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Nintendo Switch Sports is available worldwide as of April 29, 2022!
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Switch Sports List of All Sports

There are a total of seven sports and game modes available in Nintendo Switch Sports: Badminton, Bowling, Chambara, Tennis, Soccer, Volleyball, and Golf. Read on to get more information about every sport in the game, including returning sports from past Wii sports games!

Sport Popularity Ranking

Which Sport Do You Think is the Best?

Poll Running Until May 15, 2022

Badminton 9
Bowling 7
Chambara 3
Tennis 6
Soccer 5
Volleyball 20

Golf is temporarily not on this poll due since it won't be in the game until Fall 2022. Check back and Vote again once it's out!

What Sport Do You Like the Most and Why?

Rankings to Be Determined

The current running Poll will run until May 15, 2022. After that period, the polls results will be tallied and shown on this page, which will show each Sport's rankings.

A new poll period will be started afterwards, with the tally for the results of that poll displayed here after.

List of All Sports and Games

List of All Sports and Games
Switch Sports Badminton Partial IconBadminton Switch Sports Bowling Partial IconBowling Switch Sports Chambara Partial IconChambara Switch Sports Golf Partial IconGolf
Switch Sports Volleyball Partial IconVolleyball Switch Sports Tennis Partial IconTennis Switch Sports Soccer Partial IconSoccer -

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Nintendo Switch Sports - Badminton

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 2 Players
Online With Friends Up to 2 Players (1 VS. 1)
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 2 Players (1 VS. 1)

Get your racket and rally up with your opponent in Badminton! Perform different kinds of swings and smashes to control how your shot will hit the other side. Use those moves to land the shuttlecock on the opponent's side to score.

Badminton Controls and Tips

How to Win in Badminton

Control the Game Make sure the match flow to your favor in order to win in Badminton. Make use of different actions to confuse your opponent and take the lead!
Don't Swing Randomly Swinging too quickly and aiming beyond nowhere will result to a wobbly, easy-to-hit shuttlecock. Prevent your opponent from scoring by aiming and swinging the racket properly.
Hit Consecutive Smashes Smashes make the rally go faster, making the match hard for your opponent. Hit smashes as much as you can to make your opponent commit a mistake and take advantage of that!
Correct the Position of the Racket Playing against strong opponents may adjust the position of the racket slightly. Take a short time to correct it by pressing the X button or the Up button.


Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 4 Players
Online With Friends Up to 8 Players
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 16 Players (Free For All)

Aim, throw the ball, and knock some pins in Bowling! The score you will get will be based on how many pins you'll knock over over the series of 4 rounds. Play with up to four players locally, or join tourney-style matches in online random matchmaking with up to 16 players!

Bowling Controls and Tips

How to Win in Bowling

Aim For Strikes Always aim for a strike in bowling to have a high score or even a perfec tscore in a match. Aim between the first and second row pins while hitting the pins the center to get an easy strike.
Make the Ball Curve Making the ball spin or curve give you a better chance of getting a strike. It will also help you pass through the obstacles in Special Mode easily.
Use the Zoom Feature You can aim properly and more accurately if you use the zoom-in feature in bowling. It can help you hit the remaining pins after your first throw to get a spare.
Split Conversion If you fail to get a strike on your first throw, make sure to learn how to hit the remaining pins, especially the split ones. Strategically aim for the pin's outside, depending on how it is located in the lane, and use it to hit the other pins left.

Special Mode

Nintendo Switch Sports - Special Lanes
You can also play in Special Mode that includes obstacles on the bowling lane, which will test your supreme bowling skills!

Special Mode Guides
Bowling Special Mode Nintendo Switch Sports - List of Bowling Special LanesBowling Special Lanes

How to Hit Split Conversions

Nintendo Switch Sports - 3 Pins Split Conversion
Learn how to hit split conversions in bowling to get yourself a spare and increase your score. Use some pins to hit other pins on the lane to convert those splits into spares.

How to Hit Split Conversions

How to Get 300 Points

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling - Strike Final Frame.png
Getting perfect score in bowling will instantly place you at the highest rank in a match. Always aim for strikes to get the perfect score of 300 in bowling!
How to Get 300 Points in Bowling


Nintendo Switch Sports - Chambara

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 2 Players
Online With Friends Up to 2 Players (1 VS. 1)
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 2 Players (1 VS. 1)

If you're familiar with Wii Sports' Swordplay Duel, you'll notice that it is similar to Nintendo Switch Sports' Chambara. Fight on an elevated platform and use the Joy-Con to slash and guard against your opponent until they fall off the stage!

You will also be able to select between a Sword, Charge Sword, or Twin Swords based on your playstyle!

Chambara Controls and Tips

How to Win in Chambara

Guard Against Your Opponent Make use of the block to guard yourself against attacks. It will also make your opponents immobilized for a second, giving you a chance to attack freely.
Strike When Opponent is Not Blocking Take advantage of the moment when your opponent is not blocking. Attack once your opponent's guard is down to get a hit easily.
Attack Parallel to Block Direction Your opponents won't be able to block your attack if you attack them in the same direction as their guard. Use that to push them over the edge and take them by surprise.
Use Sword that Matches Your Playstyle Using different swords will change some moves in the game. Choose the one the suits you best to give your 100% capabilities in a match!

Best Sword in Chambara

Switch Sports Chambara Twin Swords
Twin Swords is the best sword so far in the game. It's ability to pour different and fast attacks leave other swords to dust. However, it require a bit more practice compared to other swords, as you will be using two controllers at the same time.

Best Swords Guide


Nintendo Switch Sports - Golf

Type No. of Players
Local TBD
Online With Friends TBD
Online in Random Matchmaking TBD

Another newly innovated sport in Nintendo Switch Sports is the Golf. However, it will now be available on the game's release on April 29. A second Free Update will be released during Fall 2022, which will add the sport in the game.

Golf Release Date and Mechanics


Nintendo Switch Sports - Tennis

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 4 Players
Online With Friends Up to 4 Players (2 VS. 2)
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 4 Players (2 VS. 2)

Tennis is one of the newest sports in the Nintendo Sports series. You can do a variety of swings and spins depending on how you swing the Joy-Con in this game mode! Hold and move the Joy-Con to perform various racket motions as you make your attack and score against your opponent.

Tennis Controls and Tips

How to Win in Tennis

Do Rocket Serves Your opponents will have a harder time returning the ball at the start of a rally if you do Rocket Serves. Hit the ball at its highest to do a Rocket Serve.
Aim Near the Edge of the Court You can burn your opponents' stamina by hitting both edges of the court. They will soon miss and stumble, resulting to a wobbly shot and a chance for you to score!
Apply Backspins Applying spins to your shot will make your opponent miss the ball or do mistakes more often, leading to getting a score.
Attack with the Front Player When playing solo, don't forget your character near the net. You can also use it to return some shots, especially wobbly shots, and earn a score for yourself.
Return Wobbly Shots with Smashes Wobbly shots can easily be returned with smashes. Smash it to the opposite end where your opponent is to get an easy point.
Beware of Shots to the Post Sometimes, ball shots can hit the post, resulting to an unpredicatable trajectory of the ball. Keep a close watch on that, so you can return the ball successfully to the other side.

How to Hit a Rocket Serve

Rocket Serve Hit
Rocket Serve is a fast and strong serve in tennis which is hard to return and hit. To perform a Rocket Serve, throw the ball in the air and hit it when it reaches the highest point. It will be highlighted with pink light once it hit the ground if the Rocket Serve is successful.

How to Hit Rocket Serves in Tennis

Tennis Courts

Grass Court Topspins
There are three types of court in Tennis, namely Hard Court, Clay Court, and Grass Court. Learn how each one works, as they have different effects on the ball.

Tennis Court Guides
NS Sports - Hard Court Guide.pngHard Court Switch Sports - Clay Court GuideClay Court Switch Sports - Grass Court GuideGrass Court


Nintendo Switch Sports - Soccer

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 2 Players (1 VS. 1)
Online With Friends Up to 8 Players (4 VS. 4)
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 8 Players (4 VS. 4)

Score big goals with dynamic kicks and diving headers in Soccer! You can have full four-on-four matches with eight players in the field or have a heated 1 vs. 1 game.

Additionally, you can hone your kicking skills in Shoot-Out Mode, with an ever-increasing difficulty as you score more points!

After a free update that will be released after the game is out, you will be able to use the Leg Strap accessory to enjoy intuitive kicking motions while playing Soccer. This accessory is included in the physical version of Nintendo Switch Sports and can be bought separately if you purchased the digital edition of the game.

Soccer Controls and Tips

How to Win in Soccer

Don't Kick in Front of Opponent Avoid a risky situation by making sure you won't kick the ball in front of your opponent, as they can hit it back. You will have a hard time getting it back once that happens!
Kick Diagonally when being chased You can avoid your opponent if you kick the ball diagonally to the front. Remember to sprint afterwards to get to the ball faster than your opponent.
Guard the Goal Make sure to fall back a bit and guard the goal when your opponent is in possession of the ball. Anticipate where the shot is coming so that you can block it and avoid getting scored on.
Conserve Stamina Conserve your stamina and only sprint when necessary. You won't be able to defend or attack efficiently if you're stamina is drained!
Choose a Role Select a role once the match starts. Either go up front to attack or get in front of your goal to defend.
Coordinate with the Team Coordination is the key to winning in four-on-four Soccer. Coordinate with your teammates and make a play to score a goal!
Pass to Your Teammates Remember not to hoard the ball, especially once you get cornered by the opposing team, and pass it to your teammates. Keeping the ball to yourself will be difficult for your team to get a score.
Shoot-Out Mode
Kick the Ball on First Bounce Kicking the ball on the first bounce will lead it to the center part of the goal. Win every single shoot-out contest by mastering this technique!


Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball

Type No. of Players
Local Up to 4 Players
Online With Friends Up to 4 Players (2 VS. 2)
Online in Random Matchmaking Up to 4 Players (2 VS. 2)

Serve, bump, set, and spike in Volleyball! Using one Joy-Con controller, you will be able to perform various actions inside the court and come up with strategies with your partner, whether if you want to play offensively or defensively. Perform them in the court and aim to land the ball to the other side to score!

Volleyball is also one of the new games coming out in the Nintendo Sports series.
Volleyball Controls and Tips

How to Win in Volleyball

Follow the Next Action The next action will be displayed above the screen. Follow that action correctly to prevent your opponents from scoring.
Hit the Ball At the Right Moment You can make the ball go faster and easier to hit when attacking if you hit the ball using the right timing. You will know you perfectly executed the action if a Nice! text appears on the screen.
Aim for Open Spots You will have a higher chance to score if you aim for the open areas on the court, including the incomplete blocks by your opponents.
Coordinate With Your Teammate Getting in synched with your teammate will make any opponents have a hard time playing against your team. Bumping, setting, and spiking the ball correctly will make the ball go at the fastest speed possible.
Do Quick Attacks Quick attacks are a speed-changing factor in the game that may put your opponents into confusion, leading them to make a weak receive or shot.
Move to Left or Right You can easily anticipate a shot by moving left or right when bumping or blocking out the ball. Use the stick to move sideways, once the next action is bumping or blocking.
Dive to the Ball There will be times that a ball may be hard to bump or return, either it's too fast or too far from your location. You can shake your controller and your character will immediately dive for the ball.

Some Sports are Returning to Nintendo Switch Sports

Tennis and Bowling

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling.png
Tennis and bowling are the sports making a comeback on Nintendo Switch Sports. Players loyal to the old sequels will surely enjoy improved movements and graphics from these two old games in the series, aside from the newly innovated ones.

That being said, there's also a chance that other game modes or sports from other Nintendo Sports titles, like boxing, baseball, table tennis, and more, will make their way into this game.
Missing Wii Sports Games

Sports Overview

Play Locally or Online

NS Sports - Tennis Doubles

When playing Switch Sports, you have the option to either play with your friends locally, connect with another system, or play online against random players via matchmaking.

Local and Online Multiplayer Features

Play Against Bots

If you don't have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription or if you want to sharpen your skills by playing alone, it is also possible to play against computer-controlled opponents!

If you are playing with a friend, you can also pair up and face CPU opponents in tennis, and volleyball, as well as face each other in bowling!

This option is available for all sports, and you can freely choose the skill level of the CPU you will face.

CPU Strength and Recommended Difficulties

Earn Points While Playing

NS Sports - Online Pro League Point Reward

While playing any of the sports in the game, you will be able to earn points that you can use to purchase outfits, hats, equipments, and accessories.

You can also earn bonus points at the end of the match with multipliers which you can obtain depending on your performance during the game.

How to Farm Points: Best Sports to Earn Points

Switch Sports News

Switch Sports News and Game Info
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