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Switch Sports How to Reach A Rank

A Rank is the highest level you can achieve in the Pro League in Nintendo Switch Sports. Read on to find out how to level up to A Rank, what rewards you can obtain, and what else you can do after reaching it!

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How to Level Up to A Rank

Win Pro League Matches to Increase Your Rank

Switch Sports Gain Rank

Rank Tiers
B B- ➤ B ➤ B+
C C- ➤ C ➤ C+
D D- ➤ D ➤ D+
E E ➤ E+

A Rank being the highest and E Rank being the lowest.

Once you enter the Pro League, you will start at E Rank. You can climb your way up to A Rank, the highest ranking available. Reach the top at your best sport by winning matches consecutively and avoiding losses!

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Average Time to Reach A Rank

The amount of time it takes to reach A Rank depends highly on your skills, the skills of your opponents, the pool of players in your region, and the difficulty of ranking up the sport.

Difficult to rank-up sports like Soccer and Bowling usually have longer rounds, more complex rank up systems, and large amounts of players. Having teammates that are unskilled or opponents that are overly skilled can easily tank your match.

The table lists down the average amount of time based on our experiences, regions, and skillsets, while also considering other factors like wait times for each match, connection errors, and player disconnections, which are more frequent in some sports than others.

Sport Average Time to Reach A-Rank Rank Up Difficulty
Chambara 8-10 hrs ★★☆
Badminton 8-10 hrs ★☆☆
Tennis 10-12 hrs ★★☆
Volleyball 13-15 hrs ★★☆
Soccer 15-18 hrs ★★★
Bowling 20+ hrs ★★★

Take note that the number of wins needed to pass a rank increases after reaching E+, and the reduction of the rank gauge also increases after reaching B Rank.

Rewards for Reaching A Rank

Get the Legend Title After Reaching A Rank in All Sports

Though there is no reward for reaching A Rank in each individual sport, aside from the prestigious golden badge, you do receive the special Legend title after reaching A Rank in all sports.

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What to Do After Reaching A Rank?

Rise through the Higher Tiers of A Rank

Switch Sports - A Rank Tiers

Once players achieve A Rank, they can actually continue to "Rank Up" in the sport they achieved said rank through a numbering system. Players are given a number rating alongside their new rank (e.g. A Rank 21) based on their performance prior to reaching A Rank. This number rating can change depending on the player's win-loss record in online play going forward. The higher the number, the better the rating.

Achieving the next tier in A Rank is done in largely the same manner as regular ranks, with the only difference being that players lose larger amounts from their progression bar than normal when losing a match.

Play Locally or with Friends

Switch Sports Review Friends and Family

Once you have completely risen through all the ranks in the pro league, you do not get any more additional benefits and rewards for playing online, so you can instead focus on playing with friend and family through local or online multiplayer.

How to Play Local and Online Multiplayer

Collect New Items Each Week

Switch Sports New Collection Added

There is always a reason to come back to online play since there will be new collections available each week. You would still need to earn points by participating in different matches to get these items. Your added skills and experience in each sport will even help you complete each collection faster!

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More Content Added in Future Updates

Switch Sports Golf Release Date

Though you may have risen through the ranks of all the current sports in the game, you'll likely need to join and progress through a new Pro League once golf is added this Fall. After this update, It is possible that more sports or other features will be added to the game to keep you playing online through DLC or Free Updates.

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