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Warp Crystals Guide: How to Farm and Where to Spend

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High on Life - What to Do with Warp Crystals
In High on Life, Warp Crystals are valuable resources used to buy Warp Discs from Blorto's in Blim City. Read on to find out how to get Warp Crystals, how to farm them, and where to spend them!

What to Do with Warp Crystals

Spend Warp Crystals at Blorto's

Blorto Stall.png

Warp Crystals can be spent at Blorto's Chef Stand in Blim City to purchase Warp Discs. This shop is located near the entrance to your house and becomes available after obtaining your first Warp Crystal and returning to Gene.

Warp Discs contain coordinates to different locations like a skatepark and a movie theater that can be warped in at certain blue glowing markers.

How to Use Warp Discs

Warp Crystal Farming Guide

Zephyr Paradise Loop

Zephyr Paradise Warp Crystal Farm
1 Jungle Clearing Portal
Warp to Zephyr Paradise - Jungle Clearing
Using the Bounty 5000, activate the portal to Zephyr Paradise and select the Jungle Clearing sector.
2 Jungle Clearing Warp Crystal Farm.gif
Turn Left to Find the Warp Bases
When you arrive, go left and follow the path until a Warp Base spawns. A second Warp Base will also appear after defeating a few enemies. Clear out both of these bases.
3 Warp Crystal Farm.png
Collect the Two Warp Crystals and Return Home
Once you've cleared out both bases, collect the two Warp Crystals they hold. Afterward, return to the portal back to your house or reload the last checkpoint to respawn the Warp Bases.

Repeat this process until you have all the Warp Crystals you need.

How to Get Warp Crystals

Defeat All Enemies at a Warp Base

High on Life - Defeat All Enemies at a Warp Base
The primary way of getting Warp Crystals is by defeating all of the enemies that spawn from Warp Bases, which appear at set locations in many levels. Once all the enemies are defeated (you'll know when the music returns to normal), you can retrieve the Warp Crystal from one of the base's control panels.

Note that Warp Bases and Crystals respawn, so you can farm them in the same location multiple times as much as you want.

Open Luglox Chests

High on Life - Slums Area Luglox Location 18

While most Luglox Chests contain Pesos, a few of them do hold Warp Crystals in addition to Mods, Upgrades, and rare collectible Trading Cards.

All Luglox Loot Chest Locations

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