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Review: Is Switch Sports Worth It?

Nintendo Switch Sports is available worldwide as of April 29, 2022!
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Switch Sports Review and Evaluation

This is our full game review of Nintendo Switch Sports based on its gameplay, graphics, and other features. Read on to see our overall rating, evaluation and score after playing through the game, find out whether or not it's worth buying, and share your own thoughts!

Rating and Review Score

Overall Rating
Fun and Enjoyment Art and Graphics Fitness and Mobility
10/10 7/10 8/10
Difficulty Amount of Content Controls and Accessibility
8/10 7/10 8/10

Rating Criteria
Each criteria is determined by members of the Game8 staff and our thoughts on each individual aspect of the game. Each of these scores add up to the final overall rating for the game.
Fun and Enjoyment: Rates the amount of fun players can have with the game, especially with friends and other players
Art and Graphics: A rating of the game's visuals and artistry and how well it utilizes the console's hardware
Fitness and Mobility: Rates how well the game functions as a fitness aid and the amount of movement you get from playing.
Difficulty: Rates the overall difficulty of each sport and how differently skilled players will be able to play the game.
Amount of Content: A rating based on how much content the game has to offer, including post game and replayability.
Controls and Accessibility: Rates the different quality of life features, including load times, accessibility, controls, and user interface.

Who Should Play Nintendo Switch Sports?

  • Players who enjoy party games that everyone can play
  • Gamers who live a sedentary lifestyle and are looking to get more exercise
  • People who like playing casual games with their friends.

What Do You Think of Nintendo Switch Sports?

Incredibly Fun and Enjoyable! 27
Better than Expected! 6
Not Bad But Missing Some Features 6
Great for Exercise But Not Fun 5

Full Review of Nintendo Switch Sports

Great for Parties and Entertaining Guests

Switch Sports Review Friends and Family

The best feature of Nintendo Switch Sports is that you can play it with family and friends. The game allows you to have a fun and exciting experience similar to playing games outside, but with only a Switch and Joy-Con controllers.

Local and Online Multiplayer Features

Easy to Pick Up and Learn

NS Sports - Gestures and Controls

Since the game was made for everyone to enjoy, its mechanics and controls are simple and easy to learn. Even young children and elderly family members can easily pick up the game, which makes it truly fun for the entire family.

Get Some Exercise while Having Fun

In the recent years, many people have been stuck indoors for long periods of time without exercise. Switch Sports is a great game for those looking to get some light physical activity while also having fun in the process.

Though it will keep you moving, none of the actions are strenuous or uncomfortable, so it is ideal for people of all fitness levels as well.

Play Online to Test Your Skills

Nintendo Switch Sports - What is Online Pro League

In addition to playing with family and friends, you can get increasingly more competitive in this game by playing online against players from all over the world. There is also a chance that you can participate in the Pro League.

Online Pro League: Ranks and How to Enter

Smaller Roster of Sports

Switch Sports Smaller Roster of Sports

Unfortunately, Nintendo Switch Sports has a very limited number of sports to play especially when compared to the previous game in the franchise, Wii Sports Resort, which had 12 different sports. Though more sports are planned to be added in the future, like Golf, as it stands, the amount of content in the game is rather limited.

List of All Sports and Games

Review of Each Sport

Tennis: Serving Fun and Exhilarating Gameplay

Switch Sports Review Tennis

Tennis was one of the best classic games back in Wii Sports, and it is great to see its return in Nintendo Switch Sports. Seeing your Sportsmate run around the field and hitting shots you otherwise cannot do in real life is exhilarating to say the least. It is definitely one of the most enjoyable sports in the game, especially when played with friends.

Tennis Controls and Tips

Soccer: Kicking Off with Button Controls

Switch Sports Review Soccer

It is a bit dissappointing that Leg Strap controls for soccer matches is not yet available at the time of release since button controls are not as enjoyable as using actual kicking motions. However, the matches themselves are still fun especially when played with a group of friends.

Soccer Overview and Mechanics

Chambara: Strategic Swordplay at Its Finest

Switch Sports Review Chambara

Though the basic controls of Chambara are simple, it is best played with thoughtful strategy and precise timings. Guarding and attacking at the right times offers a incredibly thrilling sensation that none of the other sports offer. Since it is the quickest to play among all the sports, it is a great pick-up and play game.

Chambara Overview and Mechanics

Bowling: Strikes Great for All Players

Switch Sports Review Bowling

Bowling is the easiest sport to pick up and master among the game's current line-up. The game makes it easy to score strikes and spares, but still poses some challenge by varying your ball's trajectory. Its controls make it a great game for players of all skillsets and abilities.

Bowling Controls and Tips

Badminton: Exciting and Fast-Paced Rallies

Switch Sports Review Badminton

Badminton is most fast-paced among all the sports and requires quick reflexes and reaction times. However, controlling the shuttlecock and making precise shots takes some practice. It is not recommended for players who are looking for a more laid back and casual sport.

Badminton Overview and Mechanics

Volleyball: A Difficult Sport to Master

Switch Sports Review Volleyball

Volleyball is the most difficult sport to pick-up and master, which does not make it ideal to play with guests and friends. It takes a few rounds to be able to enjoy the game, but once you get the hang of its gameplay, volleyball definitely offers plenty of enjoyable gameplay.

Volleyball Controls and Tips

Nintendo Switch Sports News

Switch Sports News and Game Info
News and Game Info

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