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Welcome to Game8's wiki and walkthrough guide for No More Heroes 3 for the Nintendo Switch! Take up your beam katana once again and play as Travis Touchdown as he faces the galaxy's most powerful heroes!

No More Heroes 3 Story Walkthrough

NMH3 Walkthrough Walkthroughs

Complete Walkthrough: List of Episodes

List of Episodes
Episode 1: Darkness Episode 2: Space
Episode 3: Memory Episode 4: Sorrow
Episode 5: Dead Cannon Episode 6: Hell
Episode 7: Crosshairs Episode 8: Loyalty
Episode 9: Flesh and Blood Episode 10: Friends

No More Heroes 3 List of Bosses

No More Heroes 3 List of Bosses

List of All Bosses

How to Beat All Bosses
NMH3 How to Defeat Mr Blackhole.pngMr. Blackhole NMH3 How to Beat Gold Joe.pngGold Joe
NMH3 How to Beat Native Dancer.pngNative Dancer NMH3 How to Beat Kimmy Love.pngKimmy Love
NMH3 How to Beat Velvet Chair GirlVelvet Chair Girl NMH3 How to Beat Ohma.pngOhma
NMH3 How to Beat Midori Midorikawa.pngMidori Midorikawa NMH3 How to Beat Destroyman True Face.pngDestroyman True Face
NMH3 How to Beat Sonic Juice.pngSonic Juice NMH3 How to Beat Henry Cooldown.pngHenry Cooldown
NMH3 How to Beat FU.pngFU (Jess Baptiste VI) NMH3 Beat Damon Final Boss.pngDamon Riccitiello
All Secret Bosses

No More Heroes 3 List of Items and Collectables

No More Heroes 3 Items Partial Banner 3.png

Items Front Page

Item Types
No More Heroes 3 All Clothes Partial Banner.pngClothes No More Heroes 3 Food Partial Banner.pngDonMai Sushi
No More Heroes 3 All Beam Katanas Partial BannerBeam Katanas -
List of All Kittens List of All Scorpions
List of All Trees List of All Alien Heads
List of All DeathMan Cards All Death Glove Chips
All Capsule Toys Doppelganger Locations

No More Heroes 3 List of All Alien Enemies

No More Heroes 3 All Enemies

List of All Alien Enemies

NMH3 BONEBONE NMH3 DiversityDiversity NMH3 TripleputTripleput
NMH3 FullfaceFullface NMH3 ChestholeChesthole NMH3 LeopardonLeopardon
NMH3 Ice ShaverIce Shaver NMH3 MinoruMinoru NMH3 Captain TreatmentCaptain Treatment
NMH3 Space SheathSpace Sheath NMH3 Space PeacockSpace Peacock NMH3 Mass-produced DestroymanMass-produced Destroyman

No More Heroes 3 Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Partial.png

Tips and Tricks Top Page

All Tips and Tricks Guides
How to Farm WESN Points Money Farming Guide
All Designated Match Locations Difficulty Differences
Controls and Best Settings How to Get the True Ending
Death Glove Guide How to Eat Sushi and Heal
How to Use Tension Gauge How to Get Capsule Toys
Slash Reel Effects Roulette Wheel Bonuses
Full Armor Travis Guide How to Perform Wrestling Moves
How to Get a High Rank How to Farm Junk Quick
Who is Takashi Miike? New Game Plus Guide
Original Soundtrack Guide Where to Buy Merch

No More Heroes 3 Locations and Maps Guide

No More Heroes 3 - Maps and Areas Partial.png

All Maps and Areas

No More Heroes 3 Locations

Main Areas
Santa Destroy Icon.pngSanta Destroy Perfect World Icon.pngPerfect World Thunder Dome Icon.pngThunder Dome
Call of Battle Icon.pngCall of Battle Neo Brazil Icon.pngNeo Brazil Damon Tower Icon.pngDamon Tower
Notable Areas
Santa Destroy
No More Heroes Motel Dr. Naomi's Lab Beef Head
Thunder Dome
Neo Osaka

No More Heroes 3 Side Jobs

No More Heroes 3 Side Jobs .png
List of All Side Jobs

List of Volunteer Missions
Garbage Eliminator Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator Garbage Eliminator 2 Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator 2 Garbage Eliminator 3 Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator 3
Garbage Eliminator Returns Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator Returns Garbage Eliminator: The New Generation Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator: The New Generation Garbage Eliminator: Last Survival Volunteer MissionGarbage Eliminator: Last Survival
A Day at the Lucas House Volunteer MissionA Day at the Lucas House A Day at the Lucas House - Season 2 Volunteer MissionA Day at the Lucas House - Season 2 A Day at the Lucas House - Season 3 Volunteer MissionA Day at the Lucas House - Season 3
Killer House - Match 1/3 Volunteer MissionKiller House - Match 1/3 Killer House - Match 2/3 Volunteer MissionKiller House - Match 2/3 Killer House - Match 3/3 Volunteer MissionKiller House - Match 3/3
Do You Like Gardening? Volunteer MissionDo You Like Gardening? Do You Like Gardening? - Aspiration Volunteer MissionDo You Like Gardening? - Aspiration Do You Like Gardening? - Nostalgia Volunteer MissionDo You Like Gardening? - Nostalgia
Coast Guard Volunteer MissionCoast Guard Coast Guard - Part 2 Volunteer MissionCoast Guard - Part 2 Coast Guard - Part 3 Volunteer MissionCoast Guard - Part 3
New Coast Guard Volunteer MissionNew Coast Guard New Coast Guard - Part 2 Volunteer MissionNew Coast Guard - Part 2 New Coast Guard - Part 3 Volunteer MissionNew Coast Guard - Part 3
WESN Hunter Volunteer MissionWESN Hunter WESN Hunter - Part 2 Volunteer MissionWESN Hunter - Part 2 WESN Hunter - Part 3 Volunteer MissionWESN Hunter - Part 3
DIG DIG! Volunteer MissionDIG DIG! DIG DIG!! Volunteer MissionDIG DIG!! DIG DIG!!! Volunteer MissionDIG DIG!!!
Tale to Nose Volunteer MissionTale to Nose Tale to Nose - Part 2 Volunteer MissionTale to Nose - Part 2 Tale to Nose - Part 3 Volunteer MissionTale to Nose - Part 3
Legend of the Purple Highway Volunteer MissionLegend of the Purple Highway Legend of the Purple Highway - Chapter 2 Volunteer MissionLegend of the Purple Highway - Chapter 2 Legend of the Purple Highway - Chapter 3 Volunteer MissionLegend of the Purple Highway - Chapter 3
Dragon Road Volunteer MissionDragon Road Greenification Volunteer MissionGreenification An Extraterrestrial Message Volunteer MissionAn Extraterrestrial Message
DeathMan Cards Volunteer MissionDeathMan Cards Scorpion Death Ramen Volunteer MissionScorpion Death Ramen Find JeaneFind Jeane's Kids
Doppelganger Volunteer MissionDoppelganger

List of All Volunteer Missions

List of Defense Missions
01 Defense MissionNo. 01 02 Defense MissionNo. 02 03 Defense MissionNo. 03
04 Defense MissionNo. 04 05 Defense MissionNo. 05 06 Defense MissionNo. 06
07 Defense MissionNo. 07 08 Defense MissionNo. 08 09 Defense MissionNo. 09
10 Defense MissionNo. 10 11 Defense MissionNo. 11 12 Defense MissionNo. 12
13 Defense MissionNo. 13 14 Defense MissionNo. 14 15 Defense MissionNo. 15
16 Defense MissionNo. 16 17 Defense MissionNo. 17 18 Defense MissionNo. 18
19 Defense MissionNo. 19 20 Defense MissionNo. 20 21 Defense MissionNo. 21
22 Defense MissionNo. 22 23 Defense MissionNo. 23 24 Defense MissionNo. 24
25 Defense MissionNo. 25 26 Defense MissionNo. 26 27 Defense MissionNo. 27
28 Defense MissionNo. 28 29 Defense MissionNo. 29 30 Defense MissionNo. 30
31 Defense MissionNo. 31 32 Defense MissionNo. 32 33 Defense MissionNo. 33
34 Defense MissionNo. 34 35 Defense MissionNo. 35 36 Defense MissionNo. 36
37 Defense MissionNo. 37 38 Defense MissionNo. 38 39 Defense MissionNo. 39
40 Defense MissionNo. 40 41 Defense MissionNo. 41 42 Defense MissionNo. 42
43 Defense MissionNo. 43 44 Defense MissionNo. 44 45 Defense MissionNo. 45
46 Defense MissionNo. 46 47 Defense MissionNo. 47 48 Defense MissionNo. 48
49 Defense MissionNo. 49 50 Defense MissionNo. 50 51 Defense MissionNo. 51
Extra 1 Defense MissionNo. Extra 1 Extra 2 Defense MissionNo. Extra 2 Special Edition 1 Defense MissionNo. Special Edition 1
Special Edition 2 Defense MissionNo. Special Edition 2 Special Edition 3 Defense MissionNo. Special Edition 3 Special Edition 4 Defense MissionNo. Special Edition 4

List of All Defense Missions

No More Heroes 3 News and Game Info

Will There Be DLC?

No More Heroes - Overworld Map.jpg

Currently, no DLC has been announced for No More Heroes 3. Game director Suda51 has announced that this will be the last game in the series, but a large portion of locked areas could hint at future DLC for the final installment of Travis Touchdown's story.

Will There be DLC? | DLC Guide

Release Date

No More Heroes 3 Release Date

Release Date
NMH3 is out!
(August 27th, 2021)

Release Date Delay

No More Heroes 3 (NMH3) was announced with a new trailer during E3, June 2019. The game was originally scheduled to be released in 2020 before it was delayed until August 27, 2021. The delay is due to game development being impacted by the pandemic, game director Goichi Suda announced on Twitter.

Release Date Guide

Is NMH3 a Sequel?

Is NMH3 a sequel.png
No More Heroes 3 is the latest entry in the mainline series and a direct sequel to the No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.

Game Timeline

No More Heroes Timeline
No. Title Timeline
1 No More Heroes First in the series
2 No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle 3 years after NMH
3 Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes 7 years after NMH2
4 No More Heroes 3 9 years after NMH2,
2 years after Travis Strikes Again

Is No More Heroes 3 a Sequel?

News Partial.png

News and Game Info Top

The Latest News

No More Heroes 3 Characters

Characters partial.png
Characters Top Page

All Characters

No More Heroes 3 Earthlings
NMH3 Travis Touchdown.pngTravis Touchdown NMH3 Sylvia Christel.pngSylvia Christel
NMH3 Jeane.pngJeane NMH3 Shinobu Jacobs.pngShinobu Jacobs
Badman.jpgBadman NMH3 Bad Girl.pngBad Girl
Damon Riccitiello.pngDamon Riccitiello NT Kamui.jpgNT Kamui
Dr. Juvenile.jpgDr. Juvenile Henry Cooldown.jpgHenry Cooldown
Kimmy Love.jpgKimmy Love Native Dancer.jpgNative Dancer
Destroyman.jpgDestroyman Notorious.jpgNotorious
Dr. Naomi.jpgDr. Naomi NMH3 Bishop.pngBishop
No More Heroes 3 Galactic Heroes
NMH3 FU.pngFU (Jess Baptiste VI) Paradox Bandit.pngParadox Bandit
Sonic Juice.pngSonic Juice Sniping Lee.pngSniping Lee
Midori Midorikawa.pngMidori Midorikawa Velvet Chair Girl.pngVelvet Chair Girl
Vanishing Point.pngVanishing Point Black Night Direction.pngBlack Night Direction
Gold Joe.pngGold Joe Mr. Black Hole.jpgMr. Blackhole

No More Heroes 3 Message Boards

Message Boards Partial.png

Message Boards Top Page

No More Heroes 3 - Discussion Board.pngDiscussion Board No More Heroes 3 - Questions Board.pngQuestions Board
Spoilers/Secrets Board Suggestions Board

About No More Heroes 3

Product Information and Box Art

No More Heroes 3 Game Cover

Title No More Heroes 3
Release Date August 27th, 2021
Price $59.99 USD / $79.99 CAD
Platform Nintendo Switch
Game File Size 6.9 GB
Genre Action-Adventure
Official Site No More Heroes 3 Official Site
Supported Languages: English, Japanese
Supported Play Modes: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode.
Software compatibility and play experience may differ on Nintendo Switch Lite.
ESRB Rating: Mature 17+
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language, Suggestive Scenes

Game Overview

Travis and FU.jpg

No More Heroes 3 is the fourth installment in the No More Heroes franchise and the third entry to the main story line in the series. This time around, a galactic gang of so-called superheroes invade earth, and it is up to Travis Touchdown to take them out!

Walkthrough Menu

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