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List of Skellige Clans Gwent Cards

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This is a list of all Skellige Clans Gwent Cards found in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for information on each card found within this faction and its deck.

List of Skellige Clans Cards

Name Power Type Effect
King Bran ImageKing Bran Leader Units only lose half their values in bad weather conditions
Kambi/Hemdall ImageKambi/Hemdall 0/11 Close Combat Unit Hero
Young Berserker/Young Vildkaarl ImageYoung Berserker/Young Vildkaarl 2/8 Ranged Unit Berserker and Tight Bond
Birna Bran ImageBirna Bran 2 Close Combat Unit Medic
Draig Bon-Dhu ImageDraig Bon-Dhu 2 Siege Unit Commander's Horn
Clan Drummond Shieldmaiden ImageClan Drummond Shieldmaiden 4 Close Combat Unit Tight Bond
Light Longship ImageLight Longship 4 Ranged Unit Muster
Clan Tordarroch Armorsmith ImageClan Tordarroch Armorsmith 4 Close Combat Unit
Berserker/Vildkaarl ImageBerserker/Vildkaarl 4/14 Close Combat Unit Berserker and Morale Boost
Svanrige ImageSvanrige 4 Close Combat Unit
Udalryk ImageUdalryk 4 Close Combat Unit
Donar an Hindar ImageDonar an Hindar 4 Close Combat Unit
Holger Blackhand ImageHolger Blackhand 4 Siege Unit
Clan Dimun Pirate ImageClan Dimun Pirate 6 Ranged Unit Scorch
Clan Brokvar Archer ImageClan Brokvar Archer 6 Ranged Unit
War Longship ImageWar Longship 6 Siege Unit Tight Bond
Clan An Craite Warrior ImageClan An Craite Warrior 6 Close Combat Unit Tight Bond
Blueboy Lugos ImageBlueboy Lugos 6 Close Combat Unit
Madman Lugos ImageMadman Lugos 6 Close Combat Unit
Ermion ImageErmion 8 Ranged Unit Hero and Mardroeme
Hjalmar ImageHjalmar 10 Ranged Unit Hero
Crach an Craite ImageCrach an Craite Leader Shuffles graveyards (discard pile) back into main decks (for both players)
Olaf ImageOlaf 12 Close Combat and Ranged Unit Agile and Morale Boost
Cerys ImageCerys 10 Close Combat Unit Hero and Muster

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