summon (Year 4) Summon Simulator

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