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Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball Tips and Controls
Volleyball is a four-player sport in Nintendo Switch Sports in which teams must use a combination of moves to drop the ball on the opponent's side. Read on to learn Volleyball's controls and mechanics, including tips on how to win!

How to Play Volleyball

Volleyball General Information

Volleyball Overview
Difficulty ★★★★★
Objective Volley the ball to the other side of the court. Each team gains a point whenever the opposing side fails to return the ball to the other side. A team wins once they reached 5 points in a standard match.
Number of Players Local Multiplayer: 4 (2v2)
Online Multiplayer: 4 (2v2)
Random Matchmaking: 4 (2v2)

All Volleyball Bonus Multipliers

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Point Bonuses

Bonus Points/
How to Get
Play Bonus 30 Points Finish the match.
Victory Bonus x1.2 Win the match.
Teamwork Bonus x1.1 Play with a Friend, online or locally, and get Nice x3 prompt
Decided by Deuce x1.1 Get into Deuce, both teams in match point, in the match.

You can earn point bonuses after volleyball matches depending on your performance during the game. Aim to maintain long rallies with your opponents and plan and coordinate sets with your teammate to take advantage of combination bonuses.

You can also earn bonus points if you manage to reach a deuce with your opponent.

Next Action is Shown Above the Screen

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Next Action
The match in Volleyball follows a specific action displayed above the screen. The player assigned to do the following action should perform it correctly, or it will result in a weak ball or giving their opponent a score.

Deuce and Sudden Death

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Deuce
If both teams reach the match point, the match will be on Deuce, and the first team to get two consecutive points will win. However, this rule will change once both teams reach a score of 6. The match will go to Sudden Death, and the first team to get to 7 points will win the game.

How to Win in Volleyball

How to Win in Volleyball

Follow the Next Action

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Follow Next Action
The next action is indicated at the top part of the screen. Make sure to check it from time to time to execute the right moves at the right time!

Hit the Ball At the Right Moment

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Hit the Ball at the Right Moment
Serve, bump, set, block, and spike at the right moment to have more and better control over the ball. A Nice text will appear on your screen if you get the timing right!

Hitting Combinations

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Combinations
Your team can set up a fast-moving spike by hitting the ball perfectly from bump, set, and spike. Your opponents will have little to nothing chance of returning it if you and your teammate perform it correctly.

Aim For Open Spots

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Aim for Open Spots
Smash the ball where you're opponents are far away to score easily. It will not always be guaranteed, but they might still mess up their timing and will be forced to shoot a weak attack.

Just be careful not hit it outside the playing court or your opponents will get the score instead!

Coordinate With Your Teammate

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Coordinate With Teammate
Since Volleyball is a two-on-two sport, great coordination between teammates will make a big difference in a match. There will be a higher chance of winning if you both set and spike efficiently and at the right timing.

You may also earn the Teamwork Bonus, which will multiply the points you will get at the end of the match!

Do Quick Attacks

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Do Quick Attacks
How to Do a Quick Attack Swing the JoyCon upwards before the ball reaches the Setter

Take your opponents by surprise by going for quick attacks after several rallies. These will mess up their timing and scramble their positions a bit if you execute them correctly. Note that only the player who will spike the ball can set up the quick attack.

To perform a quick attack, jump by swinging the controller upward right before the Setter tosses the ball. A Quick! text will appear on the screen if the setup is successful.

Move to Left or Right

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Move Left or Right
You will be able to move from left or right when blue arrows appear on your character's side. It will only happen when anticipating a shot, either bumping it or blocking it. Use it to adjust your position, so you can bump or block the ball better!

Shake the Controller to Dive

You can dive for a fast spike or ball that is far away from your position by shaking the controller. Although it will render you immobile for a short duration, it will help you prevent your opponents from scoring, and you can continue the rally for a chance to score against them!

Volleyball Controls

Actions How to Execute
Bump Nintendo Switch Sports - How to BumpSwing either Joy-Con in a single direction
Bump the ball up in the air to set up an attack for your team.
Serve Nintendo Switch Sports - How to ServeSwing the Joy-Con to your head, then swing it downwards
Throw the ball in the air and hit it correctly to get it to the opponents' side. You can control the direction and strength of the ball depending on how you swing the controller.
Spike Nintendo Switch Sports - How to SpikeSwing the Joy-Con downwards
Smash the ball after it has been set up to perform the spike. You can make the ball go faster if you hit the ball perfectly at the right time.
You have the ability to spike the ball to left or right depending on the direction of your swing.
Set Nintendo Switch Sports - How to SetSwing the Joy-Con upwards
Once you're in position, wait for the ball to drop at the right height and push it to set for your teammate.
Spinning Strikes will charge automatically, and can be used once the gauge is full.
Block Nintendo Switch Sports - How to BlockSwing the JoyCon upwards
Watch where the spiker will hit and block it to prevent them from scoring. Make sure to jump at the right moment to block the shot.
Move Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - How to MoveUse the stick to move left or right
Move to the left or right to anticipate a spike for a bump or a block.

Volleyball Online Play

Team Up with Random Players

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Team Up with Random Player
Participating in Play Globally will let you play with random players around the world. You will be teamed up with one player and play against two players. Know the basics in advance to avoid being a burden to your teammate!

Note that if you play together with a friend, you will only be matched against two random players and won't get teamed up with other players.

Two Players can Participate from the same Nintendo Switch Device

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Play Globally
You can play with your friend using the same device when playing in the global matches. The screen will split into two, separating player one and two for better field vision.

Bots Fill Up the Open Slots when Playing With Friends

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - Bots Fill in the Open Slots
Having some extra slots when playing with friends will force the bots to join in your match. If the playing users don't reach the max number of players, which is four, bots will come to fill in the gap to start the game.

Two Players can Participate from the same Nintendo Switch Device

Nintendo Switch Sports - Volleyball - PLay With Friends Online Split Screen
Same with the global matches, you and another player can play using same device locally when playing with friends online. The screen will split into two as well to separate the players from each other.

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7 Anonymousabout 2 months

To aim your spike, swing horizontal with your joy con left or right

6 Anonymousabout 2 months

To spike left ior left, move your joy con sideways l0in that direction instead of straight


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