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Switch Sports Missing Wii Sports Games

This is a list of all of the missing sports and games in Nintendo Switch Sports that were included in previous Wii Sports titles. Read on to find out more about each sport, why there were not included, and if they will be added in the future!

All Missing Sports from Previous Games

Though a few fan favorite sports are making their return in Switch Sports, many previous sports in the franchise will not be available in the game upon release.

List of All Missing Sports
Baseball Boxing Air Sports
Archery Basketball Canoeing
Cycling Frisbee Power Cruising
Table Tennis Wakeboarding -


Wii Sports Baseball
First Appearance Wii Sports

Baseball was a fan favorite sport that was in the original Wii Sports game. However, it did not make it to its sequel, Wii Sports Resort. In this game, you use the Wii remote to swing a bat at thrown baseballs or throw baseballs at another batter.


Wii Sports Boxing
First Appearance Wii Sports

Just like Baseball, Boxing was also one of the original five sports in the original game that was also not included in Wii Sports Resort. The goal of boxing to knockout your opponent, which can either be another player or an NPC, by lowering their health meter.

Air Sports

Wii Sports Resort Air Sports
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Air Sports is a game in Wii Sports Resort that comprises of three different sports: Skydiving, Island Flyover, and Dogfight, which all take place high above Wuhu Island.


Wii Sports Resort Archery
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

In Archery, you goal is to hit a target with your arrow by using your Wii controllers like a bow. There are also secret items located in some of the stages of the game that you can collect by shooting arrows at them.


Wii Sports Resort Basketball
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Basketball is one of the few mainstream sports that first debuted in Wii Sports Resort. Just like in actual basketball, you need to score more points than your opponents by shooting more balls through the hoop.


Wii Sports Resort Canoeing
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Canoeing is one of the three water sports added in Wii Sports Resort. Using your Wii controllers, you will need to paddle the boat to the finish line within a set time limit or before your opponent finishes the race.


Wii Sports Resort Cycling
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Cycling will involve many NPCs around the island as you compete in a race around the island. You can also play with another a player on the same bike or in two different bikes.


Wii Sports Resort Frisbee
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

There are two modes for Frisbee in the game. The first mode lets you throw the Frisbee at your dog for them to catch it. The second mode is a game of frisbee golf where you will need to shoot your frisbee into eighteen holes.

Power Cruising

Wii Sports Resort Power Cruising
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Power Cruising is another water sport added to Wii Sports Resort. In this game, you need to drive a jet ski and pass through all the goals in the course within the set time limit.

Table Tennis

Wii Sports Resort Table Tennis
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Table Tennis has similar mechanics to the original Wii Sports Tennis, but in a smaller scale. The Mii character will also automatically move towards the ball, but the player will need to control the direction of the hit.


Wii Sports Resort Wakeboarding
First Appearance Wii Sports Resort

Wakeboarding is one of the water sports that was added in Wii Sports Resort. Just like in actual wakeboarding, you will be pulled by a boat which lets you glide over the water. You score points by performing different types of tricks.

Are Golf and Swordplay in the Game?

Two more sports that you will not see in the game upon release are Golf and Swordplay. This is because Golf will added to the game in Fall of 2022 as part of a free software update, while Swordplay has been renamed to Chambara, which is more accurate to its Japanese roots.

Why Weren't They Included?

Possible Free Software Updates or DLC

Switch Sports Golf Update

Since Golf will be added in a future Free Software Update this Fall, there is a good chance that more sports will be added to the game after release. However, this does not mean that all added sports would be free since Nintendo could possibly transition to paid DLC content after the announced updates.

Upcoming Free Software Updates

Different Theme from Previous Games

Switch Sports Modern City Theme

Because Wii Sports Resort is themed around a resort or country club, many of its sports include water and air sports that are commonly played in that setting. Based on clips from the trailers, Nintendo Switch Sports looks to have a more modern city theme, so its sports will likely follow this style.

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