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Check out our Interactive Map for Spider-Man 2's New York. Find the locations for all collectibles such as the Spider-Bots and Photo Ops, as well as all mission markers across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens.

Interactive Map of New York City

Interactive Map

The Interactive Map both shows the location of key points on the map, and doubles as a collectible checker.

  1. Click an icon on the right side to show all the pins of a specific type, or click the magnifying glass button to search for a specific pin by name.
  2. Click a pin on the map to see its name and description, and a relevant picture or video if available.
  3. From here, click Mark as Acquired to indicate that you've gotten a collectible already. This will change its icon on the map to show that it has been collected, and add 1 to that pin type's Counter.
  4. To undo this, click on the same pin and click Restore to unclaimed.
  5. To check how many pins you have marked so far, check the Counter in the bottom left, and click the icon that looks like a checklist to see counters for all pin types.
  6. If the collected pins start to get in the way, you can hide them all by clicking the green Show Pins button on the left side.
Icon How to Use
Name Button.png Show Names
This button reveals the Name of every icon currently shown.
Show Pins Button.png Show Pins
This button will toggle between showing and hiding all the pins which you have already marked as acquired.
Full Button.png Fullscreen
This button will change the map display to fill the screen.
Search Button.png Search Mode Toggle
This button will display a searchbar which you can use to search for an individual pin by its name.
Icon Mode Button.png Icon Mode Toggle
In Search Mode, this button will toggle you back to Icon Mode, removing the search bar and displaying the icons again.
All Pins Button.png All Pins
This button is shown along with the Icons on the right when there are over 6 types of pins. Click it for a full selection of all available pin types.
Interactive Map Counter.png Counter
Tracks the number of pins you have of a certain type. The pin type shown is set to the page and currently cannot be changed; however, all pin type counters can be viewed by clicking the checklist icon on the right side.
Interactive Map View All Counters.png View All Counters
This icon is found on the right side of the Counter. When a map has more than one pin type, click this icon to see Counters for all pin types.

This map is constantly being updated with new information as we find them. If you find anything as you swing through the streets of New York, be sure to drop a holler in the comment section below!

Icons Legend

Map Icon Legend
Material IconMarko's Memories Camera IconPhoto Op Locations Eye IconMysterium Spider IconSpider-Bots
Blue Spidey IconFNSM Requests Fire Mission IconThe Flame Missions Prowler IconProwler Stashes EMF Experiment Icon EMF Experiments
Hunter Blinds IconHunter Blinds Hunter Base Icon Hunter Bases V IconBrooklyn Vision Missions Trumpet IconCultural Museum Missions
Drone IconUnidentified Targets Symbiote Nests IconSymbiote Nests Slingshot IconSuper Slingshots Silver Gear Icon Tech Parts

Maps for Each District

Boroughs in Spider-Man 2
Manhattan Queens Brooklyn


Manhattan is the central stage for the events of the first two Spider-Man games. This borough remains a fully explorable area and will still hold vital plot points in its districts. Manhattan is divided into 9 different districts.

Manhattan Districts
Harlem Upper West Central Park
Upper East Hell's Kitchen Midtown
Greenwich Chinatown Financial District



Home not only to the Globetrotters, but cultural landmarks like The Bar with No Name, Harlem sits at the very tip of Manhattan. Harlem is also the final resting place of Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Officer Jefferson Davis.

Harlem 100% Completion Guide

Upper West

Upper West

The Upper West side is where culture, arts and history thrive for the masses. From the Lincoln Center to the Natural History Museum, the Upper West is a delight for anyone interested in the natural and cultrural sciences.

Upper West Side 100% Completion Guide

Central Park

Central Park

Possibly the “Last Lung of New York”, Central Park is the largest greenspace left in Manhattan. Take a breather and relax by Bethesda Fountain or take a stroll by the Manhattan Museum for Contemporary Art.

Central Park 100% Completion Guide

Upper East

Upper East

Enrich yourself in Miles' heritage by taking a visit to the Latin American Musuem here on the Upper East Side. This also houses the Guggenheim and a very popular tower with a giant A on top of it.

Upper East Side 100% Completion Guide

Hell's Kitchen


Regarded as one of the rowdier sides of Manhattan, Hell's Kitchen is home to the Fisk Tower previously owned by the Kingpin himself, Wilson Fisk, as well as the dwelling of the Daredevil.

Hell's Kitchen 100% Completion Guide



Nothing looks and sounds more New York than Midtown as it is home to a lot of New York's most famous landmarks, particularly Times Square, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, and of course the United Nations HQ.

Midtown 100% Completion Guide



As unsuspecting as Greenwich may sound like, it is home to the Sorcerer Supreme's Sanctum Sanctorum. With the passing of Aunt May, Peter also launched the Emily-May Foundation headquarters in Greenwich to honor her memory.

Greenwich 100% Completion Guide



As a melting pot of cultures and ethnicity, no major city would be complete without its own little version of Chinatown. Chinatown is also home to the FEAST foundation that Aunt May and Martin Li co-founded to help the homeless and the needy of New York Ctty.

Chinatown 100% Completion Guide

Financial District

Financial District

Regarded as the Bullpen of New York City, the Financial District is known primary for Wall Street. Among many others, it's notable landmarks include Battery Park, Trinity Church, and City Hall.

Financial District 100% Completion Guide


Downtown Queens

Queens is the borough northeast of Manhattan where Peter Parker grew up and started his journey as Spider-Man. Not much is known yet about this district as Downtown Queens is the only revelead District in one of the game's earlier showcases. Queens is also home to Midtown High where Peter went to high school.

Queens Districts
Downtown Queens Astoria


Brooklyn Visions Map

Over to the south we have Brooklyn, home of the Brooklyn Visions Academy. Miles snagged a golden ticket at this prestigious private school because of his innate intellect and potential in the sciences. We only hear mentions of this academy in Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but now we might be able to explore Miles' high school.

Brooklyn Districts
Little Odessa Williamsburg Downtown Brooklyn

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