Super City Map Information | Brawl Stars

This page will show you the information for the Super City Map in Brawl Stars. Read on to see which brawl event this map is available, the recommended brawlers, and the tips and tricks to win on this map!

This page will show you the information for the Super City Map in Brawl Stars. Read on to see which brawl event this map is available, the recommended brawlers, and the tips and tricks to win on this map!

Super City - Map Information

Super CitySuper City
Brawl Event Super City Rampage

Recommended Brawlers

Best Brawlers

These Brawlers are the best Brawlers, as you can use 100% of their skills and abilities on this map.

ShellyShelly NitaNita ColtColt
JessieJessie RosaRosa RicoRico
LouLou 8-Bit8-Bit PamPam
EdgarEdgar MaxMax ByronByron

Good Brawlers

The Brawlers on this list won't be as great as the Best Brawlers above, but they can still put a decent performance on this map.

BullBull DynamikeDynamike El PrimoEl Primo
DarrylDarryl BoBo EmzEmz
PennyPenny FrankFrank BibiBibi
GeneGene Mr. PMr. P SpikeSpike
AmberAmber GaleGale SurgeSurge
Colonel RuffsColonel Ruffs StuStu BelleBelle

Tips and Tricks

Use Jump Pads wisely

Jump Pads - Brawl Stars.jpg
At the start of the match, use the Jump Pads near your spawn to get close to the Mega Monster fast. They can also save you from sudden danger when the boss gets into angry phase.

Protect the Buildings

Focus Attacks - Brawl Stars.jpg
Kill the Mega Monster first before it can destroy the buildings in the area to win the match. You should not save your attacks against the Mega Monster as it has a large amount of HP, but make sure that you hit it with all your attacks or he'll get wreck the buildings out first!
Aim Super Properly - Brawl Stars.jpg
Also, keep in mind that some Brawlers Super can destroy the buildings in the area. Look for a good angle first before firing off your Super to not accidentally destroy them!

Placeable Items

Getting Brawlers with Gadgets or Super that can place a unit or an item in the field can greatly help your team. If ever that the boss gets angry, you can use them as a decoy to avoid getting chomped down by it.

Boss Phases

Angry Phase

Angry Boss - Brawl Stars.jpg
After getting the Mega Monster HP at a certain point, it will get into angry mode and it will target all Brawlers in the area. Do your best to outrun him, but make sure to also attack to get his HP down before it start targeting the building again.

Enrage Phase

Enrage Phase - Brawl Stars.jpg
Once the Mega Monster enters Enrage mode, it won't get angry again and target Brawlers, and it will be immune to knockbacks, stuns, and slows. Make sure to wither its HP down as much and as fast as you can, as the buildings in the area will be in danger, and you'll get closer to defeat.

Also, take note that Enrage phase is only available on Insane difficulties.

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