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This page lists all the monsters under the Marks and Rare games category. These are monsters you encounter by doing specific actions in various places . This is a list leading to individual monsters including their stats, drops, and more!

Hunts and Rare Monsters

Rogue Tomato Atomos
Thextera Roblon
Flowering Cactoid Braegh
Wraith Darksteel
Nidhogg Vyraal
White Mousse Lindwyrm
Ring Wyrm Overlord
Wyverm Lord Goliath
Marilith Deathscythe
Enkelados Deathgaze
Croakadile Diabolos
Ixtab Piscodaemon
Feral Retriever Wild Malboro
Vorpal Bunny Catoblepas
Mindflayer Fafnir
Bloodwing Pylraster
Chickatrice Cluckatrice
Rocktoise Orthros
Gil Snapper Trickster
Antlion Carrot
Gilgamesh Enkidu
Behemoth King Ixion
Pandaemonium Slyt
Fenrir Phoenix
Shadowseer Yiazmat
Belias Exodus
Chaos Cùchulainn
Zalera Shemhazai
Zeromus Adrammelech
Hashmal Famfrit
Ultima Mateus
Zodiark Aspidochelon
Aerieel Thalassinon
Anubys Greeden
Barmuu Bull Croc
Vishno Gavial
Etherian Wary Wolf
Melt Kaiser Wolf
Cubus Lindbur Wolf
Pineapple Dreadguard
Bombshell Crypt Bunny
Megabomb Spee
Matriarch Bomb Rain Dancer
Ripe Rampager Razorfin
Killbug Apsara
Minibug Rageclaw
Ithuno Biding Mantis
Kris Wood Toad
Dheed Tarasque
Aeros Grimalkin
Terror Tyrant Nekhbet
Abelisk Glaring Eye
Dustia Cultsworn Lich
Ishteen Evil Spirit
Vorres Juggernaut
Negalmuur Molen
Larva Eater Tower
Arioch Grey Molter
Fideliant Midgardsormr
Crystal Knight Nazarnir
Grave Lord Victanir
Zombie Lord Gemhorn
Drowned Luxollid
Velelu Vagrant Soul
Disma Imdugud
Ancbolder Bull Chocobo
Wendice Skullash
Anchag Myath
Bluesang Helvinek
Avenger Pallicant
Alteci Phyllo
Urutan Exile

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