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Nintendo Switch Sports is available worldwide as of April 29, 2022!
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Nintendo Switch Sports - List of Settings Recommended Settings
Adjusting the setting that suits you well can level up your game in Nintendo Switch Sports. Read on for the full list of settings and our recommendations for all of them!

List of Settings

Dominant Hand/Leg Recommended Settings

Nintendo Switch Sports - Dominant Hand Settings

Settings Options
Volleyball Left / Right
Badminton Left / Right
Bowling Left / Right
Soccer (Leg) Left / Right
Chambara Left / Right
Tennis Left / Right

Select your dominant hand or leg in this setting, so you can play the game at your best!

Other Recommended Settings

Nintendo Switch Sports - Other Settings

Settings Options
Camera U/D Normal / Reverse
Camera L/R Normal / Reverse
Minimap Rotating / Fixed
Stamp Display On / Off

Our recommended settings are dyed in red. These settings won't throw you off of your game, and it will help you navigate or look through the field more easily.

If you can't handle being teased by other player/s using the Stamps, you have the freedom to turn it off as well!

Pro League Recommended Settings

Nintendo Switch Sports - Pro League Settings

Once you enter the Pro League in any sport, your rank will be affected each time you win or lose a match. If you want to pause this and play a sport more casually, you can head to the Pro League Settings screen and Play or Pause Pro.

We recommend always keeping these options on pause unless you are actively trying to raise your rank.

Alternate Color Mode

Nintendo Switch Sports - Settings Alternate Color Mode

Alternate Color Mode changes the palette of the game slightly to assist those with color blindness. We only recommend turning this on if you are color blind.

How to Enable Alternate-Color Mode

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