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This is the story walkthrough page for the locations Old Archades to the Draklor Laboratory in the game Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age (FF12, FFXII, FFXII). Read on for more information about objectives, items, and bosses within this section.

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Sochen Cave Palace
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Old Archades Story Walkthrough


1 Exit the Sochen Palace Cave and enter the old quarter of the Imperial City. There is a nearby Seeq merchant where you can stock up on better supplies and equipment.
2 Take a western-leaning route towards the Capital until you reach Imperials, who will block your way.
3 A cutscene follows where Balthier's old acquaintance, Jules, is introduced. Jules is connected to some quests you need to finish to proceed.
4 Of these quests, you can choose to speak to a man named Beasley about a 'treasure' he supposedly lost. There are other quests involving The Moogles Eight and others. By completing any of these (not all of them need to be completed), you'll gain passage to the Imperial City afterward.

The Scoundrel, Jules

Jules old archades main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Jules is a seedy man living in Old Archades. Talk with Jules to gain information on getting into the Imperial City.

The Imperial City of Archades Story Walkthrough


1 Proceed deeper into the Imperial City for a cutscene, but remember to check out the shops for better items.
2 Head to the Cab Guide southwest from the old Archades entrance for a cutscene.
3 You have to complete a task relaying messages between three people in exchange for three chops.
4 The Nilbasse area already has available quests to complete nearby. Complete the Gentleman Onlooker to Eager Crier, Senior Researcher to Failed Researcher, and Worried Husband to Materialistic Woman messaging quests.
5 This will give you three chops of wood (passes) that you can use to gain access to the cabs. The ride to Tsenoble will also become available.
6 Save at the available savepoint. Watch another cutscene. When you can move your character again, speak to the Guide.
7 The option 'You know where to go.' becomes available. Choose it to move to the next area.

Taking the Cab

chops for cab in archades main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
To take the cab, you must do Errands for the Citizens of Archades. The errand works the same way as a memory game where you remember a person's specific request and search for the perons concerned with that problem. Each problem yields a single chop and you need three to ride the Cab.

Enter Jules. Again.

Jules main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Jules will enter the scene a second time to fix your transportation into the Draklor Labs, the location Balthier is leading you to. Again, pay Jules the required money in order to get through to the Labs.

Draklor Laboratory Story Walkthrough


tip The Draklor Lab is a pretty lengthy area, so save whenever you have the chance to.
1 Use the other lift at the end of the northern route as the direct lift will not work. Proceed to the 67th floor.
2 Tackle each Imperial squad as they appear to avoid being boxed in. Enter the C.D.B room to trigger a cutscene.
3 You will receive the Lab Access Card as well as a map of the Lab after. Use the Rm 6704 East savepoint to save your game.
4 Enter rooms 6711 East and 6703 East to pinpoint Cid's location and to change the controls on the locked doors.
5 Climb up to the 68th floor using the lift. Head to Rm 6803 West to open up the path to 6804 West.
6 Head to 6804 West to open the red doors, then to 6811 West to open up the rest of the pathway.
7 Climb up to the 70th floor to watch a cutscene. When you can move again, save at the savepoint. There is also a treasure box in 7002 East.
8 You will battle Doctor Cid--the boss of this area--in the the next room.
9 Once Cid's health is down to 25%, the battle will end. Reddas will also join you afterwards.

The Sky-Pirate Reddas

When you enter the Draklor Lab, you'll see that it is littered with the bodies of half-conscious and unconscious Imperials. You have the sky pirate, Reddas, to thank for the welcome. Reddas joins your party after the events concerning the Treaty-Blade.

Boss Fight - Doctor Cid

father and son main story walkthrough final fantasy xii ffxii ff12
Doctor Cid will provide you with a very rude welcome when you ascend the very top of the Laboratory. For information on how to beat Doctor cid, see the link below.

How to beat Dr. Cid

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