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Bowling Special Mode: Strategies and Tips

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Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling Special Mode Strategies and Tips
Bowling has a Special Mode that contains obstacles in the lanes in Nintendo Switch Sports, making the game a bit difficult. Read on to learn the tips, including the difficulties and how you can play in this game mode!

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Bowling Special Mode Nintendo Switch Sports - List of Bowling Special LanesList of Bowling Special Lanes

Bowling Special Mode Tips

Observe the Movement of Obstacles

Nintendo Switch Sports - Observe the Obstacles

Observe how the obstacles move in the lanes. There are no obstacles that move irregularly, so adjust the timing of your throw based on their movements!

Master the Hook (Ball Curve)

Nintendo Switch Sports - How to Hook
How to Do the Hook Simply twist the controller while in swinging motion to make the ball spin

Most, if not all, lanes require you to curve the ball to avoid the obstacles and hit the pins at the same time. Trying and doing it as you play will help you improve your control over the ball and eventually master the hook!

Hold the Bowling Ball and Wait for the Obstacles to Move

Nintendo Switch Sports - Hold Bowling Ball to Wait for the Moving Obstacles

If you have already pressed the ZR Button and your character has moved into the throwing position, avoid swinging the bowling ball upwards.

This allows you to hold your character in place and wait for the obstacles to move in the direction where the ball will most likely land on the pins.

Drop the Bowling Ball to Reset Your Position

Nintendo Switch Sports - Drop Bowling Ball to Reset Your Position

If you have positioned yourself in front of an obstacle and had pressed the ZR Button, you can drop the bowling ball without swinging it to reset your position.

This gives you a chance to position yourself carefully once you respawn, reducing the chance of getting a gutterball in the process.

Special Mode Difficulties

Beginner Difficulty

Nintendo Switch Sports - Special Mode Beginner Difficulty

Lanes on this difficulty doesn't require high control over the ball and most obstacles don't move. Calmly assess the lane and throw the ball accordingly to hit the pins.

Intermediate Difficulty

Nintendo Switch Sports - Special Mode Intermediate Difficulty
Intermediate difficulty lanes mostly requires ball curves and throw timing. Master the ball control first before participating on this difficulty to get into higher ranking once you enter this game mode and difficulty!

Most obstacles on this difficulty are moving faster than the Beginner Lane, so be mindful of the timing to hit the pins.

Advanced Difficulty

Nintendo Switch Sports - Special Lane Advanced Difficulty
The lanes in advanced difficulty will require you to throw the ball in specifics spots to hit the pins. You will need a high-level ball control and timing, as well as good eye for the obstacles.

How to Play in Special Mode

Select Before the Match Starts

Nintendo Switch Sports - Select Before the Match Start
You can select from the Standard Mode or Special Mode before entering a match in bowling. Standard uses the normal bowling lanes while the Special Mode uses lanes with obstacles.

Appears Randomly in Global Matchmaking

Special Mode may sometimes appear randomly when playing Bowling in global matchmaking. They most likely appear once you have reached D-Rank and above.

Local and Online Multiplayer Features

Bowling Special Mode Mechanics

Bowling Lanes with Obstacles

Nintendo Switch Sports - Special Modes
Special Mode is a game mode in bowling containing obstacles that will limit the angles on where you can throw the ball to hit the pins. There are three difficulties to choose from: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced, with Beginner being the easiest and the Advanced being the most difficult.

Uses the same rule as standard mode except for the obstacles

Nintendo Switch Sports - Bowling - Strike the Bowling Pins
Although Special Mode uses different lanes, the rules and scoring system stay the same as the Standard Mode. The ones who have the highest scores will reach the finals and determine the winner!

List of Bowling Special Lanes

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