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Is Switch Sports Compatible With the Switch Lite?

Nintendo Switch Sports is available worldwide as of April 29, 2022!
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Nintendo Switch Sports - Is Switch Sports Compatible With the Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Sports is not fully-compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite due to the limitations of the system. Read on for more information and reasons on why the game is not compatible with the Switch Lite.

Is Switch Sports Compatible With the Switch Lite?

Switch Sports is Not Fully-Compatible with Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Sports - Nintendo Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Sports is not compatible with Nintendo Switch Lite systems as it is not the best way to experience the full extent of the game.

If you have a Switch Lite system, you can only play the game alone as playing with two or more players is not supported. Additionally, you need to own a pair of Joy-Con controllers and connect it to the system.

Switch Lite only supports single player

Nintendo Switch Sports - Switch Lite Restriction

As the Switch Lite system cannot be connected to a bigger screen, you can only play the game alone.

If you try to play any of the sports with two players or more, the game will tell you that you need to dock the console to a TV, even though the system cannot be placed on a regular Nintendo Switch Dock.

Switch Sports require Joy-Con controllers

Nintendo Switch Sports - Motion Controls

Nintendo Switch Sports requires Joy-Con controllers and motion controls to play every sport in the game. The Switch Lite does not have detachable controllers, unlike the regular Switch, so it is required to purchase a separate set of Joy-Cons to play the game.

Additionally, you cannot navigate the menu using the Switch Lite's buttons except for the Home and Capture button. You need to have a Joy-Con controller connected to go through the game's menus.

Do note that the game does not support Pro Controllers as well due to certain limitations of the device.

Switch Sports Controller Support

Switch Sports is best enjoyed on a large screen

Nintendo Switch Sports - Playing on a Large Screen

The Switch Lite has a small screen, which may make playing the game difficult even if you are alone.

All of the sports in the game require you to move around while looking at the screen, which can be difficult to do while looking at the console's small screen.

Technically Playable in the Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch Sports - Switch Sports Playable

However, it is important to note that Nintendo Switch Sports is still technically playable on Nintendo Switch Lite systems.

As long as you have Joy-Con controllers, you can enjoy all of the sports in the game while playing alone, although you might have a difficult time playing due to the console's small screen.

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