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Spocco Square: Is Free Roam Possible?

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NS Sports - Is Free Roam Possible

Free-roaming is currently unavailable, but several in-game tourist tips imply that the feature could be added to Nintendo Switch Sports via future updates! Read on to learn more information on free-roaming around Spocco Square, including all the possible locations and activities that we can visit and do in the future.

Is Free Roam Possible?

Currently Unavailable

Although the loading screen tip suggest the possibilty to wander around each sports facility, it is not currently not available in the game. Free-roaming, if it's ever implimented, could grant us access to the different shops and amenities around Spocco Square — maybe even the areas surrounding the large sports complex!

Could be Added in Future Updates

There is a high possibility that this free roam feature will become available in the future as one of the updates in the game. Although there is no exact date yet, we assume that it will be soon enough, based on the Twitter post and the in-game loading screens.

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List of Possible Free Roam Locations

Possible Locations

This is a list of possible locations that players can explore and travel to within Spocco Square if free roaming is added to the game. It is important to note that there is currently no confirmation when the free roaming feature will be added to the game.

Shop Location
Humhum Cafe A cafe located above the volleyball court.
Cafe Buttons Another cafe located near the badminton court and above the bowling lanes.
Ice Cream Volley An ice cream shop located near the badminton court.
Crepe Shop A creperie located near the badminton court.
Lotus Juice and Soup Bar A juice, smoothie, and soup shop located near the tennis court.
Mall Complex Several shops can be found adjacent to the bowling lanes.

List of All Tourist Tips


Badminton Tourist Tips
Nintendo Switch Sports - Tourist Tips - Badminton 2
  • The cafe building here was made from a freight container! Highly recommended for the fan of smell, enclosed spaces.
  • The owner of Cafe Buttons loves cats! But if you see their cats, please don't feed them (they're on a special diet).


Bowling Tourist Tips
  • The bowling alley sports a large skylight so you can soak up the sunlight while you play!
  • Mount & Co., next to the bowling alley, is an outfitter that specializes in camping gear and boats.
  • The sofas in the bowling alley are a comfortable place to relax and watch the action. Visitors can even have food and drinks brought to them there.


Chambara Tourist Tips
  • When the central Chambara platform has been removed for maintenance, there are sometimes artistic-swimming events in the pool below.
  • Hotel Spocco has a total of 25 luxurious rooms. Their soft beds are perfect for collapsing into after a full day of playing sports!
  • The red warehouse where the Chambara platform is located was built 100 years ago when this area was a port.


Soccer Tourist Tips
  • The inspiration for the soccer area was “where culture and sports meet”. The library overlooking the field has a huge sports-history section.
  • The display next to the elevator shows things such as PR videos for various Spocco Square stores.
  • This area has a large field and a small field. You might be able to see one from the edge of the other.


Tennis Tourist Tips
  • The greens around the Tennis area are a popular spot for a stroll. If you lie down on the lawn, you can actually hear the sound of balls bouncing on the court.
  • There are drones operating 24 hours a day to collect the tennis balls that end up in the pool surrounding the tennis court.
  • After competitors have worked up a sweat playing Tennis, they often head to the Lotus Juice Bar off the courts! They've got a great selection of smoothies and healthy soups.


Volleyball Tourist Tips
  • There's an art gallery directly underneath the court. You may find it useful as a conversation starter with your teammate.
  • The building here was remodeled from a large warehouse. Warm sunlight streams in through the glass ceiling.
  • When visitors are looking for a place to enjoy a delicious hot drink and a book, they look no further than humhum books!


Other Tourist Tips
  • After a full day of playing sports, you'll have easy access to shopping, restaurants, and work, no matter which area you're in.
  • The folks that enjoy all the competition in Spocco Square are nicknamed “Sportsmates”.
  • The central plaze with the large “S” landmark has a reception area for visitors and locker rooms for competitors.
  • There's a red bus going between the venues every 15 minutes.
  • At the Sports Technology Intitute near the tennis courts, they're developing advances like perfectly transparent walls that keep soccer balls from flying off the field.
  • There are eight colors of official sportswear that anybody can use. Join the match in your favorite!
  • The background music playing in each area is chosen to match the feel of the sport that is played.
  • After playing a sport, you'll receive points toward limited-availability items! Collect them to customize your character.
  • Each area has banners displayed for the relevant sport. Look for them before a match starts or during a replay.
  • When you play Tennis by yourself, Spocco Square's state-of-the-art courts can provide a holographic doubles partner!

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