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Nintendo Switch Sports is available worldwide as of April 29, 2022!
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Nintendo Switch Sports - List of All Sets
This is a list of all the Sets available in Nintendo Switch Sports. Read on to see all the different unlockable outfits obtained from each set in the game, as well as how to equip and get them!

All Sets and How to Get

Set Outfits/How to Get
How to Get:
Obtain all items from the Cute Collection
How to Get:
Obtain all items from the Simple Collection
How to Get:
Obtain all items from the Soccer Collection

How to Equip Outfits from Sets

Customize Your Sportsmate

Nintendo Switch Sports - Customize Your Sportsmate
Outfits obtained from Sets can be used to customize your sportsmate, which is your in-game avatar in Nintendo Switch Sports. You can change your outfit at any time by heading to the Character Customization Menu.

Like most other customization items, these changes are purely cosmetic and have no effect on gamplay.

Character Creation Guide

Where to Get Sets

Unlock All Items from a Collection

Nintendo Switch Sports - Complete Cute Collection
By playing the game online, you earn points which can be used to unlock different rewards from a Collection. Unlocking all items from a collection earns you the set as a reward.

How to Farm Points: Best Sports to Earn Points

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