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Final Fantasy X blitzball players guide

A page with information about the Blitzball player Ropp from the game Final Fantasy X (FFX , FF 10). Read on to know more about Ropp including Ropp's location, stats, key techniques, and learnable abilities.

Ropp Basic Information

Ropp is a recruitable player in Blitzball and is best played in a Rear position.

Ropp Stats and Information

Starting Level Starting Team
Start Level 5 Free
HP (Health Points) SP (Speed) EN (Endurance) AT (Attack)
191 60 9 11
PA (Pass) BL(Block) SH (Shoot) CA (Catch)
10 15 1 2

How to Hire Ropp

This section shows a detailed location on where to find Ropp.

Where to find Ropp Location Enlarge
Located at Rin's Shop at Mi'ihen Highroads.

Ropp Learnable Abilities

Ropp's abilities that can be learned via Techcopy. To learn Techniques with Key Tech Levels, you must first learn the necessary Key Technique to be able to copy the said ability.

Key Techniques
Key Tech 1
Nap Tackle
Key Tech 2
Venom Pass 3
Key Tech 3
Anti Venom 2
Learnable Abilities (Key Tech Lv.)
Venom Pass 2 (0) Nap Tackle (0)
Wither Tackle 2 (0) Tackle Slip (0)
Venom Pass 3 (1) Venom Tackle (1)
Venom Tackle 2 (1) Nap Tackle 2 (1)
Wither Tackle 3 (1) Anti-Venom 2 (1)
Venom Tackle 3 (2) Anti-Nap 3 (2)
Anti-Wither 2 (2) Anti-Drain 2 (2)
Grip Gloves (2) Nap Tackle 3 (3)
Venom Pass (default) Nap Pass (default)
Wither Tackle (default) Drain Tackle (default)
Drain Tackle 2 (default) Drain Tackle 3 (default)
Anti-Venom (default) Anti-Nap (default)
Anti-Wither (default) Anti-Drain (default)
Brawler (default)

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