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How to Get 300 Points in Bowling

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Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Get 300 Points in Bowling
The key to getting 300 points while bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports is to constantly hit strikes across all four rounds. Read on to learn tips and tricks on how to reach 300 points!

How to Get 300 Points in Bowling

How to Get 300 Points Checklist

Bowling Controls and Tips

Aim Between the First and Second Row Pins

To get a strike, hit the sweet spot in bowling, called a Pocket. It requires high accuracy and control to hit those spots. Those spots are between the number 1 pin and the second-row pins.

Aim between number 1 and 3 pins if you're a right-handed player, as it will be most comfortable for your dominant hand. Hit the number 1 and 2 pins if you're left-handed, as it will be the easiest for your handedness.

Position Yourself On the Left or Right

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling - Move to Left or Right
Don't place yourself in the middle of the lane, or it will be hard for you to get a strike. Move to the left or right, depending on your dominant hand, and aim for the pins mentioned above. You can also use the Zoom-In function to help you hit the pins more accurately.

If you don't know where to position yourself, you can use the default location and throw a curving ball a little to the left if you're right-handed or to the right if you're left-handed.

Master the Hook (Ball Curve)

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Hook
How to Do the Hook Simply twist the controller while in swinging motion to make the ball spin

Making the ball curve even just a little makes a huge difference when hitting the pins. If you can master this technique, you'll have more options and better aim, leading to consistent and consecutive strikes. It requires a lot of practice, but it will be easy to do once you get the hang of it!

Control Your Strength

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling How to Throw Ball
Throwing the ball too weak or too strong will make the ball or the pins mess up and leave a couple of pins behind, even if you hit the pins accurately between the first and second row pins. Make sure to swing the controller level to your waist or a little above it for the right power to the throw.

Look for a Comfortable Position

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling - Look for a Comfortable Position

Find your most comfortable place and position to play Bowling, as it consists of four rounds, and you'll be in for a ride for at least 10-15 minutes. You'll have better control, feel better, and improve your performance if you're comfortable and relaxed.

It also includes your form when throwing the ball, as it differs from person to person.

Sitting also works

You can also sit down while playing bowling. It will help you avoid being sore for standing up for too long and conserve your stamina.

Take Occasional Breaks

Nintendo Switch Sports - Take a Break
Without a doubt, practice makes perfect, but it may lead to a worse performance rather than improving yourself at some point. Remember to take a break, especially if you're not doing well on your matches, to recover your strength, as this game is quite exhausting.

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