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This is a list of all Northern Realms Gwent Cards found in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on each card found within this faction and its deck.

List of Northern Realms Cards

Name Power Type Effect
Kaedweni Siege Expert ImageKaedweni Siege Expert 1 Siege Unit Morale Boost
Redanian Foot Soldier ImageRedanian Foot Soldier 1 Close Combat Unit
Poor F--king Infantry ImagePoor F--king Infantry 1 Close Combat Unit Tight Bond
Thaler ImageThaler 1 Close Combat Unit Spy
Yarpen Zigrin ImageYarpen Zigrin 2 Siege Unit
Blue Stripes Commando ImageBlue Stripes Commando 4 Close Combat Unit Tight Bond
Sheldon Skaggs ImageSheldon Skaggs 4 Ranged Unit
Sabrina Glevissig ImageSabrina Glevissig 4 Ranged Unit
Sigismund Dijkstra ImageSigismund Dijkstra 4 Close Combat Unit Spy
Dun Banner Medic ImageDun Banner Medic 5 Siege Unit Medic
Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter ImageCrinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter 5 Ranged Unit Tight Bond
Prince Stennis ImagePrince Stennis 5 Close Combat Unit Spy
Síle de Tansarville ImageSíle de Tansarville 5 Ranged Unit
Keira Metz ImageKeira Metz 5 Ranged Unit
Siegfried of Denesle ImageSiegfried of Denesle 5 Close Combat Unit
Ves ImageVes 5 Close Combat Unit
Siege Tower ImageSiege Tower 6 Siege Unit
Ballista ImageBallista 6 Siege Unit
Trebuchet ImageTrebuchet 6 Siege Unit
Dethmold ImageDethmold 6 Ranged Unit
Catapult ImageCatapult 8 Siege Unit Tight Bond
Philippa Eilhart ImagePhilippa Eilhart 10 Ranged Unit Hero
Esterad Thyssen ImageEsterad Thyssen 10 Close Combat Unit Hero
John Natalis ImageJohn Natalis 10 Close Combat Unit Hero
Vernon Roche ImageVernon Roche 10 Close Combat Unit Hero

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