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Final Fantasy X Anima Abilities

This page contains information about the Aeon Anima in the game Final Fantasy X (FFX , FF10). Read on to know about this specific Aeon and its abilities.

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How to Obtain Anima

Anima is a tricky Aeon to obtain. A messed up playthrough can make obtaining Dark Anima one of the most frustrating experience in the game. It's also worth considering that obtaining all Aeons is needed to obtain the Magus Sisters so make sure to follow our guide on obtaining Anima!

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How to Beat Dark Anima

Dark Anima is one of the higher difficulty Dark Aeons. Learn how to beat Dark Anima with our guide!
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An Optional Aeon


Anima is a non-elemental aeon. Anima is the 2nd and optional Aeon but is way more difficult to obtain than the first optional Aeon, Yojimbo. Anima also has the best Overdrive for all Aeons in the game which can break through the 99,999 damage cap in a single turn due to it's multi-hit property.

Anima Abilities

Anima Special Attack Pain

Pain is Anima's Special Attack. Impulse deals magical damage and inflicts death to enemies.

Anima Overdrive

Anima Overdrive Oblivion

Oblivion is Anima's Overdrive. Oblivion deals heavy non-elemental damage to all enemies. It hits 16 times allowing Anima to exceed the 99,999 damage cap in one turn.

Anima Abilities

Anima Black Magics

Fire Thunder
Water Blizzard
Fira Thundara
Watera Blizzara
Firaga Thundaga
Waterga Blizzaga
Bio Death
Drain -

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Optional Aeons

Main Storyline Aeons
Valefor Ifrit
Ixion Shiva
Bahamut -
Optional Aeons
Anima Yojimbo
Cindy Mindy
Sandy -

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