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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Ozmone Plains to the Henne Mines in the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII, FFXII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Ozmone Plain Story Walkthrough


1 After the events on the Shiva, you'll find yourself back in Rabanastre. Head out through the South exit of the city for the Ozmone Plain.
2 Take the route going down to the Jahara village, where the garifs reside. A complete map of the area can be bought from the moogle guide.
3 Speak with the garif warrior to enter the village, where a cutscene welcomes you.

Jahara Story Walkthrough


1 The garif Warchief Supinelu will introduce himself during the cutscene.
2 You will be able to save within the village, as well as stock up through the available vendor.
3 Speak with High-chief Zayalu, who will hand you a Jaya Stick to give to Supinelu.
4 Before you enter the northern area, you will be asked to give the Jaya Stick to the warchief.
5 There are a lot of cutscenes from this point on, but you will welcome Larsa as a guest in your party, as well as receive items from Supinelu, during most of them.

Eruyt Village Story Walkthrough


1 Afterwards, head east until you reach the entrance to the Golmore Jungle. Look for a map urn near the entrance to the Jungle.
2 A blocked passage greets you on the way to Eruyt Village.
3 Afterwards, Fran will also ask for your help in looking for a missing viera, Mjrn.
4 Move into the village and seek out the viera leader, who will then task you indirectly with finding Mjrn.
Tip Before leaving, purchase atleast 3 black belt accessories from the moogle shop near the exit of Eruyt Village.
5 After you leave the village, more paths will become open. Head out through the one that leads to the Henne Mines.
6 The way to the Henne Mines can be found through helping the wounded soldiers, who will lend Chocobos for free.
7 Find the pathways that the Chocobos use (the path with Chocobo footprints). You will then be able to enter the Henne Mines.

Free Chocobos, Anyone?

When coming from Eruyt Village the first time, you'll come across two Imperials slumped on the ground.

They'll be asking for help, and one of them spots a Potion on you. Oblige his request for it.

He'll thank you for lending him a Potion through the use of their Chocobos. You can use it to access the hidden entrance to Henne Mines.

You'll find the hidden entrance by accessing a path with Chocobo footprints, if it's not obvious enough due to how many Chocobos are standing idle.

There are many other paths that can only be accessed while riding a Chocobo. Click on the link below to find out which paths these are.

Currently Unavailable

Henne Mines Story Walkthrough


1 The Henne Mines have switchboards that open various gates. Stick to a North-moving route to move through the mine to your destination.
2 Follow Mjrn to the other end of the mine. A cutscene will happen, where the next boss is introduced.
3 Battle and defeat the next boss, Tiamat. Another cutscene happens when you defeat the boss.
4 You will be returned to the Eruyt Village, where you will be given Lente's Tear. This item also opens up all the areas of the Golmore Jungle previously restricted.
5 Take care to save at the available savepoint, as you will enter another boss battle with the Elder Wyrm.
6 Exit to the west to enter a new area, the Paramina Rift.

The Dragon Tiamat

dragon boss Tiamat main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Henne Mines' resident boss will be the dragon Tiamat. Details about this dragon can be found by following the link below.

How to beat Tiamat

The Elder Wyrm

FF XII Elder Wyrm
This Elder Wyrm has been dead for quite some time; however, magicks from the forest restored it to some semblance of life. It acts as the forest's protector. For more information on how to beat the Elder Wyrm, see the link below.

How to beat Elder Wyrm

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