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Witcher 3 Map Novigrad

This page contains the map and locations of the Novigrad region in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Read on for more information on the specific locations in Novigrad.

Novigrad Quest Starting Locations

Main Quest Starting Locations

There are a total of 11 Main Quests available in the Novigrad Region. You can get these automatically when you complete the previous Main Quest associated with it.

Main Quest Legend
1. Blindingly Obvious 2. Payback
3. Get Junior 4. Count Reuven's Treasure
5. Honor Among Thieves 6. The Play's the Thing
7. Pyres of Novigrad 8. The Great Escape
9. Novigrad Dreaming 10. Final Preparations
11. Through Time and Space 12. A Poet Under Pressure
13. A Favor for Radovid -

Side Quest Starting Locations

There are a total of 42 Side Quests available in the Novigrad Region. You can get some of these from the Notice Boards scattered around Novigrad or by directly talking to the quest giver. Some Side Quests require the player to be at a certain point in the story or to have finished other side quests to activate.

Side Quest Legend
1. Novigrad Hospitality 2. Little Red
3. A Deadly Plot 4. Fencing Lessons
5. Carnal Sins 6. The Gangs of Novigrad
7. Hey, You Wanna Look at My Stuff? 8. Hidden Messages of the Nilfgaardian Kind
9. A Tome Entombed 10. Never Trust Children
11. A Matter of Life and Death 12. Now or Never
13. Message from an Old Friend 14. Black Pearl
15. A Final Kindness 16. Drunken Rabble
17. The Flame of Hatred 18. Reason of State
19. Warehouse of Woe 20. Strumpet in Distress
21. A Walk on the Waterfront 22. Racists of Novigrad Part I
23.Of Swords and Dumplings 24. A Feast for Crows
25. A Dangerous Game 26. It Takes Three to Tango
27. Suspicious Shakedown 28.Racists of Novigrad Part II
29. Karmic Justice 30. Following the Thread
31. The Dwarven Document Dilemma 32. Witch Hunter Raids
33. Empty Coop 34. A Warm Welcome
35. Strangers in the Night 36. A Barnful of Trouble
37. An Eye for an Eye 38. Redania's Most Wanted
39. The Price of Passage 40. Rough Neighborhood
41. The Most Truest of Basilisks 42. Spooked Mare

Contract Starting Locations

There are a total of 8 Contracts available in the Novigrad Region. You can get these by picking up the Notices on the Notice Boards scattered around the Novigrad Region.

Scavenger Hunt Starting Locations

There are a total of 4 Scavenger Hunts available in the Novigrad Region. Once you start a Scavenger Hunt, some clues you gain will lead you to the next Scavenger Hunt of the same Witcher School and Tier.

Novigrad Points of Interest

Fast Travel Points

There are a total of 56 Signposts where the player can discover them by approaching the site on the map and it will allow them to fast travel from one Signpost to another.

Novigrad Signposts
Aeramas' Abandoned Manor Alness Arette
Arnskrone Castle Ruins Bowdon Brunwich
Carsten Cavern Crane Cape
Crossroads Cunny of the Goose Dancing Windmill
Drahim Castle Draken Hollow Outpost Electors' Square
Erde Est Tayiar Eternal Fire Chapel
Garin Estate Gate of the Heirarch Glory Gate
Gustfields Farm Heddel Herbalist's Hut
Hierarch Square Honeyfill Meadworks Hunter's Cottage
Isolated Hut Kilkerinn Ruins Lighthouse
Loggers' Hut Lucian's Windmill Martin Fruille's Farmstead
Moldavie Residence Novigrad Docks Novigrad Gate
Oxenfurt Gate Oxenfurt Harbor Portside Gate
Sarrasin Grange Seven Cats Inn Southern Gate
St. Gregory's Bridge Temerian Partisan Hideout Tretogor Gate
Upper Mill Ursten Vegelbud Residence
Vikk Watchtower Von Everec Estate Western Gate
Wheat Fields Widows' Grotto Winespring Grange
Yantra Zuetzer Castle -

Exploration Points

There are a total of 68 Exploration points scattered around the Novigrad region. The player can discover these by getting Notices on the Notice Boards of Novigrad or by approaching the site on the map.

Monster Den 2
Abandoned Site 6
Sumgglers' Cache 3
Guarded Treasure 11
Bandit Camp 14
Person(s) in Distress 2
Hidden Treasure 12
Monster Nest 9
Cave Entrance 9

Places of Power

There are only 2 Places of Power in the region of Novigrad. One is located at Temple Isle in Novigrad and another is located near the Alness Signpost.

Aard Igni Yrden Quen Axii
0 1 0 0 1

For more information about the Places of Power see our guide in the link below.

List of Place of Power Locations

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