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Welcome to Game8's Dragon Quest Treasures (DQ Treasures) Guide and Walkthrough Wiki! Read on for a full story walkthrough, all recruitable monster details, and a full guide on all items and treasures in the game!

Story Walkthrough

DQ Treasures - Story Walkthrough

Story Walkthrough

All Chapter Walkthroughs

List of All Chapters
Dragon Quest Treasures - Tips and TricksBeginner's Guide DQ Treasures - Prologue WalkthroughPrologue DQ Treasures - Restoring the Trans-Draconic Railway Company WalkthroughRestoring the Railway Company
DQ Treasures - The Amber Horn WalkthroughThe Amber Horn DQ Treasures - The Citrine Talon WalkthroughThe Citrine Talon DQ Treasures - The Lapis Tail WalkthroughThe Lapis Tail
DQ Treasures - The Emerald WingThe Emerald Wing DQ Treasures - The Sapphire Eye WalkthroughThe Sapphire Eye DQ Treasures - The Amethyst Fang WalkthroughThe Amethyst Fang
DQ Treasures - The Ruby Heart WalkthroughThe Ruby Heart DQ Treasures - The Treasure of Treasures WalkthroughThe Treasure of Treasures Dragon Quest Treasures - Post Game Content GuidePost Game Guide

List of Bosses

DQ Treasures - List of Bosses

List of Story and Optional Bosses

Story Bosses

All Story Bosses
DQ Treasures - Heartless HunterHeartless Hunter DQ Treasures - Golden GoliathGolden Goliath
DQ Treasures - Ultra Marine Boss Guide.pngUltra Marine DQ Treasures - Proudmane Boss Guide.pngProudmane
DQ Treasures - Hornbull Boss Guide.pngHornbull DQ Treasures - Rimeblood Boss Guide.pngRimeblood
DQ Treasures - Silverbones Boss Guide.pngSilverbones -

Tips and Tricks

Dragon Quest Treasures - Tips and Tricks Partial Banner

Tips and Tricks

Beginner Guides

All Beginner Guides
How to Use Dragon Attacks How to Find Treasures
How to Steal from Enemies How to Scout Monsters
How to Save How to Issue Orders
How to Use Sneak Attack How to Unlock and Open the Map
Dispatch Missions Guides How to Use Treasure Vision
All Base Features -

Tips and Tricks

All Tips and Tricks
How to Heal and Revive Monsters How to Get Maps and Find Treasure Dungeons
Best Treasure Hunter Gang Names Is there a Fall Damage?
How to Change Time of Day How to Skip Dialogues and Cutscenes
How to Change Main Characters How to Redeem Gift Codes
How to Get Back Stolen Treasure from Rival Gangs How to Open Colored Treasure Chests
List of Status Effects Best Party and Team Composition
Rival Guide and List of Rival Gangs All Metal and Jewel Monsters
Control Scheme: Can You Change Controls? Post Game Content and 100% Guide
All Forte Skills and How to Use Them -

Leveling and Farming Guides

All Leveling and Farming Guides
How to Get Sanguinite How to Find Gathering Spots
How to Find Secret Areas in Maps How to Get Chimera Wings
How to Level Up Fast How to Recruit New Monsters
How to Increase Treasure Rank Fast Best Monsters to Use

List of Monsters

Dragon Quest Treasures - Monsters.png
List of All Monsters

All Monsters By Forte

Dragon Quest Treasures - Sprint Icon.pngSprint Dragon Quest Treasures - Glide Icon.pngGlide Dragon Quest Treasures - Stealth Icon.pngStealth
Dragon Quest Treasures - Scan Icon.pngScan Dragon Quest Treasures - Launch.pngLaunch -

All Monsters By Type

Dragon Quest Treasures - Armour
Dragon Quest Treasures - Bird
Dragon Quest Treasures - Dracky
Dragon Quest Treasures - Dragon
Dragon Quest Treasures - Giant
Dragon Quest Treasures - Golem
Dragon Quest Treasures - Hand
Dragon Quest Treasures - Hoodlum
Dragon Quest Treasures - Humanoid
Dragon Quest Treasures - Machine
Dragon Quest Treasures - Orc
Dragon Quest Treasures - Sabrecat
Dragon Quest Treasures - Shadow
Dragon Quest Treasures - Sham Hatwitch
Sham Hatwitch
Dragon Quest Treasures - Slime
Dragon Quest Treasures - Wight

List of Quests

Partial Top Banner - Side Quest Partial

List of All Side Quests

Dragon Quest Treasures Side Quests
DQ - Railway QuestsRailway Quests DQ - Adventure QuestsAdventure Quests DQ - Daily QuestsDaily Quests
DQ - Gang QuestsGang Quests DQ - Banner QuestsBanner Quests -

List of Recipes


All Recipes and Formula

List of Maps and Locations

Dragon Quest Treasures - Maps

List of Maps and Locations

All Locations

All Islands in Draconia
The PaternogginThe Paternoggin The HinterquartersThe Hinterquarters The ManelandThe Maneland
Cinderback RidgeCinderback Ridge The Wingswept MoorsThe Wingswept Moors -

List of Abilities

Dragon Quest Treasures - Abilities Partial Banner.png

List of All Abilities

List of Items

Dragon Quest Treasures Items

List of Items

List of Item Types

Food.pngFood MaterialsMaterials
Pellets.pngPellets -

List of Traits

Dragon Quest Treasures - Traits Partial Banner.png

List of All Traits

Latest News and Events

Latest News and Events

Character List and Profiles

Character List.png

List of All Characters and Voice Actors

Main Characters

DQ Treasures - ErikErik DQ Treasures - MiaMia DQ Treasures - PurrsulaPurrsula DQ Treasures - PorcusPorcus


DQ Treasures - Mr EustonMr. Euston DQ Treasures - Miss CecilyMiss Cecily DQ Treasures - Mr MuddimerMr. Muddimer DQ Treasures - BlancmangeBlancmange
DQ Treasures - Bricky RixBricky Rix DQ Treasures - AxelAxel DQ Treasures - OozabellaOozabella -


DQ Treasures - SilverbonesSilverbones DQ Treasures - GustavGustav DQ Treasures - BonnieBonnie DQ Treasures - MogsworthMogsworth
DQ Treasures - ShadyShady DQ Treasures - ShamblesShambles - -

List of Medals

Dragon Quest Treasures - Medals

List of All Medals

All Medals

List of All Medals
Shiny Dragling Medal Dark Dragling Medal Icy Dragling Medal Fiery Dragling Medal
Pearly Wight Medal Shadow Minister Medal Wight Prince Medal Wight King Medal
Valhalla Vulture Medal Styx Raptor Medal Elysium Bird Medal Hades Condor Medal
Shady Medal Umbra Medal Silhouette Medal Shadow Medal
Shambles Medal Sham Hamwitch Medal Hat Hamwitch Medal Sham Hatwitch Medal
Ham Shamwitch Medal Soggy Hand Medal Grotty Hand Medal Greasy Palm Medal
Hardy Hand Medal Muddy Hand Medal Admiral Mogsworth Medal Rimeblood, Sentinel of the Snows Medal
Proudmane, Sentinel of the Cinders Medal Hornbull, Sentinel of the Sands Medal Ultra Marine Medal Red Giant Medal
Loss Leader Medal Golden Goliath Medal Magmantes Medal Gigantes Medal
Steam Punk Medal Cyber Bully Medal Hoodlum Medal Robbin' 'Ood Medal
Stormy Sabrecat Medal Dark Sabrecat Medal Silver Sabrecat Medal Great Sabrecat Medal
Orc Queen Medal Orc King Medal Orc Chieftain Medal Orc Medal
Onyxterminator Medal Heartless Hunter Medal Dune Stalker Medal Hunter Mech Medal
Killing Machine Medal Ruby Golem Medal Glacial Golem Medal Glyphic Golem Medal
Gold Golem Medal Golem Medal Emerald King Slime Medal Queen Slime Medal
King She-Slime Medal Metal King Slime Medal King Slime Medal Tanzaknight Medal
Deserted Armour Medal Lethal Armour Medal Robbin' 'oodlum Medal Restless Armour Medal
Shiny Dracky Medal Tundracky Medal Drackyma Medal Dread Dracky Medal
Drackolyte Medal Jade Slime Medal Cutie Slime Medal Marble Slime Medal
Metal Slime Medal She-Slime Medal Slime Medal -

About Dragon Quest Treasures

Dragon Quest Treasures Product Information

Dragon Quest Treasures - TitleCard
Release Date December 9, 2022
Supported Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Action, Adventure, RPG
Number of Players 1
ESRB Rating Everyone 10+
Where to Buy Nintendo Switch Store
Square Enix Store

Erik and his sister Mia live on a Viking longship, dreaming of the day they can explore the world in search of grand treasure. One night they encounter a pair of otherworldly creatures, Porcus and Purrsula, and are whisked away to a mysterious place known as Draconia - a legendary land full of treasures just waiting to be discovered. The adventure Erik and Mia have always dreamed of is finally underway!

Collect Treasures Around the World

Dragon Quest Treasures World

Explore the massive world of Draconia where the seven dragon stones lay scattered and hidden. After being whisked away to this strange world, you must now navigate the land in live out your treasure hunting dreams!

Recruit Monsters and Have Them Aid You In Treasure Hunting

Dragon Quest Treasures Monster Party

In a land infested by treasures and monsters, what more worthy allies to get than monsters themselves? Recruit monsters and have them aid you in your treasure hunting journey!

Play As The Siblings Erik and Mia

Dragon Quest Treasures Erik and Mia

Erik and Mia are the two playable characters in the game. You can change freely between the two characters and explore the game as either one of the two siblings. Live out the sibling's dreams and explore a vast world while treasure hunting!

Compete With Treasure Hunting Rival Gangs

Dragon Quest Treasures Rival Treasure Hunter Gang.png

It's not only treasure hunting fun, Rival gangs that does their own treasure hunting may interrupt your own work. They may attack monsters you dispatch on missions, invade your base, or even attack you and attempt to steal your treasures. Defend all these points at all cost!

Find the 7 Dragon Stones Scattered Around the World

Dragon Strone

Aside from rare treasures, there also exists the 7 rare dragon stones that are scattered around the map. Who knows what will happen upon obtaining them all?

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