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How to Get the Tricolor Bowling Ball

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The Tricolor Bowling Ball is a type of Equipment in Nintendo Switch Sports. Read on for more information on this item, including how to get and equip it, as well as which Collection it is part of!

Tricolor Bowling Ball Overview

Tricolor Bowling Ball
Tricolor Bowling Ball
Type Equipment
Collections Soccer Collection

How to Get the Tricolor Bowling Ball

Redeem from Collections

Switch Sports Item Collections
This item can be redeemed as part of a collection. However, since the rewards in each collection are different for each player, it may be possible that Tricolor Bowling Ball will not be listed as an available reward for you.

Collection Currently Availabe? Available Until
SoccerSoccer Yes 05/26/2022

All Item Collections and Dates

Earn Points Through Playing

Switch Sports Get Points Bonuses
Points that unlock items in the Collection can be earned through playing in the available sports around Spocco Square. These points automatically unlock one item piece from the collection when it reaches 100, giving you a steady resource of fresh new items to use for your Sportsmate!
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How to Equip the Tricolor Bowling Ball

Customize Your Sportsmate's Gear!

Switch Sports - Equipment Menu.png
Equipment such as the Tricolor Bowling Ball are generally sport-specific item pieces that you can equip to your Sportsmate to customize how their game looks in each of the different sports around Spocco Square.

Head to the Customize Menu and select Equipment. Switch between the different tabs until you reach the Bowling Tab, and equip the Tricolor Bowling Ball from there!

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