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The DioField Chronicle is a brand new strategy RPG developed by SQUARE ENIX. Follow the story of the elite, Blue Fox mercenary group as they adventure to make a name for themselves in the war-torn land of DioField. Learn all there is to know about the game including a full story walkthrough, the complete cast of characters, and more, here!

Latest News and Info

DioField Chronicle is Now Available!

DioField Chronicle launched on September 22, 2022, 9 AM PDT and is now available to play on the Switch, PC (Steam), Playstation, and Xbox!

Release Date Countdown: When Does DioField Chronicle Come Out?

DioField Chronicle Review

DioField Chronicle - Fredret Talking to Andrias.png

Check out Game8's spoiler-free review of The DioField Chronicle to see whether or not it's worth picking up!

DioField Chronicle Review: Is It Worth It?

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Latest News & Info

Story Walkthrough

Complete Story Walkthrough

All Chapter Walkthroughs

List of All Chapters
Chapter 1: A Way of Life
Chapter 2: A Stronghold Breached
Chapter 3: Ashes & Glory
Chapter 4: Close-Kept Secrets
Chapter 5: Plummeting Star
Chapter 6: Realm of Reformation
Chapter 7: Endings and Beginnings


The DioField Chronicle - List of Characters

All Characters and How to Recruit

List of Playable Characters

Starting Characters
DioField Chronicle - AndriasAndrias DioField Chronicle - FredretFredret DioField Chronicle - IzelairIzelair
All Story Recruits
DioField Chronicle - IscarionIscarion DioField Chronicle - WaltaquinWaltaquin DioField Chronicle - RickenbackRickenback
DioField Chronicle - ShivatShivat DioField Chronicle - EstaltEstalt DioField Chronicle - CastevereCastevere
DioField Chronicle - UmaridaUmarida DioField Chronicle - TreminaTremina DioField Chronicle - CatherineCatherine
DioField Chronicle - HezeliahHezeliah
All Sub Quest Recruits
DioField Chronicle - DonovarDonovar DioField Chronicle - ZoruaqZoruaq DioField Chronicle - ChapplemanChappleman

List of Supporting Characters

All Characters
DioField Chronicle - LorraineLorraine DioField Chronicle - WilliamWilliam DioField Chronicle - YulzimYulzim
DioField Chronicle - ZevatianZevatian


The DioField Chronicle - All Classes

List of All Classes

All Classes

All Unit Type Classes
The DioField Chronicle - SoldierSoldier The DioField Chronicle - CavalierCavalier
The DioField Chronicle - SharpshooterSharpshooter The DioField Chronicle - MagickerMagicker


DioField Chronicle - List of Equipment
List of All Equipment

All Equipment

The DioField Chronicle - Weapons.pngWeapons The DioField Chronicle - Accessories.pngAccessories
The DioField Chronicle - Items.pngItems The DioField Chronicle - Magilumic Orbs.pngMagilumic Orbs

Sub Quests

Sub Quests,modeL:show

List of All Sub Quests

All Sub Quests

All Sub Quest Types
Badge Rank Sub QuestsBadge Rank Combat Sub QuestsCombat Character Sub QuestsCharacter

Tips & Tricks

Diofield Chronicle - Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide

All Tips and Tricks

Getting Started: Gameplay Basics
Controls and Best Settings Differences Between Difficulty Settings
Unit Attributes: All Stats Explained Combat Guide
How to Edit & Deploy Units How to Heal in Combat
How to Revive Allies How to Use the Battle Log
Status & Strengthening Effects Explained How to Switch Characters
Gameplay Feature Guides
Skill Tree Guide How to Upgrade Character Abilities
Practice Battle Guide Badge Rank Guide
Magilumic Orb Guide Weapon Development Guide
Useful Beginner Information
Best Characters Tier List Best Builds for Each Character
Best Weapons For Each Character Best Accessories
Best Skills for Each Class Best Abilities for Each Character
Summon Tier List (Best Magilumic Orbs) Best Magilumic Upgrades to Unlock
Best Badge Rank to Upgrade Best Sub Quests to Do
What to Spend Money On -
Farming Guides
How to Farm Gold Bars (Electrum) Gold Farming Guide: How to Get Gold Fast
How to Farm Orichalcum How to Farm Jade Crystal
AP Farming Guide EXP Farming Guide: How to Level Up Fast
SP Farming Guide -
Post-Game Guides
Post Game Unlockables and 100% Guide All Trophies and Achievements
How to Unlock New Game Plus How to Unlock All Secret Characters
Best Team Comp and Party Setup Ending Explained
Is There Character Creation? Is Multiplayer Available?
How to Skip Cutscenes Can Characters Change Class?
How to Claim Digital Deluxe Bonuses Library Guide: How to Unlock and Use
Is There Romance? All Points of No Return: Are Characters Missable?
Is There a Secret Ending? -


The DioField Chronicle - Skills

List of All Skills

All Soldier Skills

Shield WallShield Wall Axe of GraceAxe of Grace ShockwaveShockwave Deadly ChaserDeadly Chaser
Boomerang AxeBoomerang Axe Heavy SmashHeavy Smash Shield BashShield Bash Photon BladePhoton Blade
Roundhouse SlashRoundhouse Slash Shield ChargeShield Charge Phantom SwordPhantom Sword AssassinationAssassination
Dagger BlitzDagger Blitz Avatar RushAvatar Rush Leaping AttackLeaping Attack Shadow StepShadow Step

All Cavalier Skills

Mounted ChargeMounted Charge Full Frontal AssaultFull Frontal Assault Furious FlurryFurious Flurry Horse KickHorse Kick
Vicious SwingVicious Swing Lance StrikeLance Strike Flame BreathFlame Breath Wings of the StormWings of the Storm
CycloneCyclone Flame AssaultFlame Assault Rush FlareRush Flare

All Magicker Skills

Convalescent CircleConvalescent Circle Meteor FallMeteor Fall FrostbindFrostbind PandemicPandemic
Magical ForceMagical Force Hurried HealHurried Heal IgnitionIgnition HealHeal
Flame WispFlame Wisp Ice MissileIce Missile Lightning RodLightning Rod SanctuarySanctuary
Frenzied SoulFrenzied Soul

All Sharpshooter Skills

Fantail FormationFantail Formation Rain of ArrowsRain of Arrows Stun ShotStun Shot Concentrated VolleyConcentrated Volley
BackflipBackflip Trap CasterTrap Caster RailgunRailgun Shell ShotShell Shot
HeadshotHeadshot Chain ShotChain Shot Chaos ClusterChaos Cluster


The DioField Chronicle - Abilities

List of All Abilities

Exclusive Character Abilities

List of Abilities
AssassinAssassin GritGrit AssassinsAssassins' Secret Technique RelapseRelapse
Royal DispositionRoyal Disposition Surprise AttackSurprise Attack Lone Wolf ArcherLone Wolf Archer Enchanced Auto-Attack & WeaknessEnchanced Auto-Attack & Weakness
Magical ProtectionMagical Protection Magic SurgeMagic Surge Strength in NumbersStrength in Numbers SerenitySerenity
KnightKnight's Wisdom Fortune from AboveFortune from Above Item MasterItem Master Magilumic ProtectionMagilumic Protection
Knockback NullificationKnockback Nullification Enhanced Aggressive HealingEnhanced Aggressive Healing Tough NutTough Nut Enhanced Auto-Attack & StunEnhanced Auto-Attack & Stun
Auto EP RecoveryAuto EP Recovery Enhanced HealingEnhanced Healing MagickerMagicker's Mettle ChaserChaser
Slow StarterSlow Starter CasanovaCasanova Skill Damage Defence BoostSkill Damage Defence Boost Auto-Attack Range BoostAuto-Attack Range Boost
Enhanced Auto-Attack & DelayEnhanced Auto-Attack & Delay Divine TechniqueDivine Technique LongingLonging Piercing Auto-AttackPiercing Auto-Attack
PersistencePersistence Enhanced Auto-Attack & WeaknessEnhanced Auto-Attack & Weakness Magilumic Orb BoostMagilumic Orb Boost Divine DefenceDivine Defence
Innate TalentInnate Talent Enhanced Auto-Attack & WitherEnhanced Auto-Attack & Wither

Shared Character Abilities

List of Abilities
Fast-HitterFast-Hitter Technique BoostTechnique Boost Evasion BoostEvasion Boost Sharpshooter KillerSharpshooter Killer
FocusFocus Insult to InjuryInsult to Injury HP BoostHP Boost Strong ConstitutionStrong Constitution
Absolute FocusAbsolute Focus Physical ProtectionPhysical Protection Magicker KillerMagicker Killer Calm and CollectedCalm and Collected
Luck BoostLuck Boost Critical Rate BoostCritical Rate Boost Critical Damage BoostCritical Damage Boost Cavalier KillerCavalier Killer
AwakenAwaken Aggressive EP RecoveryAggressive EP Recovery Auto-Attack BoostAuto-Attack Boost Skill Damage BoostSkill Damage Boost
Extend EffectExtend Effect Soldier KillerSoldier Killer EP SaverEP Saver EP BoostEP Boost
Auto-Attack Defence BoostAuto-Attack Defence Boost Against the OddsAgainst the Odds Status Effect EvasionStatus Effect Evasion Rude HealthRude Health
Attack BoostAttack Boost RebelRebel Aggressive HealingAggressive Healing Healing BoostHealing Boost
Dance of FuryDance of Fury Defence BoostDefence Boost Critical HealingCritical Healing

Equipment Passive Abilities

List of Abilities
Enchanted Beast KillerEnchanted Beast Killer SharpshooterSharpshooter's Bane MagickerMagicker's Bane CavalierCavalier's Bane
SoldierSoldier's Bane Start DashStart Dash FortunateFortunate CommanderCommander
Level HeadedLevel Headed HyperactiveHyperactive Status Effect MasteryStatus Effect Mastery FlowFlow
SprinterSprinter Enhanced Auto-Attack & BurnEnhanced Auto Attack & Burn

About The DioField Chronicle

Product Information

The DioField Chronicle - Product Image
Price $59.99 ~ $169.99
Platforms PS4, PS5, Switch, PC (Steam), Xbox
Genre Strategy, RPG
Official Site The DioField Chronicle (EN)

Build the Legend of the Blue Fox Mercenaries

The DioField Chronicle - Blue Fox Mercenaries

Join in the adventures of Andrias Rhondarson and the Blue Fox Mercenary group as they struggle to make a name for themselves in a land mired in war. Command their unit's unique heroes & abilities, and make a name for yourself in battle.

Explore the War-Torn Land of DioField

The DioField Chronicle - Setting

The game is set in the fictional island of DioField. Explore the land and meet the different factions and characters engaged in an empire-wide conflict that will ultimately decide its future.

Play a Unique Blend of RPG and RTS Combat

The DioField Chronicle - Combat

The DioField Chronicle resurrects classic real-time strategy combat mixed with tactics RPG elements in the form of your mighty heroes. Play this unique blend of combat and strategy to conquer your foes in across multiple battlefields!

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