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Nintendo Switch Sports
Welcome to the walkthrough wiki and guide for Nintendo Switch Sports. Check here for all game news, tips and tricks, sports guides, and more for Nintendo Switch Sports!

List of All Sports

All Nintendo Switch Sports
List of Sports

Switch Sports List
Switch Sports BadmintonBadminton Switch Sports BowlingBowling
Switch Sports ChambaraChambara Switch Sports GolfGolf*
Switch Sports SoccerSoccer Switch Sports TennisTennis
Switch Sports VolleyballVolleyball -

*Golf will be added to the game as part of the free update that's expected to release at some time in Fall 2022.

Tips and Tricks

Nintendo Switch Sports - Tips and Tricks
Tips and Tricks

Beginner's Guide

Tips and Tricks for Beginners
Switch Sports - Recommended SettingsRecommended Settings Switch Sports - How to Farm PointsHow to Farm Points
Switch Sports CPU Difficulty LevelsCPU Difficulties Switch Sports Best Title CombinationsBest Title Combinations
Switch Sports All Unlockable Content List of All Unlockable Content Switch Sports - CPU SportsmatesCPU Sportsmates: Does The Game Have NPCs?
Switch Sports Fortune Telling TipsFortune-Telling Tips Switch Sports - Trial ModeWhat is Trial Mode?

Sports Tips and Tricks

Sports Related Guides
Switch Sports - Glossary: All Sports TerminologyGlossary: All Sports Terminology Switch Sports - Queue Multiple Sports.pngHow to Queue For Multiple Sports
Bowling Special Mode Switch Sports - Best Chambara SwordBest Chambara Swords Guide
Switch Sports - Hard Court GuideHard Court Guide Switch Sports - Grass Court GuideGrass Court Guide
Switch Sports - Clay Court GuideClay Court Guide Switch Sports - How to Hit Power ServesHow to Hit Rocket Serves in Tennis
Nintendo Switch Sports - Get 300 Points in Bowling.pngGet 300 Points in Bowling Nintendo Switch Sports - List of Bowling Special LanesList of Bowling Special Lanes
Switch Sports How to Reach A RankHow to Reach A Rank Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Hit Split Conversions in BowlingHow to Hit Split Conversions in Bowling
Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Hit Strikes in BowlingHow to Hit Strikes in Bowling -


Switch Sports Collections

All Item Collections and Dates

List of All Collections
CuteCute RelaxationRelaxation SimpleSimple


Switch Sports Items Partial

List of All Items

All Item Types
Switch Sports ClothingClothing Switch Sports AccessoriesAccessories Switch Sports EquipmentEquipment
Switch Sports StampsStamps Switch Sports SetsSets -

Patch Notes

Switch Sports Patch Notes Partial

All Patch Notes and Patch Note History

Latest Patch: Day One Update

Switch Sports Day One Patch Update Notes

Patch Notes Highlights
General ・Play Globally mode is now available.
・Play with Friends mode is now available.
・Additional fixes to improve gameplay.

Full Patch Notes and Release Date

Previous Patch Notes

All Previous Patch Notes
Switch Sports Controller Update Partial.pngController Update -

News and Game Info

Switch Sports News and Game Info
News and Game Info

Latest News
Release DateRelease Date & Editions Pre-Order BonusesPre-Order Bonuses
TrailersList of Trailers Online Play TestSwitch Sports Online Play Test
Mii MattIs Mii Matt in Switch Sports? Missing Wii Sports GamesMissing Wii Sports Games
Is Free Roam Possible?Is Free Roam Possible? Switch Sports ReviewReview and Evaluation
Differences from Past GamesDifferences from Past Games -
Game Features
Character CreationCharacter Creation Guide Switch Sports How to Farm Points PartialHow to Farm Points
Multiplayer FeaturesMultiplayer Features Online Pro LeagueOnline Pro League
Using MiisHow to Create & Use Miis Nintendo Switch Sports - Alternate-Color ModeAlternate-Color Mode
Switch Sports - Solo PlayHow to Play Solo Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online?Do You Need Nintendo Switch Online?
Online Play PenaltyOnline Play Penalty -
Software and Hardware Guides
How to DownloadHow to Download and Install Free Software UpdatesFree Software Updates
Leg Strap UpdateLeg Strap Update AccessoriesSwitch Sports Accessories
Controller SupportController Support Switch Lite CompatibilitySwitch Lite Compatibility

Message Boards

List of Message Boards
Switch Sports DiscussionsDiscussion Board Switch Sports Party FinderParty Finder Board
Switch Sports MemesMemes Board Switch Sports FashionFashion Board

About Nintendo Switch Sports

Play Various Sports in Spocco Square

Nintendo Switch Sports - Spocco Square
Switch Sports lets you play six sports on release: Badmintion, Bowling, Chambara, Soccer, Tennis, and Volleyball. Golf is the seventh confirmed sport but will be added as a part of the post-release free update that's scheduled to come out in Fall 2022.

Offers Local and Online Multiplayer

Switch Sports - Multiplayer
Local and Online Multiplayer functionality is available for Switch Sports as well. Local lobbies can be hosted on a single Nintendo Switch and every sport can be played in the same room. Players can also set online lobbies up with their friends.

Highly Competitive Players Can Enter Pro Leagues

Switch Sports - Pro League
On top of hosting private online lobbies, players can also enter online matchmaking that pits them with and against random players based on their performance for each sport. Win enough times on each sport to be eligible for its Pro League that includes a ranked system!

Fully Customizable Characters

Switch Sports - Character Customization
Switch Sports also lets you customize your in-game apperance through a decent amount of customization options. Players can also take this further by using various clothes and items in the game. Mii Characters may also be used as their in-game avatars.

Product Information

Nintendo Switch Sports - Box Art

Release Date April 29, 2022
Price $39.99 USD ~ $49.99 USD
Platforms Nintendo Switch
Genre Sports Sim
Publisher Nintendo
Official Site Switch Sports Official Site

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