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Welcome to the Kirby and the Forgotten Land Walkthrough Wiki. Guides for completing each stage and boss, as well as copy ability and Waddle Dee Town info can be found here. For all Kirby and the Forgotten Land guide needs, leave it to Game8!

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Kirby and the Forgotten Land Site Map

Popular Guides

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - StagesStages Kirby and the Forgotten Land - List of Treasure RoadsTreasure Roads
Tips and TricksTips and Tricks Kirby Copy AbilitiesCopy Abilities
Mouthful ModeMouthful Mode Waddle Dee TownWaddle Dee Town
BossesBosses Kirby and the Forgotten Land FiguresFigures
News and UpdatesNews and Updates Kirby and the Forgotten Land - MissionsMissions
EnemiesEnemies CharactersCharacters

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Stage Walkthroughs

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Stages

List of Stages and Full Walkthrough

List of Areas
Natural PlainsNatural Plains Everbay CoastEverbay Coast
Wondaria RemainsWondaria Remains Winter HornsWinter Horns
Originull WastelandOriginull Wasteland Redgar Forbidden LandsRedgar Forbidden Lands
Lab DiscoveraLab Discovera Isolated Isles.pngIsolated Isles

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Copy Abilities

Copy Abilities

List of Copy Abilities

Copy Ability Guides
Evolved Abilities

List of Base Form Copy Abilities

BombBomb CrashCrash CutterCutter
DrillDrill FireFire HammerHammer
IceIce NeedleNeedle RangerRanger
SleepSleep SwordSword TornadoTornado

List of Second Stage Copy Abilities

Chain BombChain Bomb Chakram CutterChakram Cutter Clutter NeedleClutter Needle
Deep SleepDeep Sleep Fleur TornadoFleur Tornado Frosty IceFrosty Ice
Gigant SwordGigant Sword Noble RangerNoble Ranger Pencil DrillPencil Drill
Time CrashTime Crash Toy HammerToy Hammer Volcano FireVolcano Fire

List of Third Stage Copy Abilities

Blizzard IceBlizzard Ice Buzz-Saw CutterBuzz-Saw Cutter Crystal NeedleCrystal Needle
Dragon FireDragon Fire Homing BombHoming Bomb Meta Knight SwordMeta Knight Sword
Space RangerSpace Ranger Storm TornadoStorm Tornado Twin DrillTwin Drill
Wild HammerWild Hammer

List of Fourth Stage Copy Abilities

Masked HammerMasked Hammer Morpho Knight SwordMorpho Knight Sword

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Mouthful Mode

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Mouthful Mode

List of Mouthful Mode Transformations and Abilities

List of Mouthful Modes

Arch MouthArch Mouth Big-Rig MouthBig-Rig Mouth Car MouthCar Mouth
Coaster MouthCoaster Mouth Cone MouthCone Mouth Dome MouthDome Mouth
Light-Bulb MouthLight-Bulb Mouth Pipe MouthPipe Mouth Ring MouthRing Mouth
Scissor-Lift MouthScissor-Lift Mouth Stairs MouthStairs Mouth Storage MouthStorage Mouth
Vending MouthVending Mouth Water-Balloon MouthWater-Balloon Mouth

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Tips and Guides
How to Play the Demo Multiplayer Guide
Online Features What are Sparkling Areas?
Best Copy Abilities How to Use Copy Ability Mix
How to Upgrade Abilities Difficulty Differences
amiibo Compatibility Secrets and Easter Eggs
Systems, Settings, and Controls
List of Controls How to Drop Abilities
How to Save How to Heal
How to Dodge How to Slide
Collectibles and 100% Completion
Play Time: How Long to Beat Post Game Contents and 100% Guide
How to Find Hal Room How to Unlock the True Ending
Blueprint Locations Rare Stone Locations
Star Coin Farming Guide How to Get All Photos

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Waddle Dee Town

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Waddle Dee Town Partial.png
Waddle Dee Town Activities and Features

List of Guides
Fishing PondMinigames ColosseumColosseum
Waddle DeeWaddle Dee's Item Shop Waddle DeeWaddle Dee's Weapon Shop
Waddle Dee CafeWaddle Dee Cafe KirbyKirby's House
Waddle Dee CinemaWaddle Dee Cinema Waddle Dee-liveriesWaddle Dee-liveries
Wise Waddle DeeWise Waddle Dee Gotcha Machine AlleyGotcha Machine Alley
Waddle LiveWaddle Live! Corner Stage Kirby and the Forgotten Land - Trader Waddle Dee.pngTrader Waddle Dee

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Treasure Roads

Kirby and the Forgotten Land - List of Treasure Roads

Treasure Road Stage List and Walkthrough

Natural Plains

Vending Mouth Treasure Cone Mouth (Natural Plains) Treasure Cutter (Natural Plains) Treasure
Bomb (Natural Plains) Treasure Fire (Natural Plains) Treasure Ice (Natural Plains) Treasure
Ranger (Natural Plains) Treasure

Everbay Coast

Normal (Everbay Coast) Treasure Stairs Mouth Treasure Hammer (Everbay Coast) Treasure
Drill (Everbay Coast) Treasure Tornado (Everbay Coast) Treasure Volcano Fire Treasure
Sword (Everbay Coast) Treasure Chakram Cutter Treasure

Wondaria Remains

Ring Mouth (Wondaria Remains) Treasure Pipe Mouth Treasure Needle Treasure
Cutter (Wondaria Remains) Treasure Bomb (Wondaria Remains) Treasure Fleur Tornado Treasure
Hammer (Wondaria Remains) Treasure Fire (Wondaria Remains) Treasure Sword (Wondaria Remains) Treasure

Winter Horns

Light-Bulb Mouth Treasure Meta Knight Sword Treasure Chain Bomb Treasure
Pencil Drill Treasure Tornado (Winter Horns) Treasure Ice (Winter Horns) Treasure
Clutter Needle Treasure Noble Ranger Treasure Time Crash Treasure
Car Mouth (Winter Horns) Treasure

Originull Wasteland

Scissor-Lift Mouth Treasure Water-Balloon Mouth Treasure Gigant Sword Treasure
Drill (Originull Wasteland) Treasure Ranger (Originull Wasteland) Treasure Toy Hammer Treasure
Frosty Ice Treasure Dragon Fire Treasure Crystal Needle Treasure
Buzz-Saw Cutter Treasure

Redgar Forbidden Lands

Normal (Redgar Forbidden Lands) Treasure Car Mouth (Redgar Forbidden Lands) Treasure Homing Bomb Treasure
Twin Drill Treasure Blizzard Ice Treasure Space Ranger Treasure
Storm Tornado Treasure Wild Hammer Treasure Cone Mouth (Redgar Forbidden Lands) Treasure
Ring Mouth (Redgar Forbidden Lands) Treasure Multimouth Treasure Masked Hammer Treasure
Morpho Knight Sword Treasure

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Bosses

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Bosses

List of All Bosses

Stage Bosses

Boss Stage & Recommended Ability
GorimondoGorimondo Stage Name:
The Brawl at the Mall
Recommended Abilities:
Ice Image Ice
Tropic WoodsTropic Woods Stage Name:
The Tropical Terror
Recommended Abilities:
Fire Image Fire
Clawroline.jpgClawroline Stage Name:
Danger under the Big Top
Recommended Abilities:
Sword Image Sword
Ranger Image Ranger
King DededeKing Dedede Stage Name:
An Unexpected Beast King
Recommended Abilities:
Drill Image Drill
Cutter Image Cutter
Ice Image Ice
Sillydillo.jpgSillydillo Stage Name:
Collector in the Sleepless Valley
Recommended Abilities:
Hammer Image Hammer
Needle Image Needle
Bomb Image Bomb
Forgo Dedede.jpgForgo Dedede Stage Name:
In the Presence of the King
Recommended Abilities:
Leongar.jpgLeongar Stage Name:
Lab Discovera
Recommended Abilities:
Fecto Forgo.jpgFecto Forgo Stage Name:
Lab Discovera
Recommended Abilities:
Fecto Elfilis.jpgFecto Elfilis Stage Name:
Lab Discovera
Recommended Abilities:

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figures

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Figures

List of Figures

Volume 1

Kirby FigureKirby Elfilin FigureElfilin Bandana Waddle Dee FigureBandana Waddle Dee Waddle Dee FigureWaddle Dee
Sword FigureSword Bomb FigureBomb Cutter FigureCutter Fire FigureFire
Ranger FigureRanger Needle FigureNeedle Ice FigureIce Car FigureCar
Car-Mouth Kirby FigureCar-Mouth Kirby Traffic Cone FigureTraffic Cone Cone-Mouth Kirby FigureCone-Mouth Kirby Water Tank FigureWater Tank
Dome-Mouth Kirby FigureDome-Mouth Kirby Storage Cabinet FigureStorage Cabinet Storage-Mouth Kirby FigureStorage-Mouth Kirby Rental Lockers FigureRental Lockers
Bolted-Storage-Mouth Kirby FigureBolted-Storage-Mouth Kirby Captured Waddle Dee FigureCaptured Waddle Dee Captured Waddle Dees FigureCaptured Waddle Dees Awoofy FigureAwoofy
Cappy FigureCappy Bronto Burt FigureBronto Burt Kabu FigureKabu Bouncy FigureBouncy
Gabon FigureGabon Shotzo FigureShotzo Gordo FigureGordo Gordo Bar FigureGordo Bar
Big Kabu FigureBig Kabu Buffahorn FigureBuffahorn Tortorner FigureTortorner Tortuilding FigureTortuilding
Blade Knight FigureBlade Knight Poppy Bros. Jr. FigurePoppy Bros. Jr. Sir Kibble FigureSir Kibble Hot Head FigureHot Head
Bernard FigureBernard Needlous FigureNeedlous Chilly FigureChilly Jabhog FigureJabhog
Wanted Posters FigureWanted Posters Arrow Sign FigureArrow Sign Pop Flower FigurePop Flower Tulip FigureTulip
Star Block FigureStar Block Bomb Block FigureBomb Block Switch FigureSwitch Target Switch FigureTarget Switch
Lantern Switch FigureLantern Switch Cannon FigureCannon Warp Star FigureWarp Star Treasure Chest FigureTreasure Chest
Radio FigureRadio Car-Shop Sign FigureCar-Shop Sign Alivel Mall Sign FigureAlivel Mall Sign Lightron Works Sign FigureLightron Works Sign
Cherry FigureCherry Watermelon FigureWatermelon Tangerine FigureTangerine Melon FigureMelon
Star Coin FigureStar Coin Green Star Coin FigureGreen Star Coin Red Star Coin FigureRed Star Coin Blue Star Coin FigureBlue Star Coin
Invincible Candy FigureInvincible Candy Maxim Tomato FigureMaxim Tomato Cafe-Staff Kirby FigureCafe-Staff Kirby Fishing-Pond Kirby FigureFishing-Pond Kirby
Wise Waddle Dee FigureWise Waddle Dee Delivery Waddle Dee FigureDelivery Waddle Dee Cafe-Staff Waddle Dee FigureCafe-Staff Waddle Dee Game-Shop Waddle Dee FigureGame-Shop Waddle Dee
Item-Shop Waddle Dee FigureItem-Shop Waddle Dee Wild Frosty FigureWild Frosty Strong-Armed Beast Gorimondo FigureStrong-Armed Beast Gorimondo

Volume 2

Drill FigureDrill Tornado FigureTornado Hammer FigureHammer Crash FigureCrash
Noble Ranger FigureNoble Ranger Gigant sword FigureGigant sword Chain Bomb FigureChain Bomb Chakram Cutter FigureChakram Cutter
Volcano Fire FigureVolcano Fire Clutter Needle FigureClutter Needle Fleur Tornado FigureFleur Tornado Toy Hammer FigureToy Hammer
Time Crash FigureTime Crash Light Ring FigureLight Ring Gear Ring FigureGear Ring Ring-Mouth Kirby FigureRing-Mouth Kirby
Boat FigureBoat Boating Ring-Mouth Kirby FigureBoating Ring-Mouth Kirby Light Bulb FigureLight Bulb Light-Bulb-Kirby Mouth FigureLight-Bulb-Kirby Mouth
The Spaceship Wondaria FigureThe Spaceship Wondaria Coaster-Mouth Kirby FigureCoaster-Mouth Kirby Glunk FigureGlunk Blipper FigureBlipper
Foley FigureFoley Walf FigureWalf Scarfy FigureScarfy Squishy FigureSquishy
Spookstep FigureSpookstep Phanta FigurePhanta Ghost Gordo FigureGhost Gordo Rabiroo & Orabiroo FigureRabiroo & Orabiroo
Gnawoodile FigureGnawoodile Balloon-Meister FigureBalloon-Meister Gigatzo FigureGigatzo Digguh FigureDigguh
Twister FigureTwister Mookie FigureMookie Bomber FigureBomber Animal Sand Sculpture FigureAnimal Sand Sculpture
Crab FigureCrab Fish FigureFish Stake FigureStake Windmill-Switch FigureWindmill-Switch
Solar-Panel Switch FigureSolar-Panel Switch Blooming Flowers FigureBlooming Flowers Knock-Knock Nut FigureKnock-Knock Nut Lost Ducklings FigureLost Ducklings
Captured Roulette FigureCaptured Roulette Surprise Alien Board FigureSurprise Alien Board Race Car FigureRace Car Twirling Star Rocket FigureTwirling Star Rocket
Runaway Parade Car FigureRunaway Parade Car Face-Cutout Photo Stand FigureFace-Cutout Photo Stand Wondaria Statue FigureWondaria Statue Wondog & Wondy FigureWondog & Wondy
Pumpkin FigurePumpkin Ear of Corn FigureEar of Corn Tin of Fish FigureTin of Fish Order of Sushi FigureOrder of Sushi
Milk Bottle FigureMilk Bottle Soft Drink FigureSoft Drink Tub of Popcorn FigureTub of Popcorn Cup of Juice FigureCup of Juice
Hamburger FigureHamburger Order of Fries FigureOrder of Fries Order of Takoyaki FigureOrder of Takoyaki Shortcake FigureShortcake
Chocolate Bar FigureChocolate Bar Doughnut FigureDoughnut Macaron FigureMacaron Car-Mouth Cake FigureCar-Mouth Cake
Kirby Burger FigureKirby Burger Wild Bonkers FigureWild Bonkers Fleurina FigureFleurina Wild Edge FigureWild Edge
Tropic Woods FigureTropic Woods Clawroline FigureClawroline

Volume 3

Sleep FigureSleep Pencil Drill FigurePencil Drill Frosty Ice FigureFrosty Ice Dragon Fire FigureDragon Fire
Vending Machine FigureVending Machine Vending-Mouth Kirby FigureVending-Mouth Kirby Stairs FigureStairs Stairs-Mouth Kirby FigureStairs-Mouth Kirby
Pipe FigurePipe Pipe-Mouth Kirby FigurePipe-Mouth Kirby Scissor-Lift FigureScissor-Lift Scissor-Lift-Mouth Kirby FigureScissor-Lift-Mouth Kirby
Water Pipe FigureWater Pipe Water-Balloon-Mouth Kirby FigureWater-Balloon-Mouth Kirby Glider Arch FigureGlider Arch Arch-Mouth Kirby FigureArch-Mouth Kirby
Captured Elfilin FigureCaptured Elfilin Primal Awoofy FigurePrimal Awoofy Mumbies FigureMumbies Totenga FigureTotenga
Sssnacker FigureSssnacker Pacto FigurePacto Poison Croakom FigurePoison Croakom Noddy FigureNoddy
Corori FigureCorori Handmade Kirby FigureHandmade Kirby Handmade Elfilin FigureHandmade Elfilin Handmade Dance Partner FigureHandmade Dance Partner
Lizard FigureLizard Animal Snow Culpture FigureAnimal Snow Culpture Breakable Block FigureBreakable Block Nail FigureNail
Speakers FigureSpeakers Soft-Serve Traffic Cone FigureSoft-Serve Traffic Cone Clock Ring FigureClock Ring Ice-Cream Cone FigureIce-Cream Cone
Chocolate Ice-Cream Bar FigureChocolate Ice-Cream Bar Steak FigureSteak Hunk of Meat FigureHunk of Meat Roast Chicken FigureRoast Chicken
Plate of Fried Eggs FigurePlate of Fried Eggs Rice Ball FigureRice Ball Loaf of French Bread FigureLoaf of French Bread Milk Carton FigureMilk Carton
Omelet FigureOmelet Cup of Coffee FigureCup of Coffee Pudding FigurePudding Star Coin Pile FigureStar Coin Pile
Energy Drink FigureEnergy Drink Life Up FigureLife Up Attack Boost FigureAttack Boost Speed Boost FigureSpeed Boost
Blueprint FigureBlueprint Meta Knight FigureMeta Knight King Dedede FigureKing Dedede Sillydillo FigureSillydillo

Volume 4

Meta Knight Sword FigureMeta Knight Sword Wild Hammer FigureWild Hammer Buzz-Saw Cutter FigureBuzz-Saw Cutter Crystal Needle FigureCrystal Needle
Homing Bomb FigureHoming Bomb Twin Drill FigureTwin Drill Blizzard Ice FigureBlizzard Ice Deep Sleep FigureDeep Sleep
Storm Tornado FigureStorm Tornado Space Ranger FigureSpace Ranger Masked Hammer FigureMasked Hammer Morpho Knight Sword FigureMorpho Knight Sword
Big Rig FigureBig Rig Big-Rig-Mouth Kirby FigureBig-Rig-Mouth Kirby Big Red Tortuilding FigureBig Red Tortuilding Napping Beast FigureNapping Beast
The RangerThe Ranger's Great Discovery A Duel with Meta Knight FigureA Duel with Meta Knight Destined Rivals FigureDestined Rivals Adventure Together FigureAdventure Together
Rare-Stone Master FigureRare-Stone Master Weapons-Shop Waddle Dee FigureWeapons-Shop Waddle Dee Commentator Waddle Dee FigureCommentator Waddle Dee Usher Waddle Dee FigureUsher Waddle Dee
The Deedly Dees FigureThe Deedly Dees Forgo Dedede FigureForgo Dedede Leongar FigureLeongar Fecto Forgo (Larva) FigureFecto Forgo (Larva)
Fecto Forgo FigureFecto Forgo Fecto Elfilis FigureFecto Elfilis Phantom Gorimondo FigurePhantom Gorimondo Phantom Tropic Woods FigurePhantom Tropic Woods
Phantom Clawroline FigurePhantom Clawroline Phantom King Dedede FigurePhantom King Dedede Phantom Sillydillo FigurePhantom Sillydillo Phantom Meta Knight FigurePhantom Meta Knight
Phantom Forgo Dedede FigurePhantom Forgo Dedede Forgo Leon FigureForgo Leon Morpho Knight FigureMorpho Knight Piece of LeonPiece of Leon's Soul
Meow, Meow! (Wake Up, Leon) FigureMeow, Meow! (Wake Up, Leon) Leon & Carol FigureLeon & Carol Chaos Elfilis FigureChaos Elfilis

Kirby and the Forgotten Land News and Updates

News and Updates

Latest News and Updates

Latest Kirby and the Forgotten Land News

About Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Product Information

Kirby and the Forgotten Land Box
Release Date Friday, March 25th, 2022
Price $59.99 USD (Digital)
Publisher Nintendo
Developer HAL Laboratory
Genre 3D Platformer / Action
Supported Languages Japanese, British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Latin American Spanish, Canadian French, Traditional Chinese, American English
Number of Players Single System: 1-2 players
Official Website Kirby and the Forgotten Land Official Website

The First Mainline 3D Kirby

First Mainline Kirby Game in 3D

This game will break the traditional sidescroller platform style of previous Kirby games, offering full 3D movement in a wide variety of environments. Additionally, players can enjoy these 3D stages in Co-Op mode!

Power up familiar Kirby powers with Evolved Abilities

Kirby Blueprints.png

In Forbidden Land, Kirby will be able to obtain Blueprints and then upgrade his Copy Abilities into Evolved Abilities, which are even more powerful than the original forms. Additionally, players will be able to try new abilities, such as Ranger and Drill!

Experience Mouthful Mode!

Mouthful Mode.jpg

New to this game is the addition of Mouthful Mode, which allows Kirby to swallow ordinary objects for new and unique transformations. These transformations will be crucial for advancing through the stages, so be sure to keep your eyes opened for interesting objects!

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