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Soccer Controls and Tips

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NS Sports - Soccer Controls and Tips

Soccer is a ball sport in Nintendo Switch Sports which features one-on-one, four-on-four, and a shoot-out mode. Read on to learn Soccer's controls and mechanics, how to use the Leg Strap accessory, and several tips on how to win at every mode in soccer!

How to Play Soccer

Soccer General Information

Soccer Overview
Difficulty ★★★★★
Objective Win the match by scoring more points than your opponent before the time limit or having a 4 point lead. Points are earned by kicking the ball into the goal of the opposing team.
Match Times One-on-One: 2 Minutes
Four-On-Four: 3 Minutes
Number of Players Local Multiplayer: 2 (1v1)
Online Multiplayer: 8 (4v4)
Random Matchmaking: 8 (4v4)

All Soccer Bonus Multipliers

Bonus Points/Multiplier How to Get
Play Bonus 30 Points Finish the match.
Victory Bonus x1.2 Win the match.
Knockout! x1.1 Gain a 4-point lead and automatically win the match.
Went to Extra Time x1.1 Force an overtime by having the score tied when the time limit ends.
MVP Bonus x1.1 Be the highest-scoring player in the match.

You can earn point bonuses after soccer matches depending on your performance during the game. Try strategizing with your teammate and aim to score the most goals to earn more points!

If you are in a heated match, getting the game into overtime will also net you bonus points!

All Modes for Soccer

Soccer Modes

One-on-One One-on-One allows you to play soccer with only you and one other player or CPU. Best for those who prefer solo gameplay.
Four-on-Four Four-on-Four matches allow you to play in teams of four. This mode requires teamwork and coordination with other players.
Free Practice Free Practice is a non-competitive mode in Soccer that allows you to freely practice kicking, running with, and handling the ball.
Shoot-Out Shoot-Out Mode requires the use of the Leg-Strap Accessory. Score individual balls into the goal by kicking them as they fly by.

Soccer Matches (1v1 and 4v4)

Kick the Large Ball into the Goal

Switch Sports Soccer Kick the Ball to the Goal

In soccer, you will need to advance the large ball towards the goal of the opposite team while preventing the other team from stealing the ball and kicking it into your own goal. Each regular goal awards your team with one point.

Each Match Has a Set Duration

Soccer Match Duration

Each soccer match lasts for a set duration. For one-on-one matches, the match will go on for two minutes, while four-on-four matches will take three minutes to compensate for the bigger field and more number of players.

To win the match, you will need to earn more points than your opponent by the end of the match.

Match Extends to Extra Time in Case of Ties

If time runs out and both teams are tied, the game will automatically extend into Extra Time. The game will then end after one team scores a goal and will be declared the winner.

The goal will also be bigger during Extra Time to make way for easier goals.

Standard Goal Goal During Extra Time

Teams with a Four-Point Lead Win the Game

Switch Sports Soccer Knockout Win

Once a team has a four-point lead, they will automatically win the game and the game will end as a mercy to the losing team. This is also known as a knockout win.

View Player Positions on the Minimap

Soccer Minimap

You can check your teammates' and your opponent's positions at the minimap displayed at the lower-left corner of the screen. You can also spot where the ball is on the map!

The minimap can be set to rotate or remain fixed while you are moving, and can be changed anytime in User Settings from the Options menu.

Recommended Settings

Dashing Consumes Stamina

Dashing in Soccer

To the right of your avatar, you can see a stamina wheel. You slowly recover stamina when you run at a brisk pace or stand still. However, you will occasionally need to sprint to chase and catch the ball, which consumes your stamina.

If you try to dash with your stamina depleted, you will run slower than normal and your stamina bar will not regenerate unless you run normally or stand still. You will also regain a small amount of stamina after every goal.

Shoot the Golden Ball for Double the Points

Soccer Golden Ball

When one team has a 2-point lead over the other team, the regular soccer ball can be replaced with a golden one. The golden soccer ball is worth double the points when shot into the goal.

This golden soccer ball will appear in both one-on-one and four-on-four rulesets, so try getting a goal when this ball is in play to either extend your lead or turn the tide of the match!

Shoot-Out Mode

Use the Leg Strap Accessory

Switch Sports Soccer Leg Strap Accessory

The Leg Strap Accessory is required to play Soccer Shoot-Out Mode. Insert your left Joy-Con controller into the accessory and attach it to the thigh of your dominant leg. You can set which leg is dominant in the User Settings of the game.

Leg Strap Compatibility Update

Difficulty Increases as You Score More Goals

Switch Sports Soccer Shoot Out Difficulty Ramps Up

In Shoot-Out Mode, the diffficulty ramps up as you attempt more kicks. The goal will get progressively narrower as the match goes on.

Shoot the Golden Ball for Double the Points

Shoot-Out Mode Golden Ball

Just like in regular soccer matches, a golden soccer ball appears at the end of Shoot-Out Mode that gives two points instead of the usual one point. You can use this final golden ball to make up for lost points in previous rounds.

How to Win in Soccer

How to Win Each Soccer Mode
One-on-One Four-on-Four Shoot-Out Mode

One-on-One Soccer

How to Win in One-on-One Soccer

Avoid Kicking in Front of Your Opponent

One on One Soccer Kicking Away

Avoid kicking the ball directly to your opponent. One-on-one soccer matches takes place in a small field, and kicking the ball towards your enemy will only force them to kick the ball over you and towards their goal.

Kick Diagonally Forward when Being Chased

If your opponent is dashing towards you, kick the ball diagonally forward. This will waste their stamina, and you can simply run towards the ball while your enemy will struggle to catch up.

Guard the Goal when Defending

One on One Soccer Defending

If you do not have possession of the ball, run back to the opponent's goal and guard the area. If they take a shot, you can easily block the ball and kick it back towards your goal.

Conserve Your Stamina

Pay attention to your stamina and avoid using it when it is not necessary to run. Dash and use your stamina when you're near the goal and in a clear line towards scoring a point.

Four-on-Four Soccer

How to Win in Four-on-Four Soccer

Pick a Role

Four on Four Soccer Picking a Role

Since four-on-four soccer has more players, it is important to pick a role. If everyone is focused on attacking and scoring, no one will be left behind the goal to stop your opponent's attempts to score.

If you see the rest of your team run towards the other side of the field, it is a good idea to say and act as your team's goalkeeper.

Coordinate With Your Team

Four on Four Soccer Coordinate with Your Team

Four-on-four soccer is held in a large field. It is recommended to try to coordinate with your team and come up with a strategy. It is spacious enough to maneuver around opponents and pass the ball to a teammate who is near the goal.

Pass the Ball to a Teammate when Cornered

Based on our experience, many players underutilize the very important passing feature in soccer. When the opposing team is coming at you from all sides, you can pass the ball to a teammate to maintain control of the ball. It is much more efficient than kicking it in their direction.

Shoot-Out Mode

Kick After the Ball Bounces

How to Win Shoot-Out Mode

Aim to kick the ball just right after it bounces in front of you. This will ensure that the ball will travel directly to the center of the goal.

This will take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will be able to consistently score a point in Shoot-Out mode, regardless of the size of the goal.

Soccer Controls

General Controls

Actions How to Execute
Move Character Soccer Moving the PlayerMove using the Left Stick
Move your character around the field with the Left Stick of the left Joy-Con controller
Move Camera Soccer Moving the CameraMove the camera with the Right Stick
Move the camera around using the Right Stick of the right Joy-Con controller. The camera will also slowly focus back on the soccer ball when moved.
Camera controls in Soccer can be reversed in the User Settings.
Dash Soccer DashingPress and hold ZL
Press and hold the ZL button to dash. Dashing consumes stamina, so keep an eye at your stamina gauge!
Jump Soccer JumpingPress B
Press the B button to jump. You can also kick mid-air by swinging the Joy-Con while jumping.
Ping a Teammate Soccer Ping TeammatePress A
While playing in four-on-four matches, press A to send a ping to your teammate. You can use this to communicate with them to pass the ball to you, especially when you are free and open.

Kicks and Diving Headers

Actions How to Execute
Overhead Kick Soccer Overhead KickSwing your Joy-Con controller upwards
Low Kick Soccer Low KickSwing your Joy-Con controller downwards
Diagonal Kick Soccer Diagonal KickSwing your Joy-Con controller sidewards
Kick Consecutively Soccer Consecutive KicksSwing your Joy-Con controller sidewards
While in the air, you can do up to three consecutive kicks. This is useful for catching the ball midair and passing it to someone, or sending the ball away if you are playing as your team's goalkeeper.
Kick (Leg Strap) Soccer Consecutive KicksThrust your leg forward in a kicking motion
Attach the accessory to the thigh of your dominant leg and insert your left Joy-Con controller to hit the ball with intuitive kicking motions.
Pass Soccer Passing the BallHold ZR and kick the ball
To pass the ball to your teammate, hold the ZR button and kick it towards them. The ball will travel to the nearest teammate in the direction you kicked.
Diving Headers Soccer Passing the BallSwing both of your Joy-Con controllers upwards
Launch your Sportsmate forward to hit the ball with their head, allowing it to travel farther and faster than with standard kicks. This technique is often used to score spectacular goals, and the angle where the ball is hit will affect its trajectory.
Take note that performing a Diving Header will consume a portion of your stamina.

If you want to make the ball curve in a certain direction after kicking it, you can twist the Joy-Con while swinging the controller.

Free Practice Controls

Throw Ball Towards You Free Practice Throw BallPress A
Summon Ball in front of You Free Practice Summon BallHold A

Soccer Online Play

One-on-One Mode

Playing in a one-on-one match will bring you face-to-face with a random player.

Four-on-Four Mode

Switch Sports Soccer Online 4v4

Four-on-four mode matches will include seven other players. You can also pair up with a friend in the same room and play on the same team, provided that you have two pairs of Joy-Con controllers.

Local and Online Multiplayer Features

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